Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Brenda's a Disaster" Says Carly

Wonder if the ABC Brass thinks so too? After all, ratings didn't exactly shoot up, now did they?!! LOL. I can only stay a bit today, I have my Aunt's calling hours to go to. She was a great lady and ran her restaurant until she was 84!! I'll miss her meatballs.

Can Theo BE more of a clique bad-guy? Good lord. "Hellooooooooo MIzzzzzzzz Barrettt"!!
Goodness. He still needs a cat to pet. This whole lawsuit is kinda stupid but whatever.

Carly's off yelling at Sonny today-- she needs someone to yell at, because if she didn't YELL she'd have NOTHING TO SAY!!

Dante has a dream and can't shake his Brenda. He's lying to Lulu so much. wowza.

Lisa drugs Johnny, who has on a Turtle NECK.  boo..he needs NO shirt.

Spinelli and Diane..heh..Diane is saying her fantasies out loud heh.

TOMORROW is the BUS CRASH! Be there or be Square!!



  1. I saw on Entertainment Tonite show had the GH bus crash wonder what ABC had to pay for that spot?Yall watch the bus crash for me.....I'll checkin and find out whats going on......Have a Happy New Years Yall

  2. all the women on GH are a disaster.look at carly still crazy as ever, running around yelling all the time. looloo is no better. liz is always throwing men away only to be jealous after they find someone else. sam the lap dog and most depressing, mumbling female on the show. maxie is a bubble head.and I like these actresses. it is just bad writing.

  3. I guess this is the best way to just "cut your losses and go." It's not VMG fault, I think it was more the writers and Guza than anything else. They had a great opportunity getting VMG back and obviously it didn't work. There was a little spark today with Brenda/Jason scenes towards the end when she was like "just don't move" and gave him a hug. I just wished they played on that, had more scenes with Robin, definitely more scenes with Jax and Brook Lyn and even shared some time with Tracy. This return was definitely a miss and honestly, I really hope VMG doesn' t come back to GH for her sake and for the little bit of true Brenda history that we have.

  4. I'm enjoying Dr. Evil so far! Theo/The Balkan so needs a hairless cat to sit in his lap to stroke and I'm waiting for Mini Me to show up. Lol!

  5. If Mini Me shows up on GH to go with Theo I will die! Not only does he look like Dr Evil, he sounds a bit like Hannibal Lecter! I kept waiting for him to say something about fava beans and chianti.

    For fans of Aaron Refvem (ex-Morgan)he was on The Closer last night and the previous Monday in a 2 part episode. If you did not see the shows you can catch them online or OnDemand. The Episodes are entitled Living Proof: Part 1 and 2. He is currently filming an episode of Criminal Minds that will air Spring 2011.

  6. I have always rather liked my villains somewhat effete and elegant and well-educated--like Carl on AW. He used to sip his tea or hold a snifter of brandy and listen to a little Bach as he schemed and connived and plotted. I was very fond of Carl. Even the original Mr Smith on GH used to dust his hunting trophies while listening to classical music--anybody remember the gazelle head and that large sea turtle he had on his den wall? You felt he might put his enemy's head up there, too, if he could. These kinds of villains aren't altogether real, but there's something about them that fascinates....

    I saw Tuc Watkins on a Cold Case rerun last night and he was perfectly serious and even a little menacing. Odd.

    Looks like they are letting Claire go. I don't think Brenda is a total disaster, but it needs work on the part of the writers to pull her together. Vanessa is okay, but they used that old anvil technique to make sure we noticed she was beautiful, a goddess men had trouble resisting. Vanessa didn't play it that way and so it became super annoying to hear it on others' lips all the time. Carly got all het up, and yet when we looked at Brenda, we didn't see all that much for Carly to fear. And Brenda is way too small to be a super model--they are nearly always tall--thin, but tall. It has to have been a stressful time for Vanessa, being back--they pushed her so hard--too hard for any regular human girl to live up to. This show is just sad right now.

    But what I don't understand is why OLTL isn't way up in the ratings!

  7. Carly is the flipping disaster. Just look at her life! Wondering if she's preganant or if she really is pregnant WTD always follows since she always manages to sleep with Sonny. She doesn't want him but no one else can have him, either. I have enjoyed Sonny standing up to her more than usual but this woman needs to be slapped down. Hopefully the fall out with Lulu will be huge once she finds out what she has done with Dante (which has been skipped over completely). They really make it sound like dante was the badguy when he followed the law thinking Michael would get out for sure. And HELLO Carly you, Jason, & Sonny were the ones that thought up the plan to cover up claudia's death so it's your fault not Dante's. Having said that i am sick to death of seeing Dante. Watching the old eppy's this week and seeing those characters interact that have history like Jason & Elizabeth made me pause and watch every minute. As boring as Emily was I always enjoyed her love story with Nik. The fear everyone showed in the metro court was very well done. One of my favorite sweeps story in a while.

  8. Sadly, it isn't VM NOR Brenda who are the disaster. VM came back to a show that had very little in the way of veterans and a show that was already a disaster that it didn't matter what type of storyline was given to her, the writers needed to be fired. The show was so far removed from its history at this point...it has been that way since the early 2000's, but has gotten progressively worse. After Tamara left, the show really went down. When they killed off Alan and Emily (who I didn't care for, but could tolerate), that was the end of GH history.

  9. I agree that it is the writing and not VMG that is the problem. I mean when I am actively rooting for Theo/The Balkan to get Sonny, Sam, Brenda, Dante, and Jason then I think that there is a serious problem. Oh and I love the character of Carly but I don't like the storyline of her being jealous of Brenda. It's silly! So here is my list of ways to improve GH:
    1. NEW writers. Guza just seems to be repeating himself so give him a 3-5 year sabbatical from GH.
    2. Veterans. Bring back Alan, Georgie, Monica, Bobbie, Noah, and Ned. I know that some have been killed off but this is a soap so anything can happen.
    3. Balance. We don't want the Brenda/Dante/Sonny show all the time. Have more than 2 storylines.
    4. Showcase couples fans want to see. Liz/Jason versus Sam/Jason oh and throw in some Jason/Carly for this Jarly fan.
    5. Family interaction. They need to interact more.
    6. Take a look at other soaps. DOOL, YR, BB, and OLTL for veteran use, some balance, and cast interaction.
    Thanks for reading my longwindedness!


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