Friday, December 17, 2010

General Hospital: NEW Spoilers are UP!

Take a gander and hit a google for me!! WUBS NET
Looks like Lisa's still on the road to crazy-town...and although Carly will think Brenda and Dante had a baby together, they did not.
Remember GH is in repeats Dec 23rd, 24th and again the 30th and 31st.

Biggest thing? Guess who goes to visit Edward?

When asked who they'd most like at their wedding, Lunacy answered "Alberta Wubs, of course"!! Hopefully NOT to eat her!!


  1. Alberta Would probably be an honored guest! Let's just hope they give her a seat and not a plate at the head table!

    Of course Brender & Dante did not have a baby together--that story would be too good! I'm sure they will both come out of this smelling like a rose b/c they're the anointed ones on the show.

    And no one does crazy better than Dr. Lisa! Bring it on! LOL

    BTW, still waiting for Kate and Helena spoilers!!!! :(

  2. I believe it's LuNacy; not Lacy. Let's call Luke and Tracy what they are.


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