Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Surgery: A Comedy Of Errors

20151104 1402(23)
A Kiss From the Rose on the Gray...

Oh Hell. WHY do I continue to torture myself? 
WHY to the HELL-O why!!!! 

Ok, if you liked Thursday and Friday's "let's keep stretching this out as long as we can because the audience members are dunces" then please, skip the blog. Just save yourself. 

I was SO happy Friday thinking it would be awesome ...and...blah. blah blah UGH.  Do not get me wrong though, I did enjoy the week up until the "reveal" point. There was a lot of movement and character interaction. Actors hit it out of the park. But Friday? Pushed me over the edge., I'm having straight up whiskey.  OUT of the bottle.

20151104 1500(21)

Ok, first of all, we somehow had to have two giant reveals in one week. Because you know, we've had months of nothing and  now? Let's just smash it all in together.
Well, they did smash it together. So much so that October 31 turned into November 6th in one blink of an eye.

I want you to remember that Jason's face was revealed to us LAST FRIDAY.  I know it seems like that's not true, but it is, Blanche It Is. 

Ok, so...let's start with Monday (still Halloween)

CATV 3 20151102 1305(11)

CATV 3 20151102 1355(43)

Carly sees the face ...and calls her friend the DNA Doc to get it sorted out. But first she has to collect Jake's spit from a water bottle. 

CATV 3 20151102 1321(2)

Before all that, Jake was at The Floating Rib... lookin' like this (see above) while Hayden and Nik stood there taunting him. But not really...because you see, Hayden keeps hinting she knows. She's been hinting for about 4 weeks now. Will she tell? Won't she?  Will Nik explode? Will... oh hell. never mind...she'll be on later in the week to taunt Liz right before her wedding vows. WILL SHE TELL HER THEN? Will she??? Do not hold your breath!!

Moving on... (still Monday)

CATV 3 20151102 1324(45)

Dante literally looked like this every. scene. he was in. Yep. He's just all "I'm a piece of crap... I'm a piece of crap..."

CATV 3 20151102 1325(8)

Dillon decided to play the tape where Val tells the room that she slept with Dante. Dillon did it on purpose.  Lulu's shocked. Everyone is thrown out.... except for Kiki who was drinking up the entire bar and Morgan and Darby who were screwing in the stateroom-- 
But I digress. 

See, the fallout of the video being shown also kinda had to lead to Kiki getting drunk so she could run Carly off the road.  More on that later. Tuesday rolls around and...

CATV 3 20151103 1307(34)

Docks Face.  (evidence item #2) Yes, Lulu and Dante go to the docks and have it out. Very good, raw scenes.  Pain, angst. Unfortunately for me, Valerie was also in the mix back on the boat yelling at Dillon. She needed to be somewhere far away.  Maxie and Nathan were also arguing about him not telling her 'the secret'.  One of the best bits was Maxie collecting Lulu on the stairs when she couldn't even make it up herself. That's what BFFs do. We've all been there. (usually drunk but..) 


CATV 3 20151103 1309(41)

Dr. DNA is here to tell Carly that yes, that is indeed Jason. So TUESDAY she knows for sure it's him.  She calls him, but his phone is off. (Naturally) She leaves a message and runs out of the place...

CATV 3 20151103 1358(28)

Jake's on the bridge with Liz..feeling all Deja Vu. Liz tells him it's normal. Couldn't be because he'd already been there, nope.  They can't wait to marry tomorrow. You know, November 6th. 

CATV 3 20151103 1357(44)

Over at the Drake's...Emma has a nightmare where she sees a Zombie. Knocking on her window. (I might have liked to have seen that!!) Oh, that poor poor little girl. She asks to sleep with Sam and Paddy who are just so content. relaxed. Blissssss

CATV 3 20151103 1352(43)

And on Route 31, just around Valentown Road, Kiki's driving all over the place and goes into the wrong lane. Can you guess who's driving in that one? Can you?! Yep. Because we haven't waited for over a year and some for this, we have to have a bit more crap happen.  

And.. on Wednesday (November 6th)... Liz wakes up and is so happy!

20151104 1403(31)

She sees all her hopes and dreams coming true right in front of her face. Problem is? She's been lying to everyone but especially to herself.  Ergo? Happy scene shall not last long. 

20151104 1410(19)

Morgan (who's now remarkably stable) is at Kiki's telling her about the dangers of drinking and driving. She's remembering bits but not much. Franco finds his car all scraped up and thinks someone did it in the garage. 

