Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday: Should I Watch General Hospital??

Well, I DVR'd today--- what do you think? Worth a watch? I really only want to see Jerry Jacks!! I love Mr. Roche...his voice makes me swooooooooooon!!

Tomorrow we find out WHO THE BALKAN IS...or who Guza may have decided to make the Balkan at the last minute after word about Theo got out. LOL. We know DB was hired for the part so whatever. At least I'm intrigued about seeing how they play this out. I'm still aghast at Brenda's non-reaction to the possibility that it could have been Jerry. I so want it to be Suzanne, I've said that for about a month at least!!

Someone said Nikolas was wearing the same outfit as the lurker outside Sonny's door today! Hey, there you go! Maybe Tyler Christopher is leaving with a boom/bang. Although, come on, he can't have a son as old as Alexander.
Well, this has been the most fun I've had with GH for a LONG time.

Ok, on to other things...

There's a gal here in Rochester at NTID (National Techinical Insitute for the Deaf) that has written a book about her heart transplant and deafness. Lauren Aggen has been featured on our local news and on RIT's site.  Her story is REALLY amazing.
This is her book which is ready for Pre-Order (Dec. 20th launch date)

WHO DO YOU think THE BALKAN is!!?? DO YOU CARE!!????????


  1. Who is the Balkan? WHO CARES?!?
    They'll just find some way to ruin it in the end.
    I've got my money on them writing the person into a corner as they do with every villain on this show and especially when said villain is likeable. When that happens, there is no way to make that character redeemable.

    Case in point, Lisa. She's been written into a corner and the only way to make her stay on the canvas now is by continually painting Robin in a bad light.

    So back to who the Balkan is?
    I still hope it is a syndicate. A nice way to tie in all the villains that have been paraded in front of us over the years, who've been going up against Sonny to knock him off his perch. Tie in all the other big stunt events together neatly. The virus, the metro court, black/white ball...

    If you think of it, it could be a nice way to connect the fact that this all started when Brenda returned the last time with Luis Alcazar...maybe he was the first representive of the Balkan syndicate, and now it's all coming to a head with Brenda's current return.
    Maybe this is why Jerry is after her. She was involved with Luis, and he died, Alexander, he's dead. Could this be what he meant by Brenda hurting every guy, etc. Not to mention she hurt Jax.
    She could be a thorn in the organizations side but to also kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak...She dies, destroys Sonny and the coveted territory is theirs...also explains Johnny Z's involvement...picked up where his father left off???

    Sorry for the long winded post but the idea just came as I was writing and I would share

  2. They could reveal The Balkan is really Ceaser Faison and I still wouldn't care. Worse than the TMK storyline by far. But if we are guessing here...I'll throw out the name Spencer Cassadine. It would be about the only way he could get attention.......

  3. I think I would care a lot more of only the cops were workign on the Balkan case. it's too far fetched that the biggest killer in town (jason) is working with 2 of port charles' cops.

  4. We have to be realistic here. The Balkan is Alexander's parent. They have only said he is the Balkan's SON...not if the Balkan is male or female...Theo would have been a great Balkan, but that cat is out of the of course Guza changes his choice SUZANNE! she's old enough, and she's close to Brenda and she's just the type who could do all these "balkanish" things...yup SUZANNE it is. (besides, who else is on canvas in the right age group?)

  5. Although I love to listen to S. Roche's lovely voice delivering those unusually well-written lines he is given, I do find Jerry Jax to be a very illogically drawn character, especially in light of his early history on the show. He was a swindler, a con man. He wasn't this cold blooded killer we see these days.

    I don't buy that Jerry is the Balkan. Alexander could have been adopted, or a child he fathered when he was young and has only recently found out about him, or someone he was mentoring, or whatever.

    It would be even more illogical for Suzanne to be the Balkan since she has had 3 years to take care of Brenda.

    Helena is due back in PC, isn't she? Maybe the birth certificate she filched from Nik last year (or was it 2 years ago?) is Alexander's birth certificate.

    I am curious as to how this Brenda v. Balkan story is going to run its course. Sounds like by the end of the year the bus wreck is going to take front and center. Will they blame Jerry for the accident too? We already know this will be another one of those events that will change PC forever. Whatever*

  6. Brenda is the Balkan, that's why she is everywhere.

  7. Bobbie is the Balkan, cause everyone forgot about her.

  8. Lois is the Balkan. She's pissed that Brenda is a horrible godmother.

  9. Guys, you have it wrong. The Balkan is Miguel. He is after Brenda for too much shakin' of her bon-bon.

  10. The Balkan is actually David Hayward. That way, the women of Pine Valley can all be jealous of Brenda too!

  11. Let's see--we were supposed to get a story about Valintine, a Cassadine who is so ruthless and evil, even Helena feared him. Helena came to town, got a painting and took a birth certificate out of it.

    Could it be that Valintine is the Balkin, that he has been recast with someone more appropriate than the original casting, that Helena will suddenly show up and terrified and ready to get Nik and Spencer out of town, that Susanne is really Valentine's wife, and that she is looking for her grandson which she thinks Brenda bore and hid, or it could be Theo is connected because that lawsuit of wrongful death is interesting to throw into the mix--how was that instigated and wasn't that about the latest thug Brenda killed, not Alexander.

    I can't say I'm really tuned it to this thing, but it does cause one to speculate.

  12. Doesn't matter what the rest of us think, Anonymous rules!!!

  13. Watchintele, I like your scenerio, but it is MUCH MORE intelligent than anything that Guza el. al could come up with. They should hire you to write the show, because your story makes sense. However, Guza never makes sense, so I DON'T CARE WHO THE BALKAN IS, because, whomever it is, it won't make any sense.

  14. I can tell you I know that DB was hired to PLAY The Balkan, and like I said, if it's NOT him, it's a total rewrite. I am hoping for Suzanne too. It would be great if the Birth Certificate was Alexanders!

  15. I dont give a rat's a$$ about the Balkan.

    What I want to know is why havent I seen a bachelor/bachelorette party for Luke and Tracy!? Surely Lucky, Ethan, Lulu, Maya, and Brook Lynn can throw one together.

  16. The only parts of GH I enjoy are Maya, Ethan, Johnny, Lisa, Luke, Tracey and Edward the Brenda show is really must flee TV!


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