Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"You're Going to Pay for What You've Done"

Everyone, Steve Burton signed on longer to YR so he's not coming back--I'll never say never but it's NO TIME soon, at all. It's a plot point. Should have been Georgie, I could see her maybe leaving for that..but Jason? Naw.

I can't tell you how many people "in the real world" that know I watch the show either texted me or are like WHAT IN THE HELL IS HAPPENING!? LOL.. they are confused at the direction things are taking. Most figured out KMc was leaving again.


Alexis and Sam ... I still can't believe Sam doesn't  get that spouses leave their stuff to each other!

Julian and Silas..whatever I don't know ..then Sam comes to see Sias.

Olivia and Sonny (over salads)  ..DID YOU SEE THOSE CAKES!? 

Heather is in the Metro dining room? Ummmmmmmm, ok. 

Franco shot and down.  "you shot me"! and instead of running after him, they sit here and question KIKI ..and then Franco digs UP the frozen ground to find a note from Heather
Kiki is in jail opposite Silas.

Sabrina and Patrick ...Geesh Betty, just drop it out there over the nurses' station.   Good for her Robin has to go make some un-dead people alive.

Robin and the Cass-a-Crew ..so ridiculous.  He has Stavros, Hells and Jason and robin can't tell anyone .. because, well, it's a soap.
This is so weird. So so weird.

HAAHAHA...  I don't think this will happen--- but AHAHAHA 


Steven Bergman
Talk about meta! According to a report on showbiz411.com, GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati is hoping that James Franco will make another return to Port Charles -- but not as his former alter ego, Franco, who is now being played by Roger Howarth. Carlivati's concept is to have James Franco play himself in scenes opposite Howarth.



  1. OMG. Wouldnt it be funny, ironic, stupid and strange if James Franco came back to the show as.... Jason?

  2. I always thought it would be fun if James Franco came back and played NuFranco's conscience...like a little angel/devil on his shoulder.

    And now I'm really wishing RH had been a re-cast Jason with less Morgan and more Quatermaine, because he does brooding/murderer very well, but he could also do sweet/funny Q-antics really well.

  3. I can't seem to get past the notion of Robin leaving Emma to "find" Jason. The whole thing is just off, wrong and not true to character.

  4. Frankly, it just pisses me off. Why even come back in the first place?

  5. I just want to comment on Sam and her obsession with this will.

    I was shaking my head at her conversation with her mother. She was mad at Silas because he lied to her “by omission.” He didn’t tell her about the will.

    I wonder if she told him:

    She married five different men and stole their money.

    She also indulged in pickpocketing and grand theft auto -- 19 counts of it.

    She was arrested for petty theft, fraud, or solicitation.

    She also has a long history of breaking and entering offences and impersonation.

    Once when she was in a small-town jail, she faked suicide in order to get out.

    She used drugs to knock out Jax and steal two cards from the Dead Man's Hand when she arrived in Port Charles back in 2003.

    She sabotaged Jax's car.

    She tasered Luke Spencer when she was stealing the Azure Key treasure from him.

    She shot and killed Diego Alcazar.

    And the gun Sonny used to shoot Dante? She stole it from PCPD.

    And let’s not forget that she hired two thugs to frighten Elizabeth and the kids in the park.

    She also saw Jake, Elizabeth's baby son, kidnapped and lied to the police, saying that she hadn't witnessed anything.

    Yep, Sam. Silas forgot to tell you about his wife. What an unforgiveable crime!

  6. Robin leaving her daughter for Jason is just stupid. NO she wouldn't do that. At least have Victor threaten them or something. I agree with Karen it should have been a picture of Georgie that I could have understood. They should have never brought back Robin.

    What are those desserts at the Metro court made of, that you need a cleaver to cut them?

    STOP bringing people back from the dead!!!!!! Enough already Stavros died what? 3 times now? leave him there.

    So the incompetence of the PCPD knows no bounds. Franco who got shot inside the PCPD escapes without anyone chasing him - or apparently putting out an APB on him. This is a man who was arrested for MURDER and no one really cares that he is running free. I guess the latex allergy is preventing Dante from running down a man with a gun shot wound.

