Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I REALLY need General "Hospital"

YEP. That's me...all the kids I work with finally managed to infect me! Even tho I wasn't watching live I was going to try to watch the DVR but I've been sleeping and sneezing. Wah. 

She knows how much I wanted Crimson!!

Ok... how excited are you!!!???

I guess we got our MAGAZINE AND NOW I have to WATCH!!


  1. Oh, Karen, feel better soon!! I was hoping to see a recap, as I am still working, I'll check in later, maybe Sonya will do the honors?

  2. OOOH, Nina got Crimson, and very wisely hired Maxi to be her assistant. HA!! Maxi should be the editor in chief, and if she does manage to turn it around, she will ruin Julian's tax dodge. GO MAXI.
    Oh, and by the way, this gives me a story in which to be interested. Yay!!!

  3. Awwwww Karen! You poor thing not feeling well. :( Cute picture of a sick person and a sick Teddy Bear hahaha.

    Liz and Jake's home: So basically,

    Carly: Jason! You have to go to Sonny's! Do it for me! Me me me me me! It's all about me!

    Me: And what about Monica? Did you forget about Monica? I mean you are a mother too Carly! How would you feel one of your kids you thought died but wasn't! And nobody told you!!!!

    Sonny's home: Sonny and the coffee pot! ROFL!

    Coffee Pot: Ouch! You dropped me!!!! I'm broken! I'm bleeding!

    The poor coffee pot is dead. :( Sonny whines about Carly! ROFL! Oh look there is Carly and Jake! The Sonny and Jake scene was excellent!!!!!! The bromance is back! :) Well not really! Jake's memory is 0!

    Jake: This doesn't bother you right here? The way I'm talking to your wife? Right now in your own house? This doesn't bother you?

    And then Sonny wins the line of the day!

    Sonny's You have seen me much worse trust me.

    ROFL! Oh yeah. :) He sure has! :)

    Liz and Jake's home part 2: Ohhhhh Jake has a memory!!!! :) Since he can't remember and doesn't feel Jason, I will call him Jake.


    Lulu: Why did Dante do this?!

    Oh come on Lulu! You know damn well why he did this! UGH! All the while Rocco is so oblivious and playing.

    Rocco: La la la la la. I love my toys. I love mommy and daddy. Hmmmm when I turn 18 I am going to change my name.

    The haunted Star: Maxie and Dillon scene. Whine whine whine. Whine whine whine. Me me me me me me me me me me me me me. Then Lulu stops by. Whine whine whine whine. Woah! Now they are eating each others faces off! Will they have chair sex?!

    Nina and BobTodd's home: Mmmmmm pancakes! :) Oh jobs jobs jobs! Interview! :)Good luck Nina! :)

    Dr O and BobTodd: So wait! ROFL! In order for BobTodd to get his art therapy job back, he needs to pass a psychological evaluation!? BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA! Oh that just slays me! :)

    Julian's office: So basically,

    Nina: I'm here for the fashion editor position!

    Julian: Oh hell why don't you just have the editor in chief job! Congratulations your hired!

    Me: Tax write off! ROFL! Clever clever Julian. :)

    It was strange that Alexis was there for the interview and didn't leave.

    Nina and BobTodd's home part 2: So basically,

    Nina: I got the job!!!!!!!! Editor in chief!

    Maxie: Whine whine whine whine whine whine whine.

    Nina: You're hired!

    Maxie: 0-0

    Oh and I forgot to talk about something from yesterday's show with Ava talking to Sonny.

    Ava: I have no desire to keep Avery away from you.

    Hahahahaha liar! :)

    She knows how much I wanted Crimson!!

    michelle stafford ‏@TheRealStafford 2h2 hours ago

    Ok... @WubsNet how excited are you!!!??? #crimson #mina #Naxie #AskGH #FallinLoveWithGH"

    OH KAREN! Michelle Stafford knows about your blog!!!! I wonder if she reads your blog every day. :)

    "I guess we got our MAGAZINE AND NOW I have to WATCH!!"


  4. "AntJoan said...I'll check in later, maybe Sonya will do the honors?"

