Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today's ReRun: General Hospital Before The Slaughter's show brought up all sorts of fun stuff!! THE QUARTERMAINES were alive!!! and in the same house!! wowza. Alice had HAIR! So did Tracy!! 

Lisaon was on, Sam finds out she can't have a baby (foreshadowing to upcoming events). Jerry Jax is Mr. Craig... Greg Vaughn is Lucky...Scott Clifton is on as Dillion. :twirling:

This eppy caused me all sorts of feelings. I'm not a huge "event" lover--ie: contriving a story out of thin air for the sheer hooplah of it all. BUT, watching it in retrospect? I can pick out all the things I am missing now.  *sigh*

Scrubbies arguing about HIV, in the OLD HOSPITAL setting

Sexis talking about her smoking pot. LOL That's when Alexis had LUNG CANCER--'member that?! NO? Guza doesn't either. 

Nikolas talking to Laura in the crazy-place and SCOTTY SHOWS UP. Emily's there too. THREE people in that scene not even on canvas anymore. LOL. 

Lulu looks so young and even mentions BOBBIE. Remember her? Guza doesn't. Bobbie was talking to Carly!! JZ looked great. 
Noah was on too! Talking to Patrick. Geesh :thud: 

Ted King was on too..hell, let's count the characters gone/forgotten from #GH in 3 years: Alkazar, Ric, Emily, Laura, Scotty, Dillon, Alan, Monica, Bobbie...Noah...Cooper... Sky

The end: "THIS IS A ROBBERY" is such an ode to Pulp Fiction... 

Actor notes: Kelly Monaco is in Philly, Ingo is in Italy at the moment. Both tweeted today.


  1. WOW at all of the "lost" characters we got to see. What a joy!! However I did laugh at some of the hair and oh my they really had a heavy hand with the make up brush on everyone! hehehe

    I made a special point to stop and check to see who wrote this episode. Hold on to your hats... IT WAS GUZA. I know, I am as shocked as all of you. Infact all of the writers except 1 (Wolf) are current writers (I checked online to be sure)

    Goes to show Guza used to be able to write some amazing stuff... sigh

    Happy Holidays everyone xoxox

  2. I thought Guza wrote it..he can be a great writer, I remember early Cassadine days. I think this is his thing "HUGE" events-- not the day to day stuff that needs to be woven together.

  3. They have so many MORE writers now then when this show was done. To me that means they should have plenty of people to write the day to day stuff and make it interesting.

  4. after watching gh today I realize more than ever how much i miss the quartermaines, all of them. but most of all I miss my liason. also I think this show was rerun for sam and how she will get pregnant. my guess is liz will be her surogate.

  5. My wish for 2011:

    Please give Liz a storyline

    Pair maxie with Johnny

    2nd runner up to above JOLIVIA!

    Have Jason be Jake's father in every aspect of the word. Including the Q's in that.

    Bring Laura home

    Bring Liz & Lucky back together & reveal Aidens paternity

  6. Scotty visits Laura. Feel guilty about what you did to her Scotty? Good!!! Writers did you want me to hate Scotty? I don't!! Nice try tho! I love Scotty and I forgive him!!!! Stupid writers!!!

  7. I will never understand why ALL of the ABC shows chose to show violent repeats rather than picking some great old Christmas episodes. Why don't we get the Christmas party at the hospital anymore? I would have love to seen a couple of those episodes....on all 3 shows, I was so disappointed. :(

    Zack died on AMC
    The kidnapping episodes on OLTL
    Metro Court on GH

    There is so many better choices for the holidays. Many people were home on the 23rd and 24th, they could have showcased great stuff that would draw those people in.


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