Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve!! GOOD-Bye 2010!!

I'd say I'm sorry to see it go, GH wise...but I'm not. This year was NOT one of my faves for this show. Chock full of starts, stops, dropped stories and frustrations. We got ourselves a Franco and a Mama Walton. A bald meanie named "The Balkan" and a 70's sitcom icon to play Suzanne. CO77x!! NuMichael..NuMorgan-- and a whole lotta recycled scripts. Claire came on board, only to be shoved aside because The Face was back. FINALLY the Soap Mags could put that headline to rest!! 

The Soaps are starting to do reruns once or twice a month (this month, 4 times) and Soap Net will be in it's last year.  Ratings? HA! So depressing... 

January 19th will be another repeat, but I'm not sure what. ABC will be rolling them out to save some money.

And YET....HERE WE ARE!! Wubbers banding together to save the 3pm time-slot from making us crazy!! If I couldn't blog or tweet with you all, I'd just be in a black hole of TV waves. LOL. If the show doesn't get much better soon, I am going to take some time off. 

The repeat today reminded me that Alexis had lung cancer, and how stupidly that was "wrapped up" ...meaning it wasn't. She just suddenly didn't have it!! WOO!! I did like Epiphany yelling at Luke. Good Part. 

We ended 2010 with a BOOM!! Guza-Style. Metro Court blows to bits. Mr. Craig becomes Jerry Jacks and half the cast will be dead/missing/gone in the next 3 years. Woo hoo!

Hope you all have a GREAT NEW YEAR'S EVE!! I tend to have quiet ones. The weather here is amazing, it's really warm. Strange...I think we hit 48 today!! Come and check for Sunday Surgery.
NEW SCOOPS are up on the site.  Enjoy!!


  1. Happy New Year, Karen.
    Thank you for all the laughs, insights, and reminders of how good GH used to be.
    Wish you and your family all the best in the upcoming year.

    Happy New Year to all the Wubbers, and best wishes for 2011!!

  2. Karen who is in that picture? I see Franco but who is that other one? :)

    January 19th will be another repeat, but I'm not sure what.
    Oh! I was going to ask you what are they going to show THIS time?! Come on Guza show 70's storylines! Or 80's or hell 90's! :)

    If the show doesn't get much better soon, I am going to take some time off.
    OR write about OLTL! :)

    I did like Epiphany yelling at Luke. Good Part.
    ROFL! Yeah love how she scolded him. :)

    and half the cast will be dead/missing/gone in the next 3 years. Woo hoo!

    Hope you all have a GREAT NEW YEAR'S EVE!! I tend to have quiet ones.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :) Do you watch Dick Clark's ball drop? I do every year. :) It's a tradition. :)

  3. Happy New Year to all of us who have stuck by GH despite the obvious disregard by Guza and Frons who are mistaken in their thoughts about what reviewers want or can be made to like. I don't like the mob, Sonny, or Carly, and especially detest Franco. So, why do I stick around? I do not want to be run off my longtime favorite show by the likes of the woman-hating Guza or Frons.

    I am around till the bitter end or until Tony Geary leaves and/or retires. I understand he may retire next year, as in 2011. It will be a sad day when he does. I can manage his absence during his vacations, but retirement is an entirely different thing.

    I cannot say that 2010 has been a must-see year for GH. Much of this year's offering has been insulting. Brenda's return has been a disappointment at best. Franco's intrusion was repugnant and disgusting. Lisa Niles needs a new pastime and a new obsession. As for Sonny and Carly -- they remain my major FF characters. One needs a bullet between the eyes and the other needs her throat slit if for no other reason than the corruption of Spinelli who has had his moral compass demagnetized.

    Will things get better in 2011? We can only hope. Will Sonny leave Brenda at the altar yet again? Will Brenda and Jason finally realize that they are only alive when they are together? Will Lisa finally be neutralized or at least find someone else to mess with? Can we expect Lucky and Liz to try yet again to be a married couple? Will Mac get lucky with Alexis? Will the elevator to Dante's apartment ever be used again? And, where in the hell is Helena?

  4. I'm not sure what they should have done with Alexis' lung cancer story--pretty depressing stuff. I had cancer years ago, had surgery, chemo and radiation and when my hair grew back, seldom thought about it again. Main problem was that (I think) chemo did some damage and now I have A-fib. But again, one can live with stuff and not be hampered.

    I have a friend who had lung cancer and after surgery and treatment, also is fine and looks fine. I know Alexis had a serious one, but it's possible to move on. I feel fans hated that story and feared they were leading up to letting Nancy go, and she is WAY too popular for that! It was a time when they were cutting the cast left and right so fans got worried.... Maybe they listened? It is one story I'm glad they dropped.

  5. Happy New Years everyone and I am praying someday GH will be like it us to be.I watched Days this week and they finally had closure on some good stuff and they kinda dragged it out too.I can say for OLTL its everyday a good show.Hope you have a better time 2011 Karen I love your blog you could report on dirty dishwater and I would watch.:)))

  6. I watch Days too and they were all new on Thursday AND Friday. Days is the original show for dragging things along til the very end, but I see them trying and slowly getting better with it. GH, not so much....

  7. I told everyone I thought the Helena story was pushed back-- and I'm right!! I think Connie is doing a pilot being shot in Canada. She won't be on GH for awhile.


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