Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Surgery: More Scoops! Flat Megan Adventures! GH Dish!

Happy May!! It's supposed to be sweeps month--but right now GH looks a bit bleak for my taste. I guess watching Michael in jail and Carly on the rampage will have to do for now. Of course, Brooke Lynn will be back (Perfect pawn for Carly) and Helena has a delicious plot ready for Tracy so I think I'll have some stuff to watch!! Find SCOOPS on the Wubsnet!!

May 5th, check in Lante Fans!

What did you think of the trial? As you know, I was really upset with the whole thing. Come on, there are great ways to do trials. Why make it soooooo outlandish we all sat there and shook our heads? I still think they believe daytime fans just don't care. That's WRONG-O! Ok, I'm done on that point. I'm sure I'll have plenty more to say when Michael goes to Soapy Jail and Jason tries to protect/save him.

Next up? Flat Megan adventures!! SKate and Megan Ward fans continue their romps with the human sized gal, this time in Missouri. Here she is in a crowd of poodles! Follow her adventures on Facebook. You never know where she'll turn up! 

Ted King news! He's expecting a baby and filming with Tyler Christopher in AZ for a new movie. It's called "Shouting Secrets"  and also stars Chaske Spencer, who appears in  “New Moon” and “Eclipse”.

The Genie Francis/Vanessa Marcil rumors keep swirling. I know they've talked with Vanessa, but so far, I've heard they have NOT talked directly to Genie. Interesting? You bet. Maybe they are keeping things so secret not even I know about it. Heh. Last I heard she was headed back to Maine for a bit to get her store stocked up for summer. I would of course, be thrilled if either came back but do think they need to tend to all the other characters they have brought in first. If they don't get the Skye story rolling soon, it's a snoozer. Dr. Matt is a joke, and even Keifer's parents are on and off so much it's hard to develop ANY feelings for them. We know Valentin is on hold until whenever. What a mess that turned out to be. All for a James Franco stunt that was supposed to be tied up this month but was dropped. Ah, the writing holes at GH. You can drive a Mac Truck through 'em.

How CUTE are these? A wubber is making their mark on the "Ducky Gram" biz! Check them out over on Ducky Gram. I want a line of GH Ducks. Black T-shirts for the "Jason" duck and a bow tie/computer for Spinelli! 

I really hope you caught Chrissie Fit's Subpranos "GLEE Audition" Special on You Tube this week. It's hysterical. Another gem of an actress we never see on GH anyomre!


  1. When you say Carly's pawn does that mean she's going to try and make Lulu jealous and break her and Dante up? That is super low of Carly...I liked the character but for the past few years she seems to always think whatever she does it right and everyone else is totally wrong and she claims she does everything to protect those she loves yet other people aren't allowed to do that?? They really are ruining Carly and I'm not liking her much.

  2. does anyone doubt now that carly is a major bitch! What she is going to do to Lulu is so cruel. I remember once upon a time how Carly felt about secrets coming out and now she wants to spill them.
    Whats worse is Carly is again in the wrong.She started the whole messy ball rolling about Micheal and she knows everything she did to protect him from taking responsibilty for his part in claudias death was wrong but she went along with it because her,Sonny or Jason can never be wrong.

    And to think they are teaching all these stupid kids on this show that the law enforcers are all bad and the mobsters and criminals are all good! UGH! I hate that about this show!
    Dantes speech the other day on the stand was awesome and he was 100% right,but he is the bad guy now. crappy PTB!

  3. Adriana & TwighlightEternity: Not sure how long ypu've watched the show, but it seems as if they're taking Carly back to her witchy days. No one can get in her way (NO one). She's the biggest hypocrite. What gets me the most is like Twilight said we are supposed to root for killers. Let's not kid ourselves: they Are killers! Those sweet kids will become the same thing showing no consequences if you're related to a Corinthos.

  4. C'mon, we have seen Carly do worse over the years. Actually, these last couple of years she's been kinda blah. We need villains on the soaps. Carly is a good one. See how she gets everyone riled up. LOL..

    So Brooklynn and Dante have a past, and she is going to play that up. But my question is, why would Brooklyn do that? Does she still love Dante? I think it could be some good soapy stuff outta this.

    I don't like the Jason going out for revenge, but it's what he does I guess, but it's getting a bit old.

    NufaceMichael's posture bothers me. He seems to be always slumping forward. I wonder if it's because he's so dang tall. He's a good enough actor, but stand up straight!

  5. I want Genie back.. Lulu needs her mother now more than ever.

    I'd love to see Laura tear into Carly for bullying her daughter.. she could be feisty too when she wanted to be.

    I want Laura v. Helena too. It feels like this story they're doing with Tracy and Helena was meant for Laura. They have such a rich history.


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