Thursday, March 2, 2023

MORE Babies?


Sasha visits Brando in the graveyard. Says Heather Webber is captured. 

Robert and Diane are at lunch at The Metro. He tells her all about Heather Webber and the fact Diane won't have to go to court to testify against her. 

Brook and Maxie are having lunch at Kelly's! They talk about Ryan, Heather and now Chase. Yada yada yada. Brook thinks Chase likes Sasha. Oh! Sasha shows up! Maxie goes to 'find her phone' so they can talk alone. 

Chase and Dante are in the sauna. Chase says he wants to be a cop again. BUT he has to bring down Linc. "He's Handsy". Dante says that Chase should stay away because he always gets into trouble around him. Oh, Dom has a ton of tattoos. OMG Dante says his "mother is on a grandbaby kick wondering if Sam and I will have one".. Chase: DO you WANT one? 

Sam and Krissy put on an anniversary lunch for TJ and Molly at Sam's PH. Um.. Molly doesn't feel well? Hmmmm.  They have cake. Sam says she doesn't want to drink because she had some 'food poisoning" in England. Molly looks weird about wanting to drink. They both PG? 

Greg tells Alexis she did a great write up of the whole Spoon Island story. She still wants him to work with the paper. He's like NO, I like being a professor. 

Laura meets with Eileen at GH and she says she's so happy she's there because she has a task for her to do. OMG she wants her to identify Anna's body in the morgue! Laura explains it's decomposed and she, as a city official has to identify it. BUT..she's so tired and just can't do it, would Eileen do it? She talks her into it! Eileen takes the elevator down to the morgue!! She gets there and the pathologist pulls out the drawer. 

Krissy finds a PG test in Sam's bag. 

Greg goes to GH to get an exam. TJ asks about it and he hedges

Eileen sees a gross Anna in the morgue. The lights flicker, a hologram is on the wall looking gruesome! 


  1. ---Greg is lying about the university not letting him work there - he's always acted weird to me - especially when he kept asking Alexis early on about details about the hooks -
    ----BUT I feel a great twist is coming!! WHO is he meeting in exam room 3????? I hope it's good..
    -----IF Sam is preggers, that means Lulu is coming back......I just don't think they would have Sam and Molly pregnant though.....completely forgot until Molly said, "TJ is traditional and I am not" that she must be afraid to tell him she's pregnant...
    -----love the Anna/Eileen thing - but she had to be transported to the morgue, right? and the morgue guy must be WSB???? and Karen is right - no one mentions these deaths?????
    -----mostly filler day but Eileen was good and whatever this thing is gonna be for Greg....
    although I just read it might be about Lyme Disease that Greg had....shoot - my idea was better!!

    1. I loved Laura today, and Robert. They have been torturing that sneaky snake in the best ways possible. I am really enjoying her misery.

      And I know that Sam likes to hang onto all the guys but today she couldn't even stand up for a few minutes without hanging onto Christina. I'm beginning to wonder if Kelly has some health issues.

      I think Greg must have some serious health issues. Unless he's really a medical doctor and he's working with the Pautucket crowd in exam room 3....dum de dum dum

      Loved Alexis and Robert today too. I know it was filler but it was more interesting than any of the other filler bits for me.

    2. Mufasa, your idea for Greg is MUCH better. If his caginess is all about Lyme disease, I will be disappointed. (And I assume Jackie left town? Have they ever addressed that?)

  2. Really??? I Are the writers completely incapable of writing stories without someone being pregnant??? This trope has become lazy and redundant with this show🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. We just went through two pregnancies, now two more???? Karen, great pic of Maura and Roger. Thanks

  4. I love the Jolt picture! :) Some funny one liners today!

    Brando's grave: So sad. :(

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Gregory: I was thinking she is going to do something isn't she? And why talk about Poptart Smalls? Why not show him? Where the hell is he?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Robert and Diane: Awwww Riane. :) I'm glad there is a scene with them! Now come on Robert ask Diane out on a date. :) Oh hello Alexis!

    Alexis and Diane: YUP! Alexis is definitely going to meddle in Gregory's job! Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: That's Latin for meddler!


    The sauna:

    Chase and Dante: Mmmm. 2 sexy men in a sauna.. Me likey! :) Now where is Curtis? He could be the 3rd one. Dante still has that bullet wound scar on his chest. Very nice writers. :) Yes Chase I want you to be a cop too!!! I can't wait either!! Chase's arm hurts? Oh oh will that keep him from being a cop?!?!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Sante home:

    Sam, Tolly, and Krissy: Did anybody notice that TJ has got fangs? When did that start? Be careful when you hug him ladies! He is a vampire! :) Molly not feeling well? Neither was Sam? Molly wants just a little bit of alcohol? Oh oh they both preggers?

