Friday, April 21, 2023


 ALERT!! IT'S THE MORNING OF THE WEDDING! It will only last 4-5 days now! 

ALL SANTE DOES IS MAKE OUT! Sam is getting dry cleaning. Dante goes in and invites Sonny to lunch later ..Sonny says he's going to the wedding. They talk about Millow and the cancer. 

TRINA GOT NEW CLOTHES!! From the lost and found!! yeah!! She and Spencer are being held in the same room. Trina tells Spencer dating him is an adventure and she wants to "experience everything with him that she never has". He says everything? OH this might be IT people!! She says she doesn't want to wait because they don't know how long they have. 

Drew is sad. Kim stored some things of his. He sees Oscar's baseball hat. They find a book with Virgo references and they figure that's a clue. They go to see Laura about it. 

TJ and Molly conferenced with the OBGYN to see if they are ok to go ahead with having a baby. UT OH...Molly has complications Endometriosis? She needs a biopsy. Yes, it's Endometriosis. Molly is afraid about what it will do about having a baby. 

Laura talks to Alexis in GH (Laura visited Anna off camera)-- and Laura thinks Alexis might know something about where Victor would go. ALexis says she wishes she was in the inner circle to help but she's not. They talk about Nikolas. Alexis then talks to TJ about ALS and symptoms and such. 

Drew wants CEREAL at the Q kitchen. He wonders if he's fired after the Gladys arrest. Brook went to bat for him with Ned. Sasha walks in and is pissed at Cody. He says Gladys set him up. Sasha doesn't believe it. She leaves. Drew never gets his cereal. 

Sam is at Charlie's..she sees Gladys. Flashes back to Cody telling her that Gladys set her up. OMG KRISTINA IS THERE!! WHAT! She's actually AT CHARLIES! She's getting a dress from Sam for the wedding. 

Sonny is giving Krissy property for a homeless youth shelter "Corinthos-Davis House" ...and Dex feels badly because he's Scamming Sonny LOL. Kristina says the house will have a commercial kitchen and it will combine her business love with a higher purpose. 

Sam is talking to Gladys. She says she believes Cody that he was set up. Gladys is like WHY? WHY would I do that? 


Dex calls Sonny because the PINKMAN shipment is coming in. 

Sprina almost do it and they land. Time to get off the ship. 

MONDAY: Tracy will be on again. 

Molly comes out and tells TJ and Alexis something might be wrong. 


  1. Predictions:
    ----Sonny at wedding and Dex is critically shot and Michael, Sonny and Joss feel guilty.
    ----Kristina can't carry a child - enter Kristina surrogate
    ----Still think Drew leaves town and Sonny walks Willow down the aisle
    ----Nina has Carly arrested at wedding - END of wedding which probably will now be May sweeps which begin one week from today.
    ----I just cannot if Drew and Curtis save the day............when the WSB and Coast Guard can't do anything....

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  3. Short scenes today.
    Endometriosis is not uncommon. But honestly, more babies?
    Why can't Cody just tell Sasha the truth?
    Didn't someone already establish where Victor is going? Drew should not be the hero. It probably will be Curtis which will lead to a family love-in. Back in the day, when Billy Miller was Drew and Curtis was new I always liked them together as a team. Maybe if CM would loosen up a bit it could happen.

    1. CM is just not good in this role. In the beginning he was ok with Kemo & Scout, but he doesn't mesh with the gang IMO.

    2. More babies so they can age them super-fast and they will be teenagers in 1 year. It's called Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome (SORAS). Lazy writers who can keep storylines to the same character families.

    3. I agree Linda. I thought CM was going to be ok. I liked him on AMC but he doesn't fit the role of Drew.

    4. CM is a washout on "GH" and miscast as Drew.

    5. zazu says, "Why can't Cody just tell Sasha the truth?" I think he doesn't want to discuss the poker games for fear of the Wrath of Wu.

  4. Wouldn't it be great if "Corinthos-Davis" house was the brownstone? It wouldn't make it the "hospital employee central" what many of us would love - but it would be a nice use of history.

    1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I want it!!! Please and thank you! :)

      "It wouldn't make it the "hospital employee central"

      Wait what does that mean?

