Monday, December 13, 2010

Twubber Challenge!! PICK FIVE Characters to remain on GH in 2011

I did this on twitter abobut 11:25 this morning and got a TON of answers!! They were diverse and great--some leaning towards the mob-- some leaning towards the couples. I chose five as a number because it would give people 2 couples and a spare if that's which way they'd go.  Some people saved kids like Cam, others saved people like Max and Diane.

Here are some from Twitter:

@lovepirate9: #twubberchallenge @WubsNet Sonny, Carly, Jason, Sam, Lucky.#GH

@palsmy05: @WubsNet Easy. I would save Robin, Patrick, Emma, Spinelli, Maxie #GH lol

@jflowu: Tracy, Edward, Luke, Lucky, Lulu (I don't count Helena b/c she isn't on, right now. But if I have to pick she stays over Eddie Q.)

@kleigh82: @WubsNet Jason, Liz, Steven, Sonny, Carly #GH #twubberchallenge

@loveTVshows: Sonny, Jason, Carly, Maxie, Diane... #GH #Twubberchallenge :D

@tracy1176: #GH #twubberchallenge 5 characters Elizabeth, Jason, Helena, Luke, Sonny! 5 different families with Legacy on the show!

@thescrubshub: my 5 are Robin, Patrick, Emma, Maxie, Matt #twubberchallenge

@chriznasty: sonny brenda robin luke lucky

@angel_Halo: Jason, Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Sam. That was a challenge.

@hannahdjh: @WubsNet #GH Emma Jake Molly Michael Robin

@RunRunaway13: Alexis, Diane, Kate, Luke, and Tracy #GH #TwubberChallenge

I then threw in a ZOMBIE choice...someone back from the dead!!
@Bridgett912 @WubsNet Claudia Z gets my zombie vote! She was on crazy biatch.

@AnnabelleRogue Oh, if we're going for zombies, I want Alan Q back #twubberchallenge

@Jabbercrombie2: @WubsNet That's a gamechanger. Georgie!

@pookisama: @WubsNet lmao ok my zombie is Faith Roscoe ;)

SO, who do YOU pick?? I didn't put mine on Twitter this morning but did say I'd put them on the blog. It is HARD! LOL...I would want to build a whole new show with the people I have left, not necessarily my fave characters... so I think I'd go for:

TAH-DAH!!  Robin, Lucky, Alexis, Michael and Tracy.  ZOMBIE Choice: Claudia

These were hard for me to pick..I think keeping Robin would help the hospital (plus she grew up on the show) , we have a Cassadine lawyer and a Spencer cop--(who has long legacy to the show)...Michael keeps up the Corinthos line and Tracy for a baddie Q influence. Sorry Luke. Lucky's taking over for your family!!


AMC: Boring..yada yada. Jake was having Dante-esque flashbacks with the danger and Cara

OLTL: Matthew finding BO!! eeeeeeeeeeeee!! I was dying!!  Bo thinks Inez is NORA!! Rex found Nora thank god-- phew, I couldn't deal with Eddie raping her. NO WAY. The numb Hillary B acting was so great.
Clint is so evil!!! He's like the '80's Asa!!
Natalie and John...nice except for the secret....!! We don't even really know which "daughter" Clint switched, btw! Or if Marty switched it!! So, John could still be the father, but will find out he's not...but he is! LOL
John might have had Natalie squealing yes if he had a giant ring. Get with it!!
I so want Eddie Ford to go to Port Charles and kick some asses.
<3 the time jump.

GH:  Lisa/Johnny... I'm just having a hard time with this.
Brenda and Sonny, I'm glad S&Bers are happy. They had their moment today!
Yeah, Abby meets Carly. AND THAT SAM introduced them! LOL Carly is gonna kill Sam! heehee

Tracy looked fabulous. She and Tony are so enjoying this.
Abby even SOUNDS like a man. LOL.
Jason and Dante sounded like a country and western song..."I done wrong.... I loved her but can't have her......." And good Laws but the Liason peeps are going to go NUTS after today's dialog!! eeek!!! :hiding: WOW. just WOW. I'm ending this here eek.


