Friday, February 14, 2014


Get 'em while they are HOT  WUBS NET

One shoe under the bed...and NO dust bunnies. Hmm. Interesting.   Spencer visits Lante. He gets Dante YANKEE tickets!!  And Lulu a bracelet. HE's just spending the moolah! LOL Spence tells Lulu that Nikolas and Britt are getting engaged.

TJ and Molly. Um. okay.  TJ whips off his shirt... Molly says: NO!  I want our first time to be special! 

Morgan and Ava in the meantime, go at it like animals!

Duke and Anna... he brings her roses, she's still pissy with him. BUT! Passion takes over!

Olivia and Sonny..he gives her a necklace. They are light and fun. I don't even consider them an "epic couple" they just 'fit' for now. 

The REAL SHOW is Liz and BRITT: "Now I know what you know"...and Liz just puts THE DNA results  in her face!


  1. I'm still laughing at Nik calling Liz a mistake! Happy Valentines day!!!

  2. Lante home: Oh oh Lulu finds Georgie's shoe! :( Dante in just a towel. :) No Lulu, Ben belongs with you and Dante!!!! Cam and Nik show up. Cam is adorable!! :) Lulu had to bring up Emily which made Nik tear up!

    Anna's office: Anna and Duke scene. :( Oh come on Anna!!! You did something to Faison! So don't be a hypocrat! I'm glad she didn't dump Duke.

    Sonny's office: Morgan still can't be with Ava, until Sonny sees what's on the disk! Rats. Sonny and Olivia have dinner!!! They are eating and having a good time where Connie was murdered!!! I guess it doesn't bother them anymore. What next? Having sex?

    Ava and Morgan: YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Having there sneaky time. :) Hot hot hot!

    Wyndemere: Liz wins the line of the day!

    Liz: Just like accidentally the other day I picked up Dante's water bottle. And then accidentally took a hair from Ben's hair brush, and took it to the lab. And then I accidentally had it tested against Dante's dna. And then I accidentally ran the test results. Now I know what you know. Dante is Ben's father. This baby is so cute, but you don't look a little bit Asian. No you don't.

    ROFL! Love it!!! Liz vs Britch love that too! OH CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Britch has to bring up Lucky! :)

    Alexis's home: I'm glad Molly stopped TJ into taking off her shirt! NO SEX YOU TWO! How old are they? Is she 16 or 17? TJ and the we don't have to prove we love each other by having sex! What teenager says that?!!?! :) Oh no! She is changing her mind! NO MOLLY NO!

  3. I watched off and on yesterday. Still not into the cartoonish vibe the show has taken. Was very glad to see Liz however. Imagine if Liz had been in the Patrick and Robin story instead of Zabrina. One thing I missed, when Nicholas went to visit Lulu and Dante, Dante took Spencer (a brat) somehwere so Lulu and Nik could talk privately. Where did her take him? The bathroom? There are no other rooms there.


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