Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Balkan Reveal Leaves Fans Lethargic

It happened. FINALLY! Were you surprised? Not if you read this blog or the wubs net or any other site on the net . LOL. I think it was pretty well known that Daniel B was hired to play the part. With his bald head, round glasses and "accent" he's straight out of a Bond film. GH did do a good job of trying to keep the lid on. Vanessa Marcil said she was "blown away" by the identity.  I personally think she was going by her script which had  Jerry as the Balkan...half the cast probably didn't even know for sure. Now that we know he's the baddie, I can see a lot of air going out of GH's sails in the next few weeks. Sure, they have the bus crash coming. It looks great in the promo, doesn't it?? Let's hope it's that exciting when we watch it.  That's what our show does best, these "events". I just wish it could carry over on a consistent basis.

Things that are still hanging-- where did  Lady Jane go? Why only use her for one scene? Where's Sam been-- after all, Jerry's last obsession was with her and no one even seemed to care where she might be when he was running around town.  While I'm glad all the kids will be on this bus trip, it's so sad they are hardly ever seen at other times.  Trot them out for a catastrophic thing...then put them back in the storage closet. Maybe Jason will remember he has Jake? Gee, there you go.  Brooke Lyn and Nikolas might intrigue me--if they were on more than 1x a month. And  contract for her to be his "companion"?? Tyler Christopher has to be dying thinking Nikolas would have to pay for someone to accompany him! There are plenty of debs to choose from in the circuit I'm sure that would LOVE to go out with a prince!  
Monica's absence is a huge hole.  Jason will take Michael to see Edward--but Monica is gone. She's also not around for the bus crash OR the Luke/Tracy wedding!! Monica=the NuAudrey. MIA.
We'd probably care more about Tyler (that's him up there)  if the last time we saw him wasn't in like AUGUST. Same with "Bryce" the kid yelling at Michael  in Kelly's. I have NO clue how they expect newbies to know anything that's going on.

They are bringing on another new Doc...pediatrician Tyrell... and a wedding planner, Carol. Great, more newbies in an already crowded canvas. Where has Suzanne been? I tell you what, she'd better be revealed to be Theo's "ex" and Alex's Mom or her existence is wasted. I was thinking we lived through how many months of Brenda in Rome-- with Monty, for what? Zzzzzzzzzz. More characters thrown in not related to anyone: Abby...Siobhan...Claire...Suzanne...yada yada.

Lethargy is the word for today. Lazy writing--Lazy Fans...Lazy, Lazy. S&Bers did get their night o' love --and a new house. Soon they'll get a proposal--things look good on that end. The Genie Francis rumor is coming up again. Maybe she'll return to cause angst for the newlyweds? 

Since I'm here every week I'm going to give the Golden Scalpel to the performer I think gave 110% this past week for Sunday Surgery. This week's GS goes to: Sebastian Roche who classes up the joint no matter what he has to say. I only wish he and Connie Towers (Helena) could share many scenes, and I'd be in heaven!! 

A few new Spoilers are as of this morning, mainly about the BUS CRASH and upcoming trial--  Have a great one! Also: GH Is in repeats (Metro Court) Thurs/Friday this week. 


  1. No Monica, but we get a bunch of kids we've maybe seen once or twice, and probably won't ever see again, that we will all deeply care about ... Heck, I don't even care about half of the kids of regular characters, because as you point out, we never frakkin' see them.

    Yes, the Theo reveal was lame, but DB is such a classy, strong actor that I have hope he can be another Jerry, an asset who saves scenes just by being in them. How long is he supposed to be around? Just through Feb? Longer?

  2. I have to agree with the Lethargic comment. Glad they have a strong actor to play the Balkan, and I'm kind of intrigued with the way they are introducing Theo into the canvas. Dare I say, it's quite intelligent to have him creep his way into all things Brenda. Working her best friend, Robin. Suing the hospital to divert attention. Civil suit against Brenda and Dante. Represent her in this case. Have Siobhan work Lucky for information. Send in Jerry who is the brother to man she was once involved with while distracting the men that are protecting her.

    Question is, why could they not have run with a similar approach when Trevor Lansing was introduced? He was connected to Ric, Sonny, Mike, Molly, Alexis, Anthony, Johnny and Claudia. And the first 5 names, the connection was known prior to him ever coming. The leg work was done. Instead they just introduced him as a power hungry and thuggish way of doing business, lawyer. He was no better than Sonny. There was no devious plan. It was far too straight forward. That's what Anthony was there for. The muscle.

    This is what I hate about the show sometimes, the missed opportunities.

    Also, how dumb is it not to have Monica around when Michael and Jason visit??? Let's hope she's there to see the big reveal about Jake being Jason's son. Though I still don't know how she hasn't figured it out yet, and Carly with one look just knew it was Jason's????

    Hit the nail on the head, LAZY LAZY WRITING

  3. I LOVE The Balkan! I think TIIC should FIRE V.M and kill Brenda off for EVER and give G.B her salary and sign him to a 4 year contract.

  4. I hope Matt is okay. I really love Matt especially with Maxie.

  5. With all the wonderful footage of Christmases past GH has, why in the world are viewers being subjected to the blatant violence of Jerry Jax's assault on the MetroCourt?

  6. Actually spoilers I have read other spoilers that Jake is not Jason's after all. So there the writers go again.....ruining one story so more will love Jasam. I really like Kelly Monaco but I enjoyed her so much more when she was with Lucky or single. Every time she is with Jason, it seems she just follows him around like a lost puppy. Jason puts everyone else before her....she is much more fun when she is independent.

    As for the Jake thing, I can't stand the thought that the writers may make Jake be Lucky's. What's the point of having all of Liz's children go through paternity stories AGAIN! Next thing you know Cam will really be Lucky's too! Then he'll still end up being with Siobhan anyway.....Too many baby daddy stories with Becky Herbst. She deserves much better as well!

  7. There are too many rumors to count right now. I think some are to counter the Sam is PG stuff-- you have to know both Liasons and JaSammers are trying to out do each other in the rumors department!! LOL
    I haven't had anything come thru yet either way.

  8. I honestly liked Friday's episode. I think this Theo guy might make a good soap villian. The internet spoilers pretty much destroy any surprise, but I still liked it.


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