    Oh no. I will never do that. Some people don't like it when I do that. I will leave that up to Karen.

  5. You did a recap Sonya :) that's fine, thanks.

    I Hope to catch up soon.

  6. "kdmask said...You did a recap Sonya :) that's fine, thanks."

    No I didn't! I didn't go into deep detail like you do. I just shared my feelings and had a good time! :)

  7. Sonya, whatever it is you call what you do, I appreciate it. OK, so NO ONE mentioned the HYSTERICAL scene with my Dr. O!! C'mon, she slays me every time. What was it that she called that old pancake? Is that a real German word? I am still lMAO . . . And, Nina goes out for a job interview in Nov. in upstate NY in a sleeveless outfit. And, when she gets to Julian's office, she miraculously has a coat under her arm! And Alexis stays for the interview, HUH?? And, really, she kidnapped his sister's baby, WHY would she think he would give her a job?

  8. "AntJoan said...Sonya, whatever it is you call what you do, I appreciate it."

    Hehehe you're welcome. :)

    "OK, so NO ONE mentioned the HYSTERICAL scene with my Dr. O!! C'mon, she slays me every time. What was it that she called that old pancake? Is that a real German word?"

    I have no idea if that is a real German word! I was planning on looking it up but then I forgot. Thanks for reminding me! :)

  9. when Nina said she was going on a job interview, I kinda thought Dr O would say something like

    "I didn't know Port Charles had a brothel..."

  10. Nathan Marston passed away Nov. 11 2015 at 3:15 pm. May he rest in peace. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  11. "screamingeagle said...Nathan Marston passed away Nov. 11 2015 at 3:15 pm. May he rest in peace. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family."

    Yeah I heard about that last night. :( His poor family. :(

  12. Hope you are feeling better Karen! I thought yesterday's show was pretty good. Laura always has such a calming aura when she is around. I like the idea of Nina and Maxie working at Crimson. I'm not a fan but MB was excellent in the scenes with Jake. I though Carly's "I need you" remark was incredibly selfish - what about his kids and his mother? Dr. O always provides much needed humor. Now if only Kiki and Morgan could find jobs.

  13. I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Sonny's speech to Jake where he said Jason was taken from them because he didn't think of the people who'd miss him and "he wasn't careful enough". lol He didn't cross the street without looking. He was a hitman, sent my Sonny to kill people. I gagged at his crocodile tears.

    Everything with Sonny and Carly is about them. I hope Jake remembers enough to stay away from them and lose the leech that is Carly too.

  14. And I'm glad the magazine's back too. Maxie was always a hoot at Crimson. Nina will fit right in. And Julian is so sc****d. haha

    I imagine we'll see little Jake doing art therapy in the near future. *rolls eyes*

  15. I really liked yesterday's GH. I hope that they continue to play Jason like this. I don't need or want Stone Cold. Billy Miller is too good to play the mobster buddy stuff. I won't get hopeful though because GH really lost my trust with the whole 180 they did with Michael Quartermaine. Is it just me or has Mo been a little too...Mo lately? The best part of the episode for me the retunr of Crimson. I'm going to have soooo much fun watching Nina and Maxie working together. I like that Franco is trying to get his job back at GH too. I actually really enjoyed him as an art therapist so I'd be really cool with him getting that job back if he survives the pych evaluation.

  16. I actually enjoyed those scenes yesterday when Jason cut himself off from Sonny and Carly. Just hope it lasts. I'm just cringing more and more with every MB scene, he really needs to go. And Crimson with Nina/Maxie can't miss.
    Loved Nathaniel Marston as both Al and Michael sad. :)
    Feel better, Karen

  17. I totally agree about MB. Ever since Tony Geary left, he's acted like he's cock of the walk and chews the scenery every time he's on (which is much too often). I FFed the courtroom scenes where Michael and Morgan were testifying on his behalf because I'm sick of the Sonny worship. I find myself FFing through most of MB's scenes lately, too.

    It would be great if the entire Clan Corinthos got into a car together and met Kiki and Valerie driving a car coming the opposite direction right there at Port Charles' Dead Man's Curve.


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