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60 Years of GH Memorable Moments

60 Years of Memorable GH Moments

As the show celebrates 60 years, so do we at the Wubs 7th Floor  Nurse's Station. We took 60 years and are picking a few defining moments from each year. Of course, these are subjective so you can comment and let us know if we missed any. Enjoy!

1963 -  Original  broadcast on April 1st. 

1964 -   Jessie files for divorce from Dr. Phil Brewer 

1965 -  Phil Brewer rapes Jessie which results in a pregnancy 

1966 - Jessie Brewer's infant daughter Nancy dies of heart complications 

1967 -  Nurse Jessie Brewer is framed for the murder of Dr. John Prentice 

1968 - Audrey is raped by her then husband Tom and leaves town. 

1969 Promo-- GH in Color! 

1969 - Meg Bentley has a breakdown after a mastectomy (first on daytime TV) 

1970 - Lee Baldwin adopts Scotty after Meg Bentley dies 

1971 - Audrey returns to Port Charles and tells everyone her baby died (he hadn't)

1972 - Jessie Brewer's niece runs off with her boyfriend, Teddy 

1973 -  Jessie marries Dr. Peter Taylor 

1974 - Dr Phil Brewer is murdered 

1975 - Laura Vining comes to stay with her bio-mother, Lesley Williams 

1976 - Head Nurse, Lucille March retires to a farm in Upstate NY 

1977 - Genie Francis joins the cast as Laura in February 

1978 - Show is expanded from experimental 45 min to one hour and Gloria Monty is             brought on as EP . Bobbie and Luke plot to break up Scotty and Laura 

1979 - Luke Rapes Laura at the Campus Disco

1980 - Diana Taylor's Death ("Anne" in Blood); Tracy Withholds Edward's Heart                Medication

1981 - Luke and Laura's Wedding has 30 million viewers 

1982 - John Stamos debuts as Blackie Parrish; Demi Moore debuts as Jackie Templeton

1983 - Luke caught in avalanche, meets Holly Sutton; Luke presumed dead, Robert marries Holly; Luke returns, becomes mayor, reunited with Laura

1984 - Felicia, dressed as a boy, meets Frisco

1985 - Pickle-Lila is born

1986 - Burt Ramsey revealed as "Mr. Big"

1987 - Tania, Tony Jones' wife dies after being struck by a car 

1988 - Ned and Monica Sleep Together

1989 - Felecia marries Colton then sees Frisco alive on the docks

1990 - Casey the Alien arrives in Port Charles from Lumina 

1991 - Tony Geary debuts as Bill Eckert; SS Tracy capsizes in the harbor

1992 - An Earthquake destroys the Brownstone

1993 - Return of Luke and Laura; Lucky Spencer meets Ruby 

1994 - BJ's Death; Nurses Ball Debuts; Ward Family Introduced 

1995 - Stone's death; Jason loses his Memory due to a car accident; Brenda wears a     wire-- this was a BIG year!! 

1996 -  First prime time airing:"A Twist of Fate"   Click-Boom Lily's Death

1997 - Carly reveals herself to be Bobbie's biological daughter 

1998 - Elizabeth's RapeSean and Tiffany's Wedding; 2nd Prime time special for 35th anniversary

1999 - Faison Returns 

2000 - Zander Smith arrives in Port Charles

2001 - "The End Game" storyline pauses and is eventually scrapped in the wake                 of  9/11 terrorist attacks 

2002 - GH airs it's 10,000 episode on April 17th 

2003 - 40 year celebration;  "Port Charles" TV Show Debuts

2004 - Sam and Sonny lose their baby Lila when she is stillborn. 

2005 -  Helena shoots at Emily but hits Lucy instead 

2006 - Lulu has an Abortion; Laura wakes up from Coma; Tony dies and sees BJ

2007 - "Night Shift" spinoff aired from July-Oct on Soap Net; Emily Q killed  and      Alan Quartermaine dies 

2008 45th Anniversary Montage 

2008 - Robin Returns at Patrick and Sabrina's Wedding

2009 - James Franco comes to GH as the artist/serial killer "Franco" CO77x

2010 - Sonny shoots his own son, Dante Falconeri 

2011 -  Joss gets her kidney transplant 

2012 - John Ingle makes last appearance on GH as Edward Quartermaine

2013 - 50 year celebration; Katie Couric hosts "The Real Soap Dish" as a part of                   20/20 in recognition of General Hospital's 50th year; Robin Returns

2014 - Rocco is revealed to be Lulu's stolen embryo baby 

2015 - In May, GH aired two live episodes; Audrey Hardy appears for the last time 

2016 - Paul Hornsby is the GH Serial Killer

2017 - Kevin and Laura were married on Christmas Eve

2018 - Peter August is Henrik Faison

2019 - Oscar dies of Cancer; Sam kills Shiloh

2020 -  GH interrupted production due to COVID-19; Lulu in a Coma

2021 - The "Nixon Falls" adventure begins 

2022 - Hook Killer revealed as Heather Webber Jeff and Carolyn Webber Return

2023 - Mac Scorpio ends Ryan Chamberlain's reign of terror. 

