Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soap Opera Digest Issues Statement From Vanessa Marcil

SOD has a "breaking news" article where Vanessa is dispelling pregnancy rumors. WHO started those?? @@
I want to say I'm honestly sorry because I had seen spec on Holly Baby and again on The NY Daily News this morning via Google Press. I guess until she calls me herself I shall remain MUM on all things speculated!!


  1. She didn't really deny it...just kinda danced around it and talked about putting on weight. She said "I wonder why people think that" not "I am not". Hmmm

  2. Well since the NY Daily news site you got it from is clearly a fake, and there is ZERO news on their actual site, I don't know why you're shocked.

  3. Because I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS FAKE, duh...If I would have I never would have put it up. I'm really trying to apologize here... I thought it was a link to the actual NYDaily News site, it was an entertainment page.

  4. No worries, Karen, without your trying to get us the latest and greatest, we'd have absolutely NOTHING...I for one am grateful! Thanks!

  5. Anonymous- enough with the attitude already. Karen doesn't deserve it. She admitted to making a mistake. Have you never made a mistake?


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