  1. Robin, Liz, Jason, Alexis, Ned

    Robin to hang onto the Scorpio's...Liz-if they can write her character back to what it use to be. I Loved Ned and Alexis back when they were together. It was fun and light. Zombie character AJ Quartermane.

  2. Tracy, Luke, Ethan, Maya, and Johnny.

    TEAM CARLY, kick Abby's a$$!

  3. my vote is Alexis,Diane,Max,Mac and Milo
    Dead one is Georgie

  4. I am officially done with GH. I am so sick of these new characters that have no real connection to anyone. I am done with the mob and the whole show being centered around one freakin character. I am sick of the character assassination. How do these actors allow some of these things to go on? There are so many talented people who are treated poorly by the writers! I'll be back when Guza and Frons are no longer writing this crap. What happened to the strong female characters who could stand on their own? What happened to the romance and core families? Now Franco is coming back to monopolize the whole canvas. GH is just not what it use to be!

  5. Alive: Jason, Jake, Liz, Cam & Alexis

    Dead: Alan

  6. Robin
    Lots of potential for cat fights and interesting hook-ups. Maxie and Patrick close runner-ups.

    Zombie vote. I want to say Georgie for sentimental reasons but for storyline reasons I'll say Stefan Cassadine.

  7. Carly is such a bitch. I loved the scenes last week where Sonny & Jason put her in her place. not that it stopped her, but I loved it. Why do people think Abby sounds like a dude?

    i would rather vote on who goes vs who stays.

    Goes: Carly (at least for a while you get burned out on this girl), Sonny, (ditto), Sam, Maya & Spin

  8. Spinelli, Lucky, Elizabeth, Robin, Patrick

    Zombie: Either Georgie or Faith

  9. Character to remain on GH: Tracey, Luke, Ethan, Maya and Lucky.

  10. I could do better going along with what Anon above said--pick the ones to go!
    Picks for KEEPING:
    1. Alexis
    2. Luke (if restored to real Luke)
    3. Michael
    4. Lulu
    5. Lucky

    Here are my PICKS FOR GOING:
    1. Sonny
    2. Ethan--( that's because of Luke's ruining)
    3. Sam
    4. Claire
    5. Franco gone forever

    But there are many more in both catagories I could name!

  11. My 5 to keep: Spinelli, Maxie, Diane, Brenda, Jason.

    Zombie option: Georgie

  12. This really is hard. I like some of the newer characters (like Ethan and Johnny, who admittedly aren't "new," but they're newer than the ones i knew when i first started watching), but would I want to keep them around for a revamped version of the show? I also want to go back to what got me interested in the show to begin with/what kept me coming back until the show imploded.

    When I first started watching (back 15 years ago...dear God I'm getting old), there was a lot of Spencer-Cassadine stuff going on, but once Lucky and Nikolas became brothers/friends that kind of went away. I think that in a way, Guza tried to get back to the family war thing when he brought in the Zacharas, and if they were written better (no dropped stories and less about the mob thing) it would have been really good. I liked the idea that there were secrets in the closet--Ric's father molesting Claudia when she was a teenager--but that was just swept under the rug once Claudia was married to Sonny.

    At first, I was going to say: Luke, Lucky, Nikolas, Alexis, and Molly (she's funnier than Kristina) and have Stefan be the zombie character, but then I realized that these characters (save Molly) have gone through a lot of changes since the whole Spencer-Cassadine Feud fizzled out.

    So, my picks are:
    Sonny, Michael, Carly, Johnny, and Anthony (is he still alive? we can't have 2 zombies--that would be a totally different show.)
    Zombie: Claudia.

    My stipulation would be to have it less about the mob and more about family issues. Sonny marrying Claudia could have been a brilliant storyline if they liked/loved each other. It would be like Romeo and Juliet if they hadn't killed each other in the end. This type of thing happens in real life all the time, which is why holidays are crazy stressful. Taking it a little further, we could put Carly with Johnny...Sonny's ex with Claudia's brother= win.

