Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bye, Mr. O!

Richard Bull..aka Mr. Oleson is gone. Wah. I guess he's running the store in the sky.  Hey, I'm not sure when I'm writing about the show today. It's horrible weather here, and frankly I may just watch the show later. 

Let me know what you thought of it--or if I manage to watch, I'll post.  

I did see: The tunnels collapse, Dr. O leave Wyndermere and Dante finding Heather's note.
Liz is all of a sudden in the know on ALL THE BABY Daddies!! Geesh...first Patrick, now Dante!! 


  1. Karen, we are having HORRIBLE weather, also. Snow, then rain that turns to ice--very nasty.

    I really enjoyed the show today--it just seemed good and soapy, w/lots going on. Of course, Dr. O got all the best lines, and it was interesting how Victor C is enamoured of her--her response was SO well played, as is everything she does.

  2. Liz missed her calling. She should have been a detective not a nurse. She is better than Sam, Dante, Anna and Cop McHottie combined. Figured it all out in ONE episode.

    Now Patrick is jealous of a dead Jason? so Stupid.

    Nice shiny looking wanted posters of Franco.

  3. Karen,
    Most of the people here are not fond of the stunt casting or the continuing I see dead people returns but ratings are up for the show. What do you make of that?

    The weather is awful in Buffalo too. 8 inches of snow so far today (a record for Feb 5) and it is still snowing. Just a terrible winter. Usually Rochester and Buffalo get roughly the same amount of snow in a season. As of Sunday we were almost 2 feet ahead. Ugh.

  4. I thought it was a bit weird that Patrick picked up Jason's picture and said, "You were looking at this?" in an almost accusing voice. Robin just found out Jason was dead. She's hardly had time to deal with her grief. I would have been much happier if he'd picked it up and made a supportive comment like her missing Jason or being shocked by his death etc. They really have handled the aftermath of her kidnapping really badly.

    We're in the middle of another snow storm here too.

  5. Sonya, I've noticed that your recaps are coming later in the evenings, are you working the night shift or something?

  6. I would have been over the moon for a Jason/Robin/Patrick stroyline about...oh...10 years ago.

    Liked Patrick kicking the table, even if it was contrived to reveal the picture. It was a nice burst of physicality in an otherwise fairly detached and static scene.

  7. rillaotvalley--Hi! new here? Don't recognize your name, but welcome. ITA about Patrick and the table. I rewatched that 3x because you really don't see much of that emotion out of people, except for Sonny throwing barware, on GH. And in my experience that is really a real reaction! Give that man an Emmy already!!

    I was also kinda bummed that it ended up being the Jason-photo reveal issue, but I think it really wrapped up what both Robin and Patrick had been through in the last few hours so I was OK with it.

    And, sorry to everyone who's snowed in. 70 and sunny here and San Diego. You're all welcome to visit anytime. I don't have any local friends who watch GH. Only you Wubs friends. :)

  8. The cemetery: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: Heather Webber! AHHHHHH! You survived?! How?! I killed you!! HEATHER!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!?!?!

    ROFL! That scene cracked me up! I was thinking is he going to turn into the incredible hulk? ROFL! And then he gets scared and yells because he sees Mrs Partridge ROFL! Oh he is a new grave digger ROFL!

    Wyndemere: Oh this is very interesting! Dr O and Victor Cassadine had a thing once?!!?! :) She is all flustered and nervous around him. :) He wants to worship her! :) She don't want to live at Wydnemere now hahahaha! I will call them Victor-O! :) Oh Victor and Heather meet hahahahaha!

    Wyndemere catacombs: Carly got free YES! What the hell are you doing Carly?! Why are you just standing there? RUN!!!!!!! Oh shoot Heather is back! Oh a Carly and Heather smack down ROFL! It was great! Heather grabs Carly by the head and OUCH!!!! :) The catacombs fell on them!!! Wait a second! They are supposed to be under all that not on top!!!! What the hell?!

    Police station: Hot yummy Lucas isn't very happy with Dante over letting BobTodd escape! He is worried about Carly! Oh Dante and Lulu scene! Talking about baby Ben and their coincidental allergy! :) Awww isn't it sweet that Lucas wants to help them with Dante's cream? :) Lucas and Brad scene, hot! :)

    The hospital: Brad's flower to Felix. Oh Brad! Forget Felix! Go on a date with HOT Lucas! Lucas wants you Brad!!! :) You two are hot together! Oh here comes Sabrina boo hooing all over Felix. Oh she can't talk to Caaaaarlos about what she did so she needs Felix's help! UGH! Poor wittle Sabrina can't talk to Caaaaaaaaarlos alone! Oh you can see Liz's brain working overtime!!! :) She is putting 2 and 2 together with those two creams! :)

    Robin and Patrick's home: Poor Patrick. Poor Robin. Poor Jason's picture! Patrick just had to knock over the table! Is Jason's picture hurt?! OH NO! Oh whew it's okay. :)

    Preview for tomorrow: OH! Michael is yelling at Starki! YAY! Oh is she going to be mute and constipated tomorrow too?

    And yes goodbye Mr Olson! :(

  9. "AntJoan said... Sonya, I've noticed that your recaps are coming later in the evenings, are you working the night shift or something?"

    Nah just lazy. :) I didn't think anybody would notice! :) Oops!

  10. Just made it to the grocery before the ice came, so I am good for a few days, locked in here. It is so slippy out! And COLD. Maybe I can get some work done without interruptions...

    And watch GH. I have liked this week pretty well so far. I wonder why they hired Shirley Jones for what is a part any extra could play. I'm not complaining, but just wondering why a big name for such a small part.

    Glad for the break in the Heather/Carly saga and also glad Liz pretty well has it figured out this soon. I hate when these baby stories drag out...

  11. Soaplover: Oh the baby story IS dragging on, how long now until the Ben reveal, who knows? You KNOW there will be fake DNA results, this is GH!!

    I think Shirley Jones came on because there is a tradition of big names coming on to GH, as GH has been a "cult" show (think Liz Taylor, and even [yikes] Franco, who wanted to be on the show). Some parts last longer than others but isn't it fun for us to see big names on "our" soap (except for Franco, of course)?

    It is so snowy/cold/icy here in Brooklyn, let's all take CareyN up on her offer, and have a group vacay in sunny San Diego! It's the best offer I've gotten all winter!!

    Sonya, Yes, OF COURSE we'd notice, don't you know how observant we all are?

  12. Franco is starting to really look like a lunatic and less like a love interest for Carly. Sabrina has the maturity of a fourteen year old. I like Lucas with Brad. Good for Liz putting two and two together, but how can she expect an accurate DNA test with Dr. O as the head of the hospital? I think what Brit is doing is worse than criminal and I hope Nik dumps her. Dr. O and Victor will be an intriguing duo.

  13. I thought Dr O looked kind of scared of

  14. "AntJoan said..Sonya, Yes, OF COURSE we'd notice, don't you know how observant we all are?"

    ROFL! Yes that is true. I should have known. :)


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