Friday, September 24, 2010

Giovanni IS SHOT!! are DEAD TO ME!!

Who saw The Ferris Bueller driving instructor on OLTL doing Ben Stein??  His name was even Mr. Stein.  Fun.  Who doesn't love Clint as "Asa"!!?  He's a gem. BTW, Jasam fans were all over the fact that their couples song was being played at "Rodi's" today. Can't pull that on soap fans, they'll revolt!

NEW SCOOPS ARE UP!! The worst one?? Lante wanders around "Ireland" lost in the "countryside"...please. I'm scared. LOL...gnomes around? Whatever. At least Brenda will be back in Port Charles by the 30th. I still say it was a bungled attempt at a 'comeback' leaving her there that long. Sure, she and Jason were fun, but really? SINCE AUGUST 11th?? A hotel room, a terrace stuff? @@ :throwing up hands:

GENERAL HOSPTIAL TODAY: Oh, that Irish Jigging music in the PUB was KILLING me!! ahahahaa. It's so stupid. Reminds me of the "Mexican Hat Dancing" music was on. It's like Downtown Disney's Pub. And NO LIE there are bushels of POTATOES in the back! Watch Dante walk past Lulu!! :dying: Can they make Ireland look any more old fashioned? Lucky's room looks like it hasn't been aired out since 1910!!

Liked Mac's grape purple shirt today!! Now, on twitter a lot of people said it was purple on their TVs and others said it was BLUE!! Interesting! Cabins on soaps all look the same. LOL, I was glad neither Lisa or Robin was giving birth. Where was Claudia showing up with the axe!!

Sonny and Michael's "Brenda is life" talk...bleck. Enough. Sonny's waxed poetic about her for too long now. YAWN He even tells him the wire story.

Brenda getting a needle in her arm was rather fun. Massi had his big scene!! Guess he's NOT the Balkan..just the henchman. Stupid IMDB.  LOL.   "Giovanni The Balkan" -- ?? Aren't they misleading. Oh, well..whatever. Massi is DOA! sniff. At least it keeps the Balkan mystery alive. That's about the only reason to have fun lately. A tweep said: Maybe Suzanne?? Now that would be a twist...

Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted this: and i wont be onGH until one day in 3rd week of Oct..set ur dvrs-- she's been working on a project "Back Talk" with Mo Gaffney..but has taken quite a break from GH. Did they find her comments on a recent podcast too tough to take or is it something else?? She's outspoken, that's for dang sure.

For those of you following the ol' Script Writing, money saving story Daytime Confidential is reporting that ABC has to honor the writer's contracts. Good reading. Looks like the network won't be able to cut 20 episodes a year after all.

FUN NOTE: Tony Geary spotted at Amsterdam's Ciel Bleu restaurant. Wubbahs are everywhere! Send your sightings to me on twitter @wubsnet

It's about 120 degrees here. PHEW!! what is WITH THIS WEATHER?!


  1. Dosent't Spam already live with Jason....We haven't seen her apt since I don't know when

    I am gonna miss that infested hot tub of hers..........LOL!!

  2. @Anonymous, I was also under the belief that Sam lived with Jason too.

    @Karen, the weather has been crazy for the better part of a decade now. I still can't believe that there were 2 tornadoes and a microburst in NYC last Thursday. I watched the interview with the National Weather Service, and they said that it might be all a part of Global Warming and shifting climates.

  3. I would LOVE to find out that the Balkin is really tracy who kept all her assets from that marriage to the mobster from the City.

  4. Tracy as the Balkien...Hmmmm. Nope it's gotta be Jerry Jacks, or Alcazar. I think Nicholas would be perfect now that's a twist. Wouldn’t Helena be proud? Maybe it’s Helena….

    Out to get Jason's attention, right the wrong way Mr. Sir treats him, etc.

    Is the couch in the cabin the old one Robin helped Patrick pick out for his old apartment?

  6. So...the "sure fire" Balkan , Massi/Giovanni, is dead already??? Nice going there whoever let that one slip (probably Massi's publicist, lol)...But this leaves the REAL Balkan to be Jerry (my pick), Suzanne, or even Alkazar? Oh how delicious! haven't seen today's episode, but I can see the tides shifting a bit on GH...maybe Guza has been listening? Adventure over the mob? Intrigue over bombings? who knows, we might even get a little romance out of it all. At least it has us all guessing and talking about the show...can't be all bad.

  7. Mac's shirt was purple. He looked good in that color.

    p.s. I once said NLG wore red in a scene and someone on a board totally freaked out, Lisa-style, that Alexis was in fact wearing fuchsia.

  8. I've heard that the woman he was talking to in his audition (link below) is Brenda. Can you confirm that he was once her guard and they slept together?

  9. Just finished Fridays eppy and I was so distracted by Carly's puppy dog ear hair


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