Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More LUNACY wedding without Bobbie or Monica....

Boooooooo, and yes,  I did notice that!!
By the way, the BIG Vanessa NEWS? Well, that site is now saying not 100% SURE now so I Give UP! We'll just have to wait I guess. It was a done deal this morning.

OLTL was  fun. Loved it. Lots of extras, everyone in the cast around to celebrate. Echo locked out with just a Santa Suit. Heh..I love Vicky and Dorian working together!! And...she fell down the chimney! heh!!

Many people aren't happy with the Busload of kids plunging down a cliff for the holiday season. LOL, what did you expect? An explosion in the rec center?? IT's GUZA! He loves the stuff.

LOOK what Wubber Pooki sent me for Christmas!! A LOBSTER HAT and a FRONKEY!! Sniff I love them so. I am sitting here in the lobster hat watching the wedding. heh.

IS THIS FUN OR WHAT?? Ahhhhhhhhhhh, a LOBSTER hat and it's warm!! I am wearing it all the time. My neighbors will be so jealous.  THANK you to POOKI!!

Today's show was fun--but I wish all the cast was on. Mike, Bobbie...Monica. You know, EVERYONE.

I think Molly might be bilpolar? That's her strange behavior?? There's a rumor that Sonny talks to her about it, she could have gotten it from Ric, who's Sonny's 1/2 brother, right? Hmmm, interesting, having a kid with that would be a first?

Tracy looked so happy today!! Lucky's speech was so nice, although on Laura's bday--ouch, even to me that loves Lunacy. (but was a HUGE, LONGTIME L&L fan). Lulu's speech was so nice, and she and Tracy hugged. LUKE's speech was wonderful too... "I'm interested again". Their cake was so pretty!! Like and Big Alice dancing hee hee. Mac was all "did you marry Alice"?? LOL

Carly checks her texts. Brenda tries to make nice with Carly. LMAO...Uh, that's NOT happenin'!!

Who likes M&M?? I'm still not sure yet. He's just not been on enough for me to know. Seriously.

At least Edward is on air with Ethan...whatever it takes!! Give Ethan ELQ!!

Emma was darling but their Christmas Tree was really HOT PINK! LOL.

Lila's rose garden. Sonny pops the question. They are certainly rushing this along given how long it took her just to get back in town!

FAVE PART: "Merry Christmas Grandfather"!!! sniff.... Michael and Jason how nice.

by the way: Dante is NOT the baby's father. It was Alesander.

BY THE WAY, GH should still have the Christmas story in SOME Way...even if it's Epiphany reading it to the patients. Dang it.


  1. Love your Lobster Hat and Fronkey!!!

    Betcha the pregnancy rumor is true...I've been hearing it way too often from too many sources & along with it the tale of Brenda vanishing after she marries Sonny Vanessa leaves in Feb.
    Betcha a bunch of bananas!

  2. some may call it silly, but the sight of Echo going down that chimney made my day!!

  3. OLTL was awesome!!

    Loving the new Sam, him and Jack were cute

    Echo in the chimney was freaking hilarious

  4. You look so cute in your new hat...I loved we did get a christmas story read but its was on another soap what was Guza thinking.And Echo going down the chimney was priceless.

  5. LMAO Oh Karen I am so glad you love the presents that I picked for you xoxoxox (Franco helped of course)

    FYI Everyone - VMG told Soap Opera Digest she is not preggo. It's up on their site under breaking news.

  6. Thanks, Lori, I'm relieved, if VM were PG and I am denied my S & B happily-ever-after after waiting 15 years, I think I'll kill myself.

    OK, who didn't cry when Jason called Edward "Grandfather"? Was there a dry eye among all us GH longtime fans?

    I LOVE Jane Elliot's dress, absolutely smashing!!

  7. GRANDFATHER, was soooooooo "Quartermaine"!!! Sniff. GOOD for JASON but I so wish MONICA WAS THERE!!

  8. is today the first time we herd that Tracy's middle name is Angelica? Or has this been part of history before?

  9. Have to say I for one was happy that they had Jason say "Merry Christmas, Grandfather." Very nice gesture, and I'm sure it had to do with Brenda mentioning to him to visit Edward earlier.
    Lets just hope there is more to the scene then just the quick one we got today.
    I would have been floored had he said "Merry Christmas, Mom" to Monica. Only if they had her on the show.

    I'm just waiting for Jake to be revealed as Monica's grandson and Edward's great-grandson. And, maybe we'll see them revisit Alan's will and Jake will inherit ELQ stock that Alan had left Jason's child(ren)??
    How upset do you think Tracy would get since Luke forgot to mention that to her and now she may lose the stock she stole to begin with?

    Please, don't change Jake's paternity just to make it okay for Jasam to have a baby. RME...GAG!!

    How funny would it have been to have Jason go and say "Congratulations on your wedding, Aunt Tracy."
    And, "Should I call you Uncle Luke?, or stick with just plain Luke?"


    That would have been a laugh riot...oh such missed opportunities for a good laugh

  10. AntJoan, I am afraid we won't get the S&B happily ever after story even if Vanny isn't pregnant. Read where she will be leaving in February in a mutual agreement with TPTB. Not sure if it is just a break, or permanent. Maybe her return wasn't everything they hoped it would be. she goes (in a Balkan kidnapping probably) and Sonny can win an Emmy crying and angsting all over the place. After all, 2011 must bring us something after the wedding and a bus crash...why not Brenda's disappearance?

  11. It just doesn't seem right...Luke and Tracy...sorry folks...the magic is gone, distroyed. Luke should and be with Laura. I can't buy into this farce with Tracy. Don't get me wrong...I really like Tracy...I have watched her evolve through the years...but not with Luke. Guza has destroyed all the magic and love of a couple who was admired and respected through the years. Luke without Laura (Genie has been wanting to come back for some time) is like someone missing his right arm. Having the nuptials on Laura's birthday is a real slap in the heart...I just wondered if it was Guza's idea to say "ha, ha Luke and Laura fans, here's a cold slap in the face! I knew it would be cruel" to all those of us who are true L&L fans.

  12. I disagree Anon. Tracy and Luke are right for each other and he brings out that vulnerbility we all know Tracy has. Don't get me wrong, Laura is first in his heart, always will be. Should she resurface it would make a great story. But it has been years! Until they bring her back (and full time) let them be happy. Let the kids be adults and be happy for them too.

    Carly on the other hand I can hardly stand the site of. I did love her dress though I love that she's the only woman with a real body vs one of a size zero. Curvy women ar rarely on daytime! I thought Brenda looked like an idiot. Hated maya's hair. Didn't realize how much I loved her fro!

    Loved Lucky's scenes w/ everyone. JJ is so good, just want them to bring him some emotional stuff so everyone can remember why he's the only lucky. Then again if the scenes don't include Liz & the boys, why bother.

  13. I like M&M. Why not you know. Neither are mob related and they're both nice characters.

    I'm still ticked about Luke and Tracy's wedding. The lack of key guests was bad but also the total lack of respect for L&L! Lulu said that Tracy has been the greatest adventure of Luke's life!?! WTH?

  14. Can anyone tell me who designed the bridesmaid dresses that Lulu and Maya wore in the wedding?


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