20151104 1412(23)

And, Naw..we aren't over the whole Dante thing. LOOK at that face (Face #3 in the "Face Exhibit). Valerie decides to come over and apologize to Lulu! What!? OMG girl, BYE. Didn't I say that before?? I hated this scene.  Having her go over there was just wrong. Lulu comes in, sees her, flips out and packs two tiny bags for she and Rocco (MIA btw) to go live either at Wyndemere or Bobbies...or...? Who knows. 

Continuing on to more Wednesday...

20151104 1427(25)

My fave fave part of the ENTIRE wedding. LOVE this. It's the "hospital gang" We have a "hospital gang"!! Hooray! Too long missing from GH. Scenes with multiple friends. It was glorious. They were doing her hair! Helping with the boys! Being all fun. Ahhhh, thank you!!

20151104 1441(27)

Yep, Carly's trapped in her car. First she can't get the seatbelt off. Then she can't reach her phone. Then her phone falls on the floor... and.. the phone falls in the water..and.she falls and hits her head. Ergo, the "Comedy of Errors" title up there.  Why a giant bird didn't swoop down and take the phone is beyond me. 

20151104 1449

And ALL WEEK...yes, every day... Sonny was holding court in his hospital room with various people. Ric...Michael...Olivia.  On Friday (huge Jason-Face Day) he even eats airtime with the damn Avery custody battle. He wants CARLY THERE...he doesn't care about any damn wedding. Nope HE WANTS Michael there. Why not call Morgan? Last I checked, he's just hanging around looking for a Darby hook up.  Later, he yells at Ava and calls her a whore.'re not? Last I looked you both hooked up in the crypt. 

20151104 1450(6)


We really should be seeing him in his PT sessions, btw. That would be interesting. Sonny fighting to walk. I really hope we have this on screen with a massive PT guy that pushes Sonny to his limits. I live in hope, people. 

 Thursday: (yep, still Nov 6th)

CATV 3 20151105 1302(42)

Even a Cassadine can use a little help with his tie from his Mama! Laura tries to reason with him but he's having none of it. Hayden listens in (as usual) and Laura makes it clear she doesn't like that wench one bit. 

 It's November 6th, wedding day-- meaning 5 days have 'elapsed" since the Lulu/Dante reveal. But we know it hasn't...because if it had, wouldn't Laura know about it? Wouldn't she? Wouldn't Lulu already be living at Wyndemere? Nope. Not yet!!  But it's crazy GH time so we are just supposed to sit back and relax and enjoy! 

CATV 3 20151105 1358(39)

Finally, after hitting her head on a rock, Jake finds Carly "I've found you too, Jason". Aww, my heart flipped and I thought for one minute Friday would be glorious. Oh how wrong I was. How very, very wrong. 

The first problem with the entire reveal is that Jake/Jason has had few and far between flashback/memories. Billy's playing it totally like he has NO clue who he is. Which, ok, I get it--if "Jake Doe" is now "Jason" then that's fine. But don't build this up as a giant reveal only to have it lay like a pancake in the road.  So many beats and moments missed all over the place. And I can totally see where it's going. This reveal comes and then--well, we will have to wait for the next shoe to fall.
If it ever falls.  Will Jason remember that Jake Jr. insisted he was his father? Will Jake Jr. blab he over heard Mom and Gram? Who will tell Jason that Liz knew this whole time? Hayden? Laura?  Nik? 

We'll wait. 
And wait. 
When will Jake remember he had a flashback of he and Sam in bed? Where's that stupid Phoenix he picked up?  Why didn't he say to Carly "Wow, you know Little Jake insisted I was his dad just the other day"... ???  Or... anything other than "I feel nothing". 

We'll wait.
And wait. 

Embedded image permalink

Also, on Friday, in the middle of all this (because not enough was going on) Anna meets her new doctor. Kevin is on and transfers her to Andre Maddox who's pretty cranky for a first time meet and greet. Aggressive much? Geesh! Anna just wants her pills. He's like No way. You have to admit to your secret. He's pretty savvy too, no?  I wish Kevin was staying.  New guy seems good though but still...he could be Patrick's replacement and Tommy Hardy Jr. 

CATV 3 20151105 1322(11)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Awww, such feels. I loved this. Epiphany hasn't used it yet but wanted Liz to do the honor.  It was a purse her mama had given her. Looked old and worn. Nice touch.