    Sam, honey, spouses usually leave each other something when they die. Where did Jason's money go?
    Think about it. Silas didn't lie to you about this, he just didn't think you were that dumb.

    I think that RH recast as Jason would have been a much better way to go. Better than resurrecting that psycho Franco. I was hoping that Dante shot him between the eyes.

    I do not care about Franco Heather Silas or Kiki AT ALL. So it has been a tough week for me.

  7. Totally agree with you Andrea. Too many characters and the fiasco with not having them be the same as they were on OLTL is now ruining the show. Get rid of them please!
    If James Franco comes back on I may really finally stop watching.

  8. It's going to be just BIZARRE when this happens (Robin leaving).

  9. Police station: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: You shot me!

    ROFL! Really BobTodd? Are you REALLY shocked? ROFL! There is an exit wound! So the bullet isn't in him. Good! :) Starki, Detective HotNStuff, and Dante scene! She is getting yelled at! YAY! :) She became mute and constipated! :) I mean just look at her face! :) WOAH SHE IS BEING PUT IN JAIL!! BAHAHAHAHA! Oh Michael would just LOVE this! :) I hope he finds out VERY soon! :) I ment to ask yesterday, did Dante get a haircut? Sam goes to visit McSilas and awww forgives him for not telling her that he is in his WIFE'S will!!! I guess in Sam's world you are not supposed to be in your husband or wife's will. THAT IS A NO NO!!!!!

    Heather's burial: Oh look! BobTodd ran out of the police station so quickly, but he had time to change clothes, grab his coat (is that his coat?) and wear boots!!! He is magical! He is so strong too! He could dig the hard cold ground just to see if his mama is still in the ground! Oh look she wrote him a note. How wonderful. ROFL!

    Metrocourt: Sam and Alexis having dinner, and so is Olivia and Sonny! I love the overlapping scenes!!! Julian shows up! Time for Sam and Alexis to leave? Alexis didn't eat a lot of her dinner. Alexis can't function very well around Julian! I hope she is wearing depends! Oh she said she forgot to shut off her oven! ROFL! I really miss her breathing into a paper bag. :) I love that quirk! :) Olivia and Sonny scene. Their dinner looks good! :) Oh there is Heather! She has got a butcher's knife! Apparently at the metrocourt you use a butcher's knife to cut cake! ROFL! I'm just glad Heather didn't kill any cake! Olivia sees Heather! I guess the wig and hat didn't hide her very well! :)

    The hospital: Sabrina is all boo hoo I'm sorry. Boo hoo the baby is yours. Boo hoo I didn't want to be like Britt. Boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo. Poor Patrick he keeps being lied to about babies!!!

    Robin and Patrick's home: Oh Victor Cassadine has a story to tell. Wow what a boring story. Zzzzzz. Oh Victor and his men in black know that Patrick and Emma are on their way home! Robin talks to the Jason picture. Uh oooookayyyyyyy. Oh she hides it under a magazine. Nobody is gonna find it there right Robin? (Sarcasm)

  10. No no no no please NO! Hated James Franco on the show. No, LOATHED him. Dispised. Resented every second of his appearances. He was stunt stuff, just because he wanted to be on a soap. So he messes with MY soap (we always think of the soap we love as our own). Ron, get a grip. NO FRANCO! It was already a mistake to have Roger play him. Don't compound it by bringing him back as another stunt. I love Roger, but not as Franco.

    I know Robin has to go, but lets face it--Victor would have to kidnap her, as Jax did before. I'd prefer that if she goes, she does not return and neither does Helena or Stravos or Jason, for that matter. Stop bringing on people and just make better use of those already here!

  11. Sonya, well done, GREAT recap, ROTFLOL!!

    And, yes, PLEASE, no James Franco, HATED his character!!

  12. I don't know which is worse - the old Franco or the new one. Agree with all the excellent comments here and of course, Karen. Maybe the head writer should move to CA instead of working from NY (I think he lives there) and get together with the other writers to make some sense of this crap. I think that since SB isn't coming back maybe Robin will fail at saving him and he will die after all.

  13. "AntJoan said...Sonya, well done, GREAT recap, ROTFLOL!!"

    Oh thanks hahaha! :)

  14. Karen--did you see the link on your FB about Constance Towers?


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