Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun Photos!

Oh, those wacky GHers...caught on camera!! Now, with the miracle of Twitter we can enjoy some of their most fun moments.

Here's one from Kim McCollough:
No, I have no idea why/what this is about! LOL She just tweeted it!!

Maurice and Vanessa out at Simon Restaurant at Palms Place LA

Jason Thompson with BF Brian Smith at his book signing.
"Men and women of Marc Jacobs by Brian Bowen Smith"

                          Ingo and son Peanut waiting for his parents at the Munich Train Station. 

The GH set will be dark 2 weeks as the cast is off for the holidays and for budget savings!! They've filmed for shows into January already. See you tomorrow...only three days of GH this week!!


  1. OMG! Jason Patrick looks so hot in that 2nd pick in the leather jacket. YUM.

    Just read on soapzone that big rumors are Jake is not Jason's, but lucky's. How that would come out of the bus crash when it also spoiled that Jake wasn't even on the bus, is beyond me. This will "FREE" Jason to be with Sam & Start a family. Someone please explain this to me. And worst of all they are making Liz be an idiot threatening Brookelyn. Pine over Lucky, NOT Nik. So stupid.

  2. is BF best friend or boyfriend? I have always thought he swung for the other side.

  3. Stephanie it's a guy..he's in the picture!!

    Rhonda, that's a RUMOR as you know... I didn't even see Jake in the spoilers, Cam yes... their "Big Scene" is probably Jason going "is Jake ok"??/
    There's another rumor that when Sam is PG Liz needs the cord blood for Jake. WHO KNOWS...
    Fans start sheeze from both sides to piss people off! LOL

  4. We know it's a guy in the picture

    But you still answer the question is he a Boyfriend or Best friend?

    I hope a Best friend because if not than that would just ruin my plans to marry him........LOL

  5. Staphanie and Anonymous, the guy in the pic is his BEST FRIEND. He put it in the caption with that picture on Twitter. LOL

  6. Never felt that way about Jason Thompson at all. Either way, who cares! He's an awesome actor! And although tall and lanky (not my type) he has those dimples.

    I agree Rhonda, GH is killing all things Liason. Let's hope Karen is correct.



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