  13. my pick 5 are liz, jason, nick, lucky and robin. zombie would be georgie.

  14. now for 5 I want dead.SAM, spinelli, irish girl, olivia,and kristina. but most of all I would be totally satisfied with just killing SAM. the sight of this character causes me to change the channel.

  15. This is tough - stay: Luke, Tracy, Ethan, Alexis, Kristina

    Not so tough - go: Spinelli, Dante, Maya, Jason, Siohban

  16. My five are Maxie, Spinelli, Jason, Sam, Luke

  17. forgot to add but my Zombie would bring back Georgie

  18. Robin. The HIV Story is one that will always be worth talking about as long as the disease is relevant in real life. As a scorpio, she will have reason to bring back Anna and Robert for visits. She grew up on the show. Very few have gone from adolescent to adult the way she has.

    Nikolas. Cassadine history, therefore a reason to bring back Helena. As a single entrepreneur and all around rich guy, all the new, single women introduced on the show can be brought on and paired with him.

    Lulu. The Spencer history. There will always be a need to bring back Luke, Laura and Lucky with Lulu on the show. And lord knows she has already been paired with just about every single man on the planet. So in the future, new single men will gravitate towards her.

    Michael. Can easily become a new "patriarch" of the his combined families. Big brother to the girls, he already has ties to several families on the show. As he gets older, he will become a leading man.

    Tracy. Must have a quartermaine. I picked Tracy over Monica because of her manipulative side, her business savvy, and because the fans are the ONLY ones who remember that she was once a mob queen and they have never write this in, with her going up against Sonny based on her past dealings on The City. Oh, speaking of The City, does anyone remember when she threw a party and hired bad actors to portray her family? If not, youtube it. Possibly one of the funniest episodes ever in the history of daytime (Karen, I know you remember...)

  19. Robin, Lucky, Maxie, Mac, Alexis ... zombie is Georgie (of all the stupid choices Guza has made, killing Georgie is the tip top, IMO)

  20. In reference to the Liason slam today, Jason said basically nothing good came out of the one night he and Elizabeth had. Of course he failed to mention jake (which of course Cante doesn't know they conceived a child), but he also failed to mention the year they spent in love not to mention the decade before that. Ouch, Guza that one hurt. AGAIN.

    Regarding people to keep:

    Diane, Alexis, Kristina, Lucky, & Liz

  21. I would keep Lucky Spencer, Nicholas Cassadine, Michael Corinthos, Maxie Jones, and Diane. My zombie would be BJ Jones or Georgie.

    I wouldn't bring back AJ because he is getting a little long in the tooth. I never could stand Claudia. Faith Roscoe would be fun but she too would be too old to mix it up with the youngsters I have chosen. So why did I select Diane? She would be the consiglieri for the guys and fashion plate mentor for the young women. She is a woman in a cut throat profession and she does it with flair and wit. Of course, I'd keep her.

    Michael would head up the Corinthos and Quartermaine families. Lucky, of course, represents the Spencers. Nik is always The Cassadine. Maxie is a modern woman who ties the Jones family with the Scorpios.

    Fun game. Very intriguing.

  22. I just want to say...I may be the only one, but I really like Abby. I like her and Michael together, I like how she gives him space and all. I think if they work it just right, they could make a great couple and she could bring Michael back or something.

  23. Oh yeah, my favs.

    1. Carly - she is my favorite kick ass chick, EVER.
    2. is a tie with Anthony Zaccarra and Jerry Jacks, they always make things fun.
    3. Maxie, she is fun and so fashionable.
    4. Diane, I LOVE HER.
    5. Franco, oh so yummy to look at.
    Dead one? Claudia, she would kick Brenda's you know what.

  24. Kelly Monaco Sam probably celebrates, that you want to change the channel on her Anonymous. Jealous much.

  25. I vote to keep for Mac, Spinelli, Maxie, Robin, Patrick & Monica (okay, that's 6, but oh well)

    I want to bring back:
    Aj, Alan, Emily, Georgie and Ned

  26. The dig at Liason today was a bit reminiscent when the writers were trying to sell us Journey. Look how that turned out.

