Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The Most Wacky Moments in 60 Years

 Soap Operas are not only daytime dramas.
Sometimes there is comic relief.
And GH really shined in the comedy
department when it needed to.

Mac and Kevin as Eve and Norma to try to find out if Lucy's psychic was a fake! 

Colonel Sanders paid a visit. And the whole world asked "Why?"

The budget department answered: Money 

It's always great when the recast looks so much like the original.

The Quartermaines finally got their turkey. Sort of.

Dobson Gray-- aka Alexis in drag. 

OMG ... GH blooper reel.. you can find a bunch on You Tube!! 

This photo looks more like a Saturday morning TV show than a storyline on an Emmy-award winning daytime drama

Liz Paints "THE WIND" For Jason and goes on to explain it to him--in detail. 

Richard Simmons returned in 2013, bringing with him the iconic song
"General Hospi-tale" and had a crazy fight with Lucy.

Not so much "Wacky" as AMAZING--- BB King Performed at Luke's Opening Night in 1995. THIS was a big deal. 


  1. A lot of funny one liners today! :) Too bad Karen couldn't watch. :(

    The bridge:

    V.C. and Crew: Someone on twitter brought up the fact that Carly is supposed to be watching a movie with Donna, so why is she on the bridge.. I forgot about that!!!! Yeah why is she on a bridge? What happened to watching the movie with Donna? Did Carly change her mind and the Tribbles are watching the movie with Donna? Well Drew is going to help V.C.!

    Crew: She don't want to lose Drew! She wants him to be careful.

    Crimson offices:

    Clara Kent, Maxie, and Anna: Anna wins the line of the day.


    BAHAHAHAHAHA! There was a lot of yelling. :) They decide that Maxie is going to implement Lucy's ideas, while Lucy is going to go back to the cabin.

    Maxie on the phone with Bobbie: While Maxie is talking to Bobbie, Lucy was texting Maxie a lot! ROFL! One of the texts was Lucy talking about Magic Milo. :)

    The cabin:

    Vanna and Clara Kent: Clara Kent apologizes and finally understands. At one point Anna took her phone, but then gave it back to her.

    Vanna: Awwwwwwww! :) They made up. :) He says he over reacted. Great scene!

    Dex's home:

    Jex and Michael: WOW! Joss didn't hide and told Michael they are together. Michael warns them not to let Sonny find out.

    Jex: Awwwwwwwwwww. :) Great scene. It sounded like she said she is in love with him. They haven't said that before did they?

    The Q home:

    Chillow: My Chillow. :) He brought her flowers.. They talk about the mistakes they made when they thought Chase was dying. Chillow is on her last leg, dying, but yet she has enough strength to be a busy body matchmaker. Oy! Just get back together already!

    Brooky and Chase: Chase misses Brooky!

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny and Dante: Sounds like Dominic Zamprogna has a cold. Sonny said he had a good life before Nixon Falls. Mmmm hmmm sure Sonny sure. He will fix things and get his kids and Nina back. The Green beans were on the table sleeping.

    1. Anna yelling at Lucy to "QUIT TALKING" was a thing of beauty! I laughed and highly approved. Lawdy, Lucy can sure natter on! It reminded me of Willow yelling at Neener "SHUT UP!" which also made my day! Of course Willow keeled over right after that and kinda ruined the moment, lol!

      I'm cool with Drew helping take down Victor, and very glad Carly will stay home with the kids. She'll probably blab something inappropriate anyway, wherever she is. Fingers crossed she keeps quiet.

      And I was very glad Anna and Valentine made up, and I really enjoyed Willow and Chase's scenes. I kind of miss them together. :)

  2. Safe house; Maxie's office; Safe house. If they could just pace these scenes a bit. Unless the safe house is next to the office.
    Didn't anyone hear Spencer tell Sonny about Joss and Dex last week? He told him that Joss broke up with Cam to be with Dex. It was a brief mention with no reaction from Sonny.

    1. "zazu says, Safe house; Maxie's office; Safe house. If they could just pace these scenes a bit. Unless the safe house is next to the office."

      Safe house next to the office! Hahahahahahaha! *Dead*

  3. Yes, GH was always so good for some crazy kinds of humor. Great ones above. Past few years haven't quite lived up to those shenanigans.

  4. Finola Hughes said on GMA and Kelly and Ryan that Sonya's memorial is March 29th and the Nurses Ball starts April 3----so at least I have a timeline now!!!
    and the wedding is postponed so that won't interfere with Pikeman job....
    ----Love Cameron M but he is just not a tough guy!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mac and Kevin in drag was the best.

    Wonder why Anna won't say "I love you" back to Valentin? You know she does; she must be scared or something............

  6. I forgot two things-----at the risk of sounding negative LOL Michael is so pious----his wife is dying and he STILL is determined to bring down Sonny? I thought he was saying 'it's off I don't wanna do this anymore' but I guess he was saying cause of Joss finding out...
    ----and and they keep saying Michael hired this security guy from a company but I vividly remember the day he was introduced and he had done such a good job running the gym after whats-his-name left (Chuck??) and he told Sonny he wanted to do more..... is history being rewritten again? Or was Michael the one introducing them?? I don't remember....

    1. I think when he came back Michael told Willow that he was going to "shut down his project" but decided to continue. Pretty sure it was because of Joss and not wanting Dex to get killed as he wanted to stay in Port Chuck to be with Joss after it was over. As opposed to shutting down the profect and leaving town. That was my interpretation anyway, lol! And yeah, Mikey can be a little preachy but I think his original intent was to shut it down and leave Sonny alone especially after talking to BLQ.

  7. found the answer - yep changin history

  8. Kevin and Mac in drag were fabulous. They always had the best scenes. I also remember really enjoying Alexis as Dobson. And seeing Alice in the background has really made me nostalgic!

  9. Good show yesterday, especially Anna, Val and Lucy. Glad they actually found something for Drew to do other than kiss Carly and advise everyone on everything. Really disappointed to see Carly in the fold, though. Michael and Joss are selfish SOBs. Willow still looks pretty good for someone on her deathbed - good scenes with Chase.

    1. I wanna add - it bothers me that Willow hasn't lost her hair - my sister-in-law is going through chemo as do others and she lost her hair - that part is unrealistic

  10. carly and her irrogant looks. can't stand her



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