Thursday, April 13, 2023

Hair Raising!


I have my hair appointment today at  1:30 and I fully intend to try to make it home for the last part of GH . I don't think I missed much yesterday by the sounds of it. I guess Spencer was shirtless (that boy has been hitting the protein) -- but ? I see him as a kid so... LOL. Maybe I've finally reached that shark point in age when it comes to soaps!? 

I made it for the second half!! 

UGH .. Millow. HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO SUFFER WITH THIS LOL COME ON already. Now a wedding with a sick Willow? Okay, whatever. 

Portia is freaking out about Trina being missing.  Can you mention Taggert? 

Anna's awake! 

The Haunted Star: They all have GIANT Orange Juices LOL.. Geesh! hope there's vodka in there. Victor is talking about a new "World for Humanity" . Talking about the weather/climate change that Mekkos did.  He says that they developed another set of tools incase that failed. Mekkos made a bunker with the equipment inside. He found it using the code on the Ice Princess. Vic says there's a whole bunch of people following him. Cult. He's talking about the population of the earth being too much. He says it can be 'fixed" with a pathogen that he can release into the world. To kill certain people. "The survivors will usher in a new age of man". 

Trina skulking around in her HOT PINK ball gown is killing me. Maybe have her find some clothes in a stateroom? 

Laura and Jordan talking about Trina being gone. 

Dante and Sonny: Sad about Willow. Can't find the boat. They talk about Mike dying and he doesn't want to see Willow do the same. 

OK News Interruption because of the Pentagon Leak. 

SO ,see ya


  1. really gonna be angry if after ALL of this Valentin decides being with Anna is too dangerous for her.............

    1. He better not, because VAnna and Sprina are like the only reason I watch anymore

  2. Not sure which is more stupid, the 'news' interruption or the fact that 'they' can't find the Haunted Star. Kidnapping is federal, where are the FBI? Ships don't disappear.
    Trina could at least hide that purse. Silly.

  3. ----HOW can you not find a huge boat????Drones/helicopters???
    ----Where is Taggart? Jordan has NO expression at all...
    -----I have watched since 1970 so I was all about the Weather Machine etc cause it was different and fun...........but I cannot believe that Victor's plan is saving the planet and eliminating unimportant people---------------like a bad sci-fi movie========= NOT a soap - at least Luke and Laura were a love story at the my opinion, this is a mess....we have gone through months and this is the pay-off
    -----HOW is Holly gonna find them? WHO will be the hero? and still Mrs. Wu has one of the diamonds.
    ------storylines are very broken ----- Sonny was in danger and that was dropped------I am wondering if CS contract was running out so they are having to rush and end this storyline? ---
    -----can we rush through Millow storyline and wrap it up?
    -----Dante and Sonny convo was so touching and today was Emmy reel day for FH (Anna).....

    1. I did read that CS contract is running out. Not sure how reliable the site on Google though.

    2. He tweeted it, too, so it made me wonder if they are rushing this----SURELY SURELY SURELY this won't bleed until May sweeps????

  4. mufasa brought up a good point. Ms. Wu has the diamond from the Ice Princess that Holly gave her in return for Ms. Wu taking down little Victor. So, if Ms. Wu has one of the diamonds with the code for the location then how is Victor going to know where the bunker is?

  5. Mildew home:

    Mildew, Brooky, and Sasha: Yes let's all get ready to get married tomorrow! And what is going to interrupt their wedding? Will Willow pass out when she walks down the isle? Do they have to rush her to the hospital?

    Brooky and Willow: Willow all worried about Michael! UGH! Yes Brooky go see how Michael is doing.

    Brooky and Michael: Well, I'm glad Brooky is there for him.

    Mildew: The time you have left Willow? How long is that? A month? 2 months? 6 months? *Facepalm* Oy!

    The hospital:

    Vanna: Dammit V.C. made me all emotional again!!! He is killing me!!!!!!!!!! :'(

    Jordan and Purtis: Poor Portia and Curtis!!! After Trina is safe, she needs to change her mind about the DNA test!

    Purtis: Nah Portia! Trina is not scared! She is a superhero! :)

    Dante and Sonny: Unfortunately Sonny you can't control people's health. :( Mike talk!!! :( Great scene talking about Mike!!

    Jordan and Laura: I'm glad Jordan talked to Laura! :)

    The haunted star:

    Sprina: Yeah isn't there any clothes that Trina can wear? I'm sure Victor has clothes for Dr. O and Spencer!! Oh and baby Ace. :)

    Trina waiting for the diversion: Wow Trina has not been caught yet. She IS a superhero! :) She has on the cloak of invisibility! :)

    Spencer, Dr. O, and Victor: Ooooo great scene!!! Inoculated huh? Interesting. Victor wins the line of the day.

    Victor: I do love it when you talk German.

    ROFL! Flirting with Dr. O now Victor? ROFL! Oh no that means the Tribbles, the green beans, and Badger Bob are going to die from the pathegon! *Cry cry cry* OH! Nice diversion Spencer! Hope it works!!!!! Hope Dr. O isn't too mad at you. :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1996* Brenda finds out about Lily's death and goes to see Sonny.

  6. Now this is some GOOD General Hospital

  7. They should let Spencer and Trina be the Superheroes and save everyone in this story. It's a mess. That's the only thing that would save it for me. Young superheroes like L&L used to be.

    1. I'm all for Spencer and Trina being the heroes but I still want the vets front and center too. Especially Laura and Robert as they battled Victor during the original Ice Princess caper so to me they should be involved.

    2. I wish too that the vets would be involved but sadly it looks like they are all at the hospital for Anna instead. I liked seeing the clip of Laura on the Titan but we only got like 10 seconds of flashback.

  8. I forget who owns the Haunted Star? I think it's Lulu so it would be Laura now. Why can just anyone go on board and take off with it?

    1. i know AND it is always 'under repair'.....

  9. this is bizarre----------I thought Linc would be killed?


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