Karen's Most Memorable Moment:  So hard to pick just one-- I have about 5 spectacular memories that had me running to the TV when GH aired. I think the one I looked the most forward to and waited the most for was Genie's return in 1983. It honestly felt like she'd been gone 5 years!! I had to skip class to make sure I was there when the moment hit. Back in the day no specific dates were given and no VHS for me!! This was magical and I really can't explain the whole "Luke and Laura" thing. You had to be there. No, it wouldn't fly today for sure but then? It was everything.  My runner's up: Brenda Wears a Wire and Tracey Withholds Edward's Medication. 

Dave's Most Memorable Moment:  Like Karen, there are many. And I can list several, but I guess I need to concentrate on one. I remember when John Ingle passed away and they appropriately honored him on a Thanksgiving episode. At the very end they showed Lila from the back with her signatured white hair bun and the two of them held hands. Lila stood up out of her wheelchair and they walked up the stairs together. I bawled like a baby. I still do when I think of it. I didn't see it coming, and it totally blew me away. Honorable mentions? Diana Taylor's death (my first episode) and for pure brilliant comic relief, Sean and Tiffany's wedding. 


  1. I don't remember the year I started watching but think it was around 1977. Laura and Scotty were together. I was a HUGE Luke and Laura fan. To this day, Genie Francis is my all time favorite actress. There sure were a lot of rape stories on this show. Didn't realize how many. I loved the murder mysteries. Loved Luke and Laura's adventures on the road. I remember in the summer I would swim ALL day, but take a break to watch GH at 3 every day. I didn't have a VCR, so I didn't want to ever miss a show. It was SO addicting back then. OMG.

    I was also a HUGE Brenda and Sonny fan, and Anna and Robert. I also did like Robert and Holly for a bit, and hated Anna at first, and then Finola Hughes and Anna won me over. Loved it so much when Anna did all the "kick boxing" type moves. I wanted to be a spy and do that stuff just like her. lol

    I also loved the episode with Lila and Edward climbing those stairs. Lila was such a wonderful character on the show.

    Love Diana Taylor's murder mystery. Loved Sean and Tiffany's wedding; so, so funny.

    I don't always get to watch every day, so I am so grateful to you Karen and everyone that contributes to this blog. I do read this blog every day, and sometimes multiple times a day. So, thank you Karen!!!!!!!!

    1. There is a complete first episode of GH on Utube. April 1, 1963. Like 20 minutes long.


      Anna Devane kicking butt.

  2. Great job, summaries and perspectives!
    I'd have to say among mine would be:
    When Monica, Lesley and Gail were trapped in the Q mansion during a snowstorm, Monica gave birth to A.J. and Monica blurted out in hysteria that he was Rick's son while Lesley was delivering him.
    When Alan rigged the Q attic to collapse on Rick and Monica during A.J's christening and had a last second thought and tried to get them out of the attic, only to have it collapse on all three of them. To watch clips today, it looks a bit cheesy. But back then before the era of spoilers, it was highly suspenseful and Alan had a murderous, dangerous bent back then.
    When Heather spiked Diana's ice tea and P.J. (Steven Lars) spun the Lazy Susan so the drink ended up in front of Heather instead of Diana. Because of the way the scene was shot no one knew who got the bad drink until Heather started hallucinating. That was a huge finale to what had been a story that had been building for years, ever since Heather gave up Steven Lars for adoption on the black market.
    When the hitman during the Frank Smith on the run story turned out to be a man dressed like a woman - Sally - a crossdresser. That was shocking!
    When it was revealed the Cassadines had kept Lesley captive and in a vegetative state, years after it was believed she was killed in an auto accident.
    When Alexandra Quartermaine and Tony Cassadine ended up in the freezer and froze to death by the Ice Princess. That was shocking. The manner of death was scary and you didn't know who would up in that chamber next.
    The Lassa Fever storyline and the hospital being under quarantine. So many stories came to a head during that time.
    When Roy DiLucca was shot and Laura threw Luke's keys over the cliff at one of the pinnacles of the Frank Smith story.

    The highlight would have to be the Diana Taylor mystery. It was shocking because of the setup (writing Anne's name in blood was gruesome) and Diana was a leading character one of the show's four heroines from the 70s (Audrey, Jessie, Lesley and Diana) and her death was kind of Gloria Monty's way of slamming the door on that era. The only thing that softened her departure is that Diana had been recast a few years earlier with the younger Brooke Bundy. Valerie Starrett, who originated the role, was hugely popular and I think if it was her playing the part when she got murdered, that would have had a huge impact.

    I think I started watching in 1977 or 1978, right around the time that David Hamilton was worming his way into the Webbers' life and Heather began her plot to get Steven Lars back from the Taylors.

    1. I love all those stories you mentioned. I think we started watching maybe around the same time. I think I remember the David Hamilton story being one of my first too. The Diana Taylor mystery back then was just the best. So suspenseful for those days. Great writing back then.

    2. Sonya Eddy must have been well loved by the crew. Watched an interview with Finola who said Sonya was a hugger.



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