    Molly, Krissy, and Sam: A PREGNANCY TEST!!!! Are both Molly and Sam preggers? Or did Sam get the pregnancy test for Molly? Cus they could have talked off camera.. Oh Molly has to use the bathroom. Does Molly have her own pregnancy test and went to the bathroom to use it? Where are the Tribbles? They are no longer on the table. Did they go in the bathroom too to see if they are preggers?

    Krissy and Sam: Ooooo Krissy confronting Sam! :) Oh hi Dante! Yes hide that test!!! :)


    Brooky and Maxie: That thing that Brooky signed, Maxie was really good at explaining it!!! Great scene! Brooky thinks something is happening between Chase and Sasha? Huh?! Why not Chase and Blaze? They have been together a lot.

    Brooky and Sasha: What a waste of a scene since Brooky can't even talk to her.

    The hospital:

    Laura and EyeLean: I love that Laura is setting her up!!!! :D

    Laura and Robert: *Snicker snicker*

    TJ and Gregory: HUH? Why does Gregory need a test? For what?

    TJ, Gregory, and Chase: Oh is that why Chase had to have a hurt arm? So he can run into his dad? Hmmm.

    The morgue:

    Moe and EyeLean: Moe? Is he related to Moe from the three stooges? Hehehe. That guy is handsome! Oh of course he had to leave hahahaha.

    "Dead" Anna and EyeLean: Oooooooooooooo! Great makeup! Oh oh the lights go out hahaha.

    "Ghost" Anna and EyeLean: Ooooooo soapy fun!!!! :) Get her "Ghost" Anna! GET HER! :D

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to watch the aftermath of Karen's death* Scotty and Sonny go at it.

    1. Sonya, don't you remember your tribbles:101 from Dr. McCoy - tribbles are born pregnant. 😁

      More Robert and Diane please. Also, like Linda I'm fine with Molly being pregnant if it means that we get more Molly and TJ on our screens.

      I'm loving Eyelean getting terrorized by the good guys. What she gets for working for Victor.

    2. How is she going to Crack and turn on Victor though?

    3. Gary: Hahahahah! Good old Dr. McCoy!

      I don't want anyone pregnant, but I'll survive if it's just Molly. They do cast the cutest babies!
      Line of the day was perfect, Sonya. Diane was a hoot with Robert and Alexis! And the poetry...I was swooning! :)
      I actually felt sorry for Eileen, she played creeped out very well! And Anna looked like a cast member from the Walking Dead. They did an excellent job!
      And of course, welcome back Kristina!

    4. "Gary says, Sonya, don't you remember your tribbles:101 from Dr. McCoy - tribbles are born pregnant. 😁"

      Ooops! YES! :D

      "More Robert and Diane please."

      Yes please! :)


      ROFL! ;)

      "getting terrorized by the good guys. What she gets for working for Victor."

      I loved it too! It was great!! Soapy great!

      "Julie H says, Line of the day was perfect, Sonya."

      It was!!! :D

      "Diane was a hoot with Robert and Alexis!"

      Yes she was!!!

      "And the poetry...I was swooning! :)"

      *Swoon* :)

      "I actually felt sorry for Eileen, she played creeped out very well!"

      Yes she did!!!!

      "And Anna looked like a cast member from the Walking Dead. They did an excellent job!"

      Yes! The makeup department did a fantastic job!

      "And of course, welcome back Kristina!"

      YES! I wonder how long she will stay?

  5. Replies
    1. On Zoom a few weeks ago they were SO good and very excited about the pairing of Diane and Robert - especially Carolyn H - she kinda squealed when she was told what they were going to do - can't wait to watch it happen

    2. I didn't know Robert was into poetry. It's mice seeing them enjoy poetry though. Didn't know Diane liked poetry either.

    3. I think Robert and Diane are a breathe of fresh air. They need to give them more airtime. Plus, lets face it, the demographics of the viewers for this show are older mostly. Give them more airtime and some of the characters we don't like can be back burnered. JMO, but think that would be good. Some of the characters are dull as dirt

  6. I am ok with Molly and TJ expecting just to keep them on canvas.

    Anna looked really scary... they did a great job.

  7. "GH" has always overdone pregnancies. I hope most of these folks aren't pregnant. Otherwise, in five years, we will have an all-new batch of teenagers.

    1. Also, Roger and Maura together are fantastic -- as any viewer could 've told the writers ages ago. Please keep Austin and Ava together.

  8. I do love the Davis sisters when they are together. And, like it when Alexis is with them.


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