Wednesday, May 12, 2010

General Hospital: Snubs and Hugs

Look down below for the Daytime Emmy nods. GH still leads this year with 18, but certainly fell short in the actor categories! Twitter was going nuts with all the omissions. Then one GHer said "Even Ellen and Betty White were snubbed, I don't feel so badly"! The biggest shocker is in the best actor category. First year I remember Tony Geary not being there.

GH: WOW, they've really invested a LOT of airtime in this story. Claudia's death has lasted longer than most novels. And it's going to go on and on...
Scrubs seems to be on the couch a lot. LOL. And she's reading her DIARY! Who has that!!? I have a copy in the office. Back before blogs, that's how they did it. Robin tells Pat to go to Jakes alone so she can "be with her memories". And who's there? IDIOT Lisa. ugh.

Livvy and Sonny at church, kneeling at the altar together, praying. I so hope I'm not smelling a triangle here. I don't want to see Carly/Olivia/Sonny, thank you.
Carly was telling Jason not to kill Dante because Sonny would end up killing him. So SHE's going to "dismantle him piece by piece". Have you seen the promo where Sonny screams about "losing his son" when Carly wants Jax to adopt Morgan?! LOL...classic Sonny.
Watching Carly and Sonny drink together was also a classic. "It's not fair for me to love you, to need you but sometimes it seems you're the only woman in the world" says Sonny..and they make out. Limo sex all over again!! Carly picks that moment to tell Sonny that she wants Jax to adopt MORGAN! whahaha.

NuMorgan looks like Kevin from the "Wonder Years" to me!
THE Q's remind us that Michael's son is a Corinthos now, not a Quartermaine so they can't help him!
UGH, the trial is over, GO AWAY CLAIRE!!

If you thought things couldn't get sweeter between General Hospital's Dante and Lulu, think again! The Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica, CA unveiled its new cupcake, "The Lante."The Vanilla Bake Shop is owned by JMB's sister-in-law.

What is the Lante Cupcake?
Amy: It's a mix of dark chocolate and a whipped mascarpone cream center topped with mocha hazelnut buttercream and Valrhona chocolate crunchies to represent the start of Lulu and Dante's steamy summer romance
What flavor is Lulu and what flavor is Dante?
Julie: The chocolate cake is on the bottom and chocolate crunchies on top since Lulu wears the pants in the relationship.
Dominic: The hazelnut icing and Italian mascarpone cheese filling are all Dante.
Read full interview on 2Food

Sarah Brown tweeted this today about her nom: Maurice just left the SWEETEST message. Someone at GH give him a kiss for me! Talked 2 Brandon & a few of my GH family. So much Lv 4 them :)

Great GH related Charity Event to check out! Annie Wersching (Amelia Joffe GH) is having her first baby. Fans have gotten together to hold a charity baby shower for her. "Project Precious Life" is aimed to help  homeless pregnant adult women before, during, and after childbirth in Los Alamitos, California. Check out The Precious Life Shelter.  Annie is now on Fox's "24". Show your GH support!


  1. Sonny & Carly make me ILL and this entire show is making me ill. Why bring this up about Stone? Robin asking her husband to leave her to be with her memories? WTH? That's how he ends up in Lisa's arms? It would almost be more believeable if it were with Jason they were arguing about. Jason finding confort in Robins arms would work for me (would love to see Sam suffer and there was something special about Robin & jason)

    I myself like Claire and thought I read so do TPTB. Read they want to keep her on.. not sure if its true but I love her for what she said to Carly every single time they spoke.

    FYI: Annie was killed off 24 3 weeks ago as "agent renee walker"

  2. I have that book! Love it! Missing Lucy, Felicia and the rest :(

  3. Ellen DeGeneres removed herself from the Talk Show Host category (a la Oprah) and thus was not she wasn't snubbed.

    I did find it interesting that "The View" missed out on the Talk Show category though the ladies themselves got Talk Show Host noms.

  4. By the way, here is the link to this morning's announcement on CBS of the major categories...

  5. I'm watching CSI NY right now and Aaron is on it. I guess they noticed Morgan could cry on demand too.

  6. I thought GH was TERRIBLE today!! The Sonny/Carly/Jason show, and Michael, Michael, Michael . . . the entire world revolves around Michael. Same old dialogue over and over and over again--I guess that's how they save money on writers.

    The fans LOVE the vets, yet we can't even see poor Bobbie, who is the Mother/Grandmother of the 2 main characters! And all the other wonderful stories that can be told using all the fine actors available (not to mention the ones fired/killed off), are pushed to the side for the same ol', same ol'.