  5. Sonny's home:

    Sante: Dry cleaning? Sam?!?! How odd. And she hasn't changed her clothes yet. :)

    Sonny and Dex: Oooo is this a date? Oh hi Dante! Damn date over.

    Sonny and Dante: I'm surprised Michael didn't tell Dante that he is going to invite Sonny to the wedding. Sonny did you feed and water the green beans?

    Sonny: I've seen a real growth in Nina.

    Oh? A growth wear? On her neck? She really should go to the hospital to get that checked.

    Storage room:

    Curtis and Drew: Ooooo they are bonding. :) Oh nice water bottle. Oh look the book that Drew is looking through is blank! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And the next minute there is writing in the book. :) It's a magical book! :) Oh look a map!! Does it tell where all the children are? Are the Tribbles babysitting all the children?

    Charlie's pub and restaurant: Sam is stalking Gladys.

    Krissy and Sam: KRISSY!!!!!!!!!!! :D Oh Krissy is distracting Sam from stalking Gladys.

    Dex and Krissy: Corinthos Davis house? Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Sonny is so fantastic to give Krissy everything she loves all in one place! I would love to see this place! So Sonny has his name on the place too. Awwwwwwwwww. :)

    Gladys and Sasha: 2 years since Gladys has been shot? Has it been? Oh yes go on vacation Gladys. Run away so that you are free of Sasha yelling at you when she learns the truth! :)

    Gladys and Sam: Sam is so suspicious of Gladys! Love it! :)

    The hospital:

    Molly and her doctor: Endometriosis? Since when? I never heard about her complaining of pain before.. Of course getting pregnant is not that simple!!! It can't be simple. It has to run in the soap opera rule box! ROFL!

    TJ and Alexis: I'm glad Alexis didn't tell TJ who the person who is sick is. She could lie and say it's the Tribbles who are sick.

    Drew, Curtis, and Laura: Oh great scene!!!!

    Q breakfast nook:

    Cowboy Cody and Brooky: Mmmmm cereal! What kind of cereal Cowboy Cody!?

    Cowboy Cody and Sasha: Geez Sasha puts her purse on the table, to hide the actress's pregnancy, but then don't even bother hiding it! ROFL! Come on Director!!! :) Yeah Cowboy Cody is afraid that Ms. Wu would break his knee caps. We know she would. :)

    The haunted star:


    Trina: I want to experience everything that I never have.

    COUGHCOUGHsexCOUGHCOUGH. Oh wait if they are going to do it, then are there protection in the drawer?!!?! Uh maybe it's not such a good idea right now. Oh wait the boat stopped!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to the hospital, and the brownstone* I remember this!!! Felicia had faked her death all because of Ryan. Everyone knew except Tiffany. Yeah I would be furious too. I don't blame Tiffany. I just hated everyone else's attitude about it. Except Mac! He doesn't blame Tiffany. Felicia is all like you can't really blame us. That's what Shaun wanted. Oh shut up Felicia!! UGH!

  6. WHY WHY WHY is Sam wearing a turtleneck and a leather coat in April?

    1. In NY its not that far-fetched.

    2. okay I forget since I am in the South! But some are in spring clothes so it's confusing!

  7. Why is everyone just standing around talking. Robert is going on a date. Valentin is doing business as usual. Portia is crying. Laura Curtis and Drew are yapping. No one is FINDING Trina, Spencer and baby. And Leisl.

    1. Forgot to say Dante is making out with Sam. Don't know what Jordan is doing

    2. and TAGGART is not even mentioned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Exactly, like Taggart is MIA and doesn't give a crap about Trina. At least mention that he's out looking around or something...........

  8. The scene with Dex and Kristina was weird. I was getting the "vibe" like Dex is Sonny's son (and Krissy's brother). Anyone else get that vibe from the way he was looking when Kristina was showing pictures of the homeless shelter that Sonny bought her?

  9. I’m surprised the are talking about endometriosis because K. Storms had it IRL, maybe still has. No more babies please! CM is so not Drew.

    1. Plus Molly is never on the show enough to do an endometriosis story justice.


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