    Boggles my mind how they think coming up with some contrived way to appease the audience with the upcoming interaction with Liason and rumblings of Jason spending time with Jake will erase the audacious and blatant slap in the face of fans it will be if they go through with Sam having Jason's child. And, they will be able to raise that child and all that danger talk will be thrown out the window only to further illustrate to us that Sam is better suited and excepting of Jason and his lifestyle than Elizabeth or any other woman.
    Am I looking too deep into this nonsense and feeling like they are attempting to rehash the whole AJ-Jason childhood? Now Jason steps into Alan's role, Jake becomes AJ and new Jasam baby is a mini Jason. Jake feels abandoned compared to new baby, etc....
    Please leave the original story alone and not redo it with a new generation. You'll only ruin it.

    If this above aforementioned happens with Jasam having a baby will only further alienate fans and we will be left with even more of a caricature of a once beloved and well developed character that we already have seen with Jason in recent times.

    I can honestly say that I'm sick to my stomach at the possibility of this whole mess.

    So as you can see, Sam will never be a character I would keep.

    My 5
    Monica or Brenda

    Who else but a Q - Alan, Lila, Emily, AJ, Justus
    Just pick one or better yet pick all 5
    And Georgie so Dillon would come back and bring Ned and Lois with you

  27. Good, but tough question with only 5 characters to keep.

    I would pick:
    tie between Steve, Lucky, and Mac. Lucky and Steve are both from legacy families not represented by my other picks, and Mac is just a sentimental favorite.

    Zombie pick:
    I'd like to pick Georgie since she was such a great character, but Claudia could be interesting to bring back too.

    5 characters I'd like to get rid of and/or never see back:
    Brenda (this version of her, old Brenda is welcome back anytime)

  28. One of each from GH CORE FAMILIES

  29. Tracy, Luke, Ethan, Maya, and Johnny.

  30. Hmm. I'd save: Lucky, Elizabeth, Robin, Kristina, Ethan. First runner up: Edward.

    Zombie choice: Georgie

    Now, if it was 'get rid of 5 characters', that would be even harder to figure out. My top choices would probably be: Sonny, Jason, Lisa, Carly, Dante. First runner up: Maya.

  31. I vote - Spinelli, Maxie, Jason, Diane, Mac
    Zombie - Georgie

  32. My five would be Spinelli, Maxie, Johnny, Lucky, and Diane.


  33. My top 5 to stay would be...
    My zombie would be Georgie.

  34. Five to stay:

    Hospital related:
    Epiphany (she runs the place!)
    Matt (the only normal guy on the show)
    That nurse that's always at the desk.

    I'm not surprised that Georgie would get a zombie nod and Alan, too. Claudia however doesn't need it because she's not dead. She got hit in the head with an axhandle, rolled into a tarp, unceremoniously dumped into a ditch by Milo and Max and found by Franco who took her back to his studio where he set up the photo shoot.

    Husky voiced model with no face who said, "Can I get up now?" - Claudia with a bad cold from lying out in the rain in a ditch. Body burned up in the warehouse fire? - Franco's admisistrative assistant with some DNA planted. She's alive and coming back to avenge Johnny's death when Lisa kills him. Take it to the bank, kids. Muuuahahahah!

  35. I would keep Spinelli, Johnny Z, Maxie, Alexis and Molly ( sorased for Spinelli, please)
    PLEASE kill off Dante!
    Zombie choice is Georgie!

  36. Sonny and Brenda, of course, to live on and on and marry and have children and grandchildren . . . After that, there are so many that I never could pick 5. I want ALL the legacy characters back, plus so many of the current players that are too many to mention.

  37. SAVE...

    Alan,Emily,or Georgie

    GO AWAY...
    All the newbies

  38. GH I pick Maya(don't care what anyone says Annie is beautiful and can act see a promising future beyond soaps Nathan also!). Ethan, Luke, Tracey and Edward! And I hate to bash a character or actor but why is Brenda dressing like she's twenty and the giggling, squealing is so wrong!


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