CATV 3 20151105 1333(13)

RUNNER UP:  Laura talks to Liz like only a former mother in law/friend can. It was a thing of beauty. Liz didn't listen but Laura tried.  I'm not even going to mention that Laura should have been on the HS for the Halloween party. Nope, I'm not. 

CATV 3 20151105 1321(41)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Gotta give it up for the champagne flutes that have ED and JD on them. The DOHs. Oh no, never to be used or?? 

Embedded image permalink

FACE OF THE WEEK:  I'm choosing Lulu not over for her face, but her Pop the Cop-Top !! It was just wide open lol.  PS. Dante also gets "non-face" of the week as evidenced by my stellar exhibits up there. 

Embedded image permalink

In a Nutshell:  I know there are new writers but this whole thing is still a mess. If you wanted "Jake Doe" to be a new character, which he's rapidly becoming, Billy should have come on as A NEW CHARACTER. If he's "Jason" will it matter if he doesn't remember he's Jason? DO I have to continue to watch someone morph into something that's in between? not feeling it. Plus we have the whole Liason/JaSam thing going on which is tedious at best. No wonder Jason Thompson finally decided to exit.  Sam honestly didn't feel a huge connection to Jake because she's still 'in love' with Patrick, right? Even if they had 'moments' that were few and far between it wasn't enough to make her question marrying him. So??? Are we going to wait/wonder for another year who he 'picks'?  When Monica finds out and goes to see him, will he care? He didn't have much of any reaction when they were in the Q mansion together. She didn't even get a tingle.  How about Sonny? Sonny thought he was Jason, right? Will that connection stick in Jake's head? 

*Sigh*  Yes, this is a soap. Yes, it's a 'story' that unfolds but enough already. If you nor I can't figure out the direction at this point---after a YEAR and more---then, welp. It's not bringing it. 

Next week Robin's on (I think by Skype) and Patrick's exit will start to roll.  We have Sabrina's WTD story and the guessing if Carlos is a ghost or real. Paul/Ava-- baby Avery. Dante fall out. Of course, the Jake reveal keeps chugging along. Because that's what it does!  Next week's word is: Fall Out.  From Jason and from Lante. Get your helmets on. 

How did you feel the reveal went?? Was I the only one frustrated? I expected way more of an 'oomph' and payoff. I know Monday's another day but damn.. I feel like 1/2 of last week was a waste. I also think Spinelli should have been involved in all of this. I really do. 

See ya! 

CATV 3 20151102 1349(13)

And.......... Dante. 

Sad, Sad Dante. 


  1. I totally agree with you, as usual! That is why I love this blog, you always write what most of us are thinking! So why can't the writers see it too?! I am waiting for the poor blind Chinese lady to say "told you so!" Yeah....that will never happen! But I did have high hopes for Friday and I will continue to hope for tomorrow! The clip of him snapping up Nik is hopeful!

  2. I agree with you, too. Total letdown. They should have at least had Jake remember those incidents that might have given him a clue. And by the way, as far as I can see he is unemployed but was able to buy a ring, have a cell phone and new clothes. Great catch for a woman working full time with three kids. And she was still wearing white for her third wedding? I can't even stand to watch that arrogant Sonny at all. And Carly telling Jason she will never let him go- he's not her husband. I thought DZ's performance in the big reveal was totally underwhelming. I like the new format of the show and more character interaction but that's about it.

    1. According to a soap magazine, Jake got Liz a 2-carat ring which is larger than Sonny got for Carly. Jake must have secret funding, and Carly should get an annulment.

  3. I read your blog every Sunday to determine if I've missed anything worth watching, since I checked out of #GH way back with the Luke/Fluke story line. Nope. I've missed nothing. Carry on.....

  4. LOL at Dante's face with the identical expressions!

    For me, best scene was Epiphany giving Elizabeth the purse.

    I don't see a reason for the unintentionally comical mishaps that Carly had other than to drag things out until Friday. I'm glad the Lante cheating came out and I liked seeing Lulu give Dante and Valerie a tongue-lashing.

