Thursday, December 2, 2010

So...Read Any Good Books Lately?!

Just making conversation.  LOL. I could be reading instead of sitting here on my buttocks. But,  I'm not--I'm wacthing Soaps.
I really REALLY don't like Inez on OLTL or the actress that plays the character. She's just flat. I think Sidney Penny would do a bag up job playing her!! 

Here's a fun interview with John Ingle (Edward Q) for you to read! He has FIVE daughters and NINE grandkids!! 

Loved Carly's dress today, finally something that looks Western NY appropriate. Yes, I do notice. 
Lisa's hair is going bad in proportion to her crazyness. Lord.

LOVED Tracy asking Lulu to be her maid of honor!! yippee!! I just wish they weren't on the boat together. I mean A BOAT. ;/ it's winter, did I mention that. I wonder if she'll invite Brooke Lyn. I think she actually goes with Nikolas to the wedding.

Bradford Anderson made me LOL today, and I rarely do that. Did you see him look at Brenda when Jason mentioned eloping!!?? Braahahhha! Brilliant. I don't like how they have Brenda treat Spin though--kinda like he's 'Special'-- I was waiting for her to talk REALLY LOUDLY to him. 

LUKESON was on today!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love them!! LukeSonRitas!! Better than S&B, for me! heh. I also loved Milo/Max in the chef gear. 

Kristina and Michael  were good together. I wish they were on more together. Those school uniforms are so Harry Potter. That's one thing GH is so bad at...making scenes that SHOULD be casual and natural into everyday things. It always seems like a "Set Up". 

Anyone else think Lisa's 'confession' on the Net would have been more interesting if it was topless? That's all I could think of. 

Lady JANE!! xxoo


  1. Catch-22 is fabulous! ;)
    WAY more entertaining than GH

  2. Don't most big companies have a corporate policy that you are not allowed to use company computer for personal use? Normally it is something you sign when you are hired. Perhaps self-appointed King of all Business Nikolas should read the Employee Manual before spouting his high and mighty attitude. Lisa should be attacked and attacked hard for what she did using company computers on company time.

    Lisa said "My personal life is my business". Really? How personal is it when you use company computers while you are being paid salary by the hospital and are sitting in your doctor's uniform.

    And, I always - ALWAYS - thought that Spinelli was "special". I just assumed that was the way the character was written and performed. You mean he is supposed to be normal? Really?

  3. I love Carly's outfit today too!!! :) Lady Jane YAY! :)

  4. Hey Karen I have 2 children and 9 grandchildren and Im 57 I know I keep telling them to stop doing that stuff makes me old before my time.I too hate Inez and why oh why are they making Clint and Marty crazies???Poor Spinelli was riding high him and Maxie till Guza started to blow them up relationship wise.

  5. I just started watching OLTL on your recommendation and wondered if you had time for a quick question. So is Natalie for sure carrying Jessica's husband's baby? Any chance it is Johns? How did Marty find out? Sorry, I am behind the times and trying to catch up.

    Long time lover of GH, but I am missing all of the old family ties! Thanks for the heads up on OLTL. Love your blog!

  6. I am still waiting for something to happen to move all of these stories forward before I die of boredom. When is something, anything going to happen? There are just too many threads lying exposed without the possibility of meaningful closure because GH in its wrongheaded way thinks repetition is synonymous with development. I have lost interest in Sonny and Brenda, Brenda and the Balkan no one can identify, Carly's selfish and asinine machinations, anything to do with the Scrubs and Lisa, Dante and Lulu, and Olivia and Johnny. It is just taking too damned long to make any progress on these stories. No wonder GH is sinking toward the bottom of the viewers ratings.

  7. I just started watching GH tonite on Soapnet...but geez, why does Brenda always have to put her shirt sleeves over her hands?

  8. Anonymous Brody isn't Jessica's hubby yet! They are engaged tho. :)

  9. Hi All, I just finished watching James Franco on Jimmy Kimmel. He was talking about how he would be hosting the Oscars (he worked with the producer on the movie 'Milk') and his movie '127 hours'. They had a very good/funny conversation.

  10. anonymous Natalie is really having John's baby. When Clint sent his minion to change Rex's DNA showing Charlie the father,he also had him change his daughter's DNA test showing Brody the father. The idiot changed the wrong daughters DNA.

  11. Forget Lady Jane I want Bobbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Read Unbearable Lightness by Portia de's AMAZING!!! It is way better than gh lately.

  13. Someone compared Franco to James Dean the other day I believe in reincarnation so maybe he is James Dean lol......Nahhhhh cause I don't care for his acting....But hes everywhere have ya noticed....Im so glad everyone is turning in to OLTL it is a great show

  14. I'm reading the Jaz Parks series by Jennifer Rardin, who unfortunately committed suicide back in September. the series is great--too bad i hadn't heard of it before her suicide.


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