    Poor, pathetic Liz with her pregnant self pining over Lucky, who, we all know is the father of her child, only she is duped to believe it's Nik's; poor, pathetic Robin and Patrick;, poor, pathetic Steven Webber; almost invisible Epiphany/Monica/Matt/Mac, etc.--what a sorry waste of good actors.

  7. So what happened to Keifer's parents and their determination to bring down Alexis and Kristina? Have they joined the party trying to get Michael out of jail, since that's what everyone else is focused on? It's like none of that happened. Just another case of a dropped story I guess.

    I agree, getting tired of this Claudia murder story. Enough already. The whole show has been about this for weeks, not to mention the months before.Dragging on too long. And it does not help having new actors in the roles of Michael and Morgan. I don't really care about them, and couldn't figure out why. Then I realized those two are called Michael and Morgan, but they are strangers to me. I have nothing invested in them, so I'm not pulled in. TPTB could not have picked a worse time to change these two. Nothing against the actors, who are doing the best they can, but they are too new. When you have to remind yourself who they are, it loses something.

    Not making sense to me why Molly is so willing to be forgiving of Jason, but bashes Dante at every chance. She has stars in her eyes over Jason. Maybe a little crush? Guess she is following the Davis girl thing of romanticizing the bad boys. Watch out Alexis, you have 3 daughters following your example.

  8. I just want Jason,Carly and Sonny to go down for ONCE!Is that too much to ask??
    They can all take responsibilty in private for the fact that they are the ones that lead Micheal down this road,but boy do they like to flip the blame as soon as the can!

    What Carly is planning to do to Dante and Lulu is horrible. I hope it backfires on her.

  9. Let's see, how many characters have said "It's all my fault" about Michael? . . . Jason, Carly, Sonny, Claire, Dante, Lucky, Jax--have I left anyone out?

  10. Anonomous- I was thinking the same thing about how Molly can forgive Jason so easily, but not Dante.
    I am not a Claire fan, but there is sure a lot of blame going her way, but I guess there is a lot of blame going around. Carly, really? Lets blame Elizabeth for all of this? Even if you didn't see Liz and Jason (11 years ago!!!) and ran to Sonny, you would have done it eventually. This is exactly where Carly joins Jason and Sonny in my book.
    Also, Jason is supposed to be level headed. Once Carly started talking about Lulu like she did, he should know that whatever Carly is scheming is going to backfire.
    Jason missing Sam's birthday. Writers are just showing us that Jason will care about Carly and her family before ANYONE. Poor Sam is taking it.
    Writers, let Sam go find her own! There are plenty of men out there that will put her first. LET HER FIND HIM!!!
    Molly is adorable, but I can only take her in small doses before I want her off my TV.

    Darn, wasn't trying to rant forever, but GH is really getting bad. Go away Claudia/Michael story.

    Liked how Lisa told patrick to shove off because her and Steven were busy.

  11. After reading everyone's comments, I am debating watching the 3 episodes (M-W) I have DVRed.

    Robin pining over Stone is weird. It's out of the blue and years later.

    I have never really liked Sam, but what they are doing to her character is awful.

    This Sonny/Carly stuff where they have sex and then Carly asks something about her kids? Having flashbacks to the limo. Completely SICK of Carly & Sonny.

  12. I am so damned tired of all this Corinthos crap. There are other families in Port Charles; there are other characters of interest; there are other stories to tell. No matter what Sonny does the people around him are going to pay the price. No matter whether she succeeds or not Carly's plans wreak havoc with other people and Jason will have to clean up the mess. No matter what happens Jason is going to carry the problems of his world on his shoulders. Garbage! Trash! The Corinthos clan belong on the dung heap. Send them to SoapNet with their own stupid weekly show and give Port Charles and General Hospital back to the viewers.

  13. I just don't understand why they even have any other characters other than Sonny/Carly/Jason and that crew. No one else gets a consistant storyline because Guza wants to write the Soprano's. Why don't they save some money and just get rid of everyone else and they can call the show "The Corinthos'" and get on with it.
    It is sooooooo past time for a head writer change.

  14. The cupcake looks and sounds as yummy as Dante! And I'm old enough to be his mom! Can't wait to see where his story line takes him.

    Agree with other commenters: the Claudia/Michael storyline has dragged out too long. Michael will get killed in jail. Jax will adopt Morgan. Sonny and Carly will have sex again and then maliciously attack each other. Carly's plan to get Dante will backfire. No one will take responsibility for anything (except in words).

    I mute the TV half the time, or walk out of the room. GH has gotten old and boring and out of left field in ways (Robin/Stone). I used to love this soap. Now... yawn.

    Vikki at

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