  5. Great blog Karen, on the money once again.

    Perhaps we all need to send your blog to the new writers Shelly and Jean, Frank V, and Nathan Varni. Not that they'd care....and that's exactly the problem. *siiigh

  6. ITA that the Jason reveal was underwhelming, but it technically was not a let-down for me, because I had such low expectations. These crazy "secret" stories that drag on forever usually end horribly (Fluke/Luke, anyone?), and are NOT the show's forte. The show's forte, IMO, are the tender, often comic, warm moments between longtime legacy characters. I would rather watch Lucy or Monica with ANYONE rather than see Billy Miller (not that he isn't a good actor, but the legacy characters have been a part of my life for DECADES, they are like old friends). There used to be such humor when the Quaratermaines interacted, among others. And WHERE OH WHERE are Mac and Felicia? WE LOVE THEM AND MISS THEM, DON'T THEY GET THAT OVER AT GH?? We don't need more long, drawn-out WTD stories, PLEASE NO MORE!! (Speaking of that, Sabrina now looks about 8 months PG, and people are just starting to notice?)

  7. I am a minority here but I'm glad Jake didn't just jump into deciding he is Jason with two feet and all in. I think it's the one thing about this storyline this week that made sense. He has been Jake for a year. He's heard all about Saint Jason from everyone in town and that's a lot to live up to. He doesn't remember being Jason Q, like when he didn't remember being Jason M and so it's the same as the last time he had memory loss. He became a new guy then, it's just scary to all those mob fans and Jasam fans that he could now be a THIRD Jason! I kind of like that. I think Billy is a more likable "Jake" than the other guy was a "Jason" so I'll be sad to see him go. We know it's coming. Patrick is leaving, presumably, as Sam will leave him for Jason.

    The Lante fiasco is so dumb but at least now I won't have to hear one of the daily tag lines we always hear--"It was only a kiss!"--from Lulu every single time she's on!! I love that you've captured his face so well. I did consider, at one point in the week, creating a new Twitter account as "Dante's Guilt-Face". I loved the scene of Lulu getting very serious about chastising Dante and me knowing this as she took time to button up her shirt on air! Lol

    The whole "Will Carly get to Jake in time" story was second most annoying to me, just behind the whole "Once again, it's all about what Sonny needs" story. Is there a more annoying character? All he does is bark orders and demand things from people. Why anyone even likes him at all is beyond me!

  8. I hated the Carly and Jason scenes. Awful awful awful! I don’t care how some try to spin it. Carly had crazy ex-girlfriend eyes the whole time and Jason shifted from bored to growling. Bad scenes. I don’t know if it was the directing or the writing or the actors not clicking or what but they cheesy and over the top in the most boring way possible.

  9. Brilliant. As always.

    That's all I got.

  10. Omg. The reveal was very frustrating for me. Why didn't Sam or Jake contact Spinelli to find out about the program he was running? They were all wrapped up in getting it done right now. Then all of the sudden no one followed up????

  11. I actually wouldn't mind a third Jason......I never cared much for Stone Cold and I can't see the return of Jason Q. Dom Z looked like I felt watching that storyline. And I guess Morgan only has bipolar of convenience. And Sonny....I just can't

  12. I loved the entire week I couldn't wait to get off work and watch.. this is the GH I love and I hope it stays this way. Only thing I hate right now is them loosing Jason Thompson and the Sonny Ava story why did they have to bring a baby into another broken family. I really am hoping it turns out not to be Sonny or Morgan's baby. I don't like what they have done to Ava's character I wish she was written different someone who is liked not into the mob. oh well can't have it all I guess.

  13. Oh Karen this was funny! The Sunday Sugary is always funny and awesome! I love it! :)Yes Comedy of errors!!! Hahahaha!

    "Carly sees the face ...and calls her friend the DNA Doc to get it sorted out. But first she has to collect Jake's spit from a water bottle."

    She has to collect Jake's spit! Hahahahhaha! Ewwww. :)

    "Why a giant bird didn't swoop down and take the phone is beyond me."

    Well, a bird wasn't there, but a black bear was, and broke Carly's phone! All in my head of course. ;)

    "Later, he yells at Ava and calls her a whore."

    ROFL! I love when Sonny calls women whores! It's hysterical because he is a hypocrite! :)

  14. sonya said...The Sunday Sugary is always funny and awesome!

    lol Found it to be especially SWEET, did you? hahahahahahahaha

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. so will monday be worth watching? or will they drag this crap out even longer and go another week with filler and nothing happening.

    empty promises. and then they wonder why ratings are plummeting? its because they dont deliver on their promises.

  17. "Di says lol Found it to be especially SWEET, did you? hahahahahahahaha"

    Hahahaha. I didn't notice my Faux Pas!!! Yes yes. The Sunday Sugary is so very sweet! :) It gives me cavities! :)


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