Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BUS Crash Day!! Skid Marks Galore!!

OLTL ended on a WOO WORTHY note!! Martus-Interruptus!! heh...loved it.

GH: Started out so slow. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I so love Lisa LoCicero,  I've missed her on GH. She's fun and a great actress and Olivia is wasted. I know she's going to be hurt on the bus but why hasn't she been in any Brenda scenes? I have MY ideas, but I shall keep them to myself. giggle. 
I just want Jolivia back. *sigh*

Someone on Twitter asked who's MOLLY'S FATHER IS! That's GH for you, they never use history so new people have no idea what's going on.

Alexis running in "Don't forget  your long underwear" to Molly!! ahahahaa. Love NLG too. 

We see Abby once since this summer and she's going be on the know what that means. 

Steve sings  "Hallelujah" --a song about orgasm. hahahahhahaaaa!! 

Carly bought Jason a pool table-- LOL... "our pool table"--

And there they lay, twisted and broken in the snow--thrown from the bus-- HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 
Now,  how the hell did that bus break apart so they all flew out? If they fell THAT far, they'd all be dead. LOL. 
Well....remember, repeats tomorrow and Friday!


  1. I thought the bus crash was a great scene! Song about orgasm? What? Carly and Jason ROFL! The long underwear comment was great ROFL!

  2. Maybe the snow broke their fall?? ;)
    I thought the last few bus scenes were good. Seeing poor, little Cameron in the snow though. It made me very sad.
    The Jason/Carly exchanges were pretty funny. Jason saying he can see through Carly lies better than anyone else. :)
    Long underwear was also very good.
    Again, Jason is the one who gets everything right, including not to trust Sibbonah, or however you spell her name. Lucky, again, is shown as the wrong one...Sheesh.
    Was it Cameron that Morgan beat at wizard wars three times? heehee

  3. I know it was a little campy, but all in all I thought it was a good episode. I also thought the bodies laying around seemed weird or unlikely, but I think its more the aftermath that will ultimately matter. At least we got a little cliff-hanger (no pun intended) to lead us into the New Year. Perk up little in your reviews next Karen.

    On a side note, I had read a re-review you did last week on the Metro Court disaster claiming that back then the show was more together. However, I've been reading your blog forever, I can clearly recall you complaining about that Metro Court storyline when it played out in real time.

    I love the topics that get things going in your blog, but I do think that you've gotten so negative about the show that you've lost the ability to enjoy it most of the time. Just think about that. :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. P.S. Cameron moved his hand when he was laying in the snow. Wonder if the edits crew noticed that, or they wanted him to move his hand...

  5. I HATED Jolivia and think Olivia was nothing more then Johnny's rebound from his REAL love Lulu.I hope their break-up and the Lante break-up is the beginning of a Jolu reunion.

  6. I too, love Jolivia. Lante is ok, but if Johnny isn't with Olivia I like him with Maxie not Lulu. Matt is too bland for Maxie IMO. That girl lights up the screen. Lisa is dull, Maya is dull, Irish lad is dull (although her scene on the docks with Jerry Jax showed lots of emotion and promise).
    Now if Sam is rumored to be PG, why the hell would she hold back in telling Jason this time?

    Can't wait for Brender to rub it in Carly's face one of these days.

    Side note: would love to have a scene with Spencer & Mike since he is his grandfather. Or even Sonny & Spencer since he is his Uncle.

  7. You got to be kidding me!!! The song is about orgasms?! I had no idea! Good thing I didn't sing it for church!

  8. I would love to see scenes with Mike and anyone.

  9. On a side note, I had read a re-review you did last week on the Metro Court disaster claiming that back then the show was more together. However, I've been reading your blog forever, I can clearly recall you complaining about that Metro Court storyline when it played out in real time.
    ROFL ROFL! Well maybe three years later she changed about what she thought about it ROFL!

  10. Compared to the old days of GH, the MetroCourt episodes were not so great. Compared to the crapfest that GH is currently, the MetroCourt episodes were incredible! It is definitely all relative!

    I was in the Glens Fallls, NY area over Christmas and turned on the news (from Albany) on Monday and there was Lisa Locicero being interviewed in studio about GH and the bus crash! Turns out her husband is from Albany, her sister lives in Glens Falls and she spends every Christmas in upstate NY with relatives. You would think she would be able to advise those GH wardrobe people on what is and is not appropriate attire in NY in the winter months...

  11. Regarding songs and hidden meanings, I just found out this Christmas that the upbeat song "Baby it's cold outside" is about date rape.

  12. My theory on why no Olivia/Brenda scenes? Dante's "mother" looks (cuz she is!!!!) younger than his "crush". TPTB know this ridonculous Brante story is unbelievable enough without us making that direct comparison. Probably the same reason I doubt we will ever have Dante in a scene with both Lulu & Brenda. Not bashing VMG (I am a fan) she is beautiful, but LLC is actually younger than "Olivia" & JMB/Lulu is a different generation.

  13. Thanks Karen for the shout out on OLTL.....And its a Thursday they really deserve a emmy this year.Thanks again

  14. Hallelujah as written by Leonard Cohen was not about an orgasm per se, that's how Jeff Buckley described it with his rendition. It's kind of both?? Haha.

  15. I heard nothing in that song about orgasm--and Anon says she heard 'Baby It's Cold Outside' was about date rape--now come-ON. That song was written for an Esther Williams movie 'Neptune's Daughter', and won an Oscar for best song that year...WAY back in 1949! Believe me, Frank Loesser didn't intend any such hidden meanings back then!

    I'm kind of liking Jason and Brenda together--there's a connection she doesn't seem to have with anyone else. Brenda and Sonny were so over years ago, that there is just no life to them, no energy. Sonny has been over for a few years now, so there seems no interest in putting him with any female. Yawn. JMO

    I like Lisa LaCicero alot. She reminds me a bit of Bobbie in the old days so I like to think of her as the new Bobbie. I certainly hope she survives!

  16. I agree Anon, I like Jason with Brenda also. I also agree something is missing with her and Sonny. Maybe maurice isn't putting as much into it since his recent interview made it sound like he wanted Sonny with Claire. Think I read it on Soapzone. He said he wasn't giving it his all in scenes with VM since he felt Sonny's heart was with CLAIRE? Really? Maybe the actors connected, but the characters did not. At least not to me.

    I live Lisa L portraying Olivia! I hope Carly feels some angst over this or will she be happy to watch Dante suffer since she sent Olivia on the ski trip? Probably the latter. I am excited to have a scene with Jake & Jason. It's been over a year I believe. I hope it makes Sam, Carly, Sonny & Co. take notice that the man has a child and the child's mother is a lifelong friend. We dont have to have Liason togetehr Guza, but scenes would be nice to show their history.

  17. It's Ally not Abby!

  18. Kristina that little hypocritical brat needs to shut her ''babyhooker' mouth , has she forgotten the flak she gave Sam when , Sam that Ethan was too old for her not to mention the lie she told I loathe her!


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