Monday, April 3, 2023

Kicking off The Nurses Ball


IT's starting!! GH Nurses BALL Red Carpet! Milliow is watching from home. Lucy is all dressed up watching from the safe house. She's angry she's not there.

Drew comes in to say goodbye to Millow. Willow says he looks like James Bond. 

Curtis comes in with Nina... Sonny just smiles (I think it's a plan to show they aren't together) 

Brook and Chase, same old same old. :eyeroll: Linc walks up.

Victor admires Spencer when he sees him on the red carpet. Trina walks in wearing hot pink. 

Ava gets Austin at GH and gives him the tux to put on. She tells Portia she should go. They show up on the red carpet and Ava tries to pass Austin off as her date/boyfriend. 

Liz and Finn-- Liz also has on navy sequins. ALL THE WOMEN LOOK ALIKE 

Not much else to tell. Victor gets a gun from his goonie who tells him they traced Lucy's car. Victor says he'll go find her. Lucy says she's 'going to the Ball"... The door open for everyone. 

It was... lackluster. 


  1. Yes. What was with all the sequin dresses. I missed the dresses of old

  2. Wish they would take a moment and show Brad watching the red carpet and remembering watching with Britt (that episode was so fun).

  3. and all of the women had their hair down - a first - I read that the wardrobe department chose sparkly? I dunno -------------WHERE are Felicia, Robert, Mac, Diane, TJ, Molly, Marshall just to name a few--------and a thousand percent WHY are they not showing Brad thinking of Britt?
    ------bizarre we heard Sasha was there but never saw her or Cody on the Red Carpet - OR Mrs. Wu
    -----on which is very reputable - the spoilers list Victor's plan comes out April 11th.....
    ---------My gracious, SHUT UP LUCY!!!!
    ------Ava is gorgeous followed by Portia - I didn't really care at all for Jordan's dress - I thought een she looked uncomfortable LOL
    -----Can I go back to something - anyone know why TERRY wasn't at Ephip service????

  4. The cabin: Ooooo love Lucy's dress! She wins the lines of the day.

    Lucy: Ewww Bobbie. Do you really think that's your best look? Did you even think about consulting a stylist? This is the nurses ball red carpet! Not some episode of the Bachelorette!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Damn I love you Lucy! You should be at the Nurses ball!!! Oh oh I think she is getting drunk. :)

    Victor's limo: Can't wait to see what Victor has planned!! :)

    Mildew home:

    Mildew and Drew: Drew, James Bond?! BAHAHAHAHA!

    Mildew: Willow dying, er sorry falling asleep. Don't have strange dreams about! :) Oh so she gets her transplant tomorrow and then after that they get married. Gotcha. Hey where are Wiley and Ohsaka Walnut? Probably both asleep. What time does the Nurses ball start? 8:00?

    The red carpet nurses ball: Too much sparkly!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh Trina don't have sparkly on, just bright color.. I like her dress. :) That Sydney lady has a crush on Sonny and his dimples, and Curtis! :D I think Sydney was making fun of Dex's name! Hahahaha! Will Ava sing you don't own me again? I hope so. :) Love Jolt! (Pawtucket Holtster and Ava) Carly and Sonny having eye sex. She is looking at him like she is in wuv with him still. Sprina wuv. :) Making Syndey all emotional! :) Why is Maxie wearing pants? ROFL! What is the Llama going to do? Last time it did nothing. :) And Di don't you dare say the Llama can eat the Tribbles!!!! Hahaha! :) I don't see the Tribbles, the Green beans, and Badger Bob! Klutzy Sam and her bread. :)

    The nurses ball:

    Brooky and Chase: Oh come on!! Chase just get ready to sing and dance and stop talking to Brooky. It's a waste of time.

    Brooky and Linc: He called her Brooky. Too bad he didn't call her Cookie! ROFL!

    OH! The nurses ball is about to begin! When the doors opened I thought they opened on it's own at first haha.

    1. What is the llama for? When did that silly thing start? Never understood it. And just no to it eating the Tribbles, lol!
      I saw Klutzy Sam and Dante saved her. Is that a tradition now, too?
      Personally, I liked all the sparkle, so sue me. HAHAHAHAH!
      I'm done with Lucy. To me it's not funny anymore and way to childish. And le sigh.....I do miss Britt and Brad.
      Fingers crossed there is no "breaking news" interruptions today.


    The sweetest interview with Mo (Maurice Benard).

  6. Victor would NEVER do his own dirty work -

  7. love --------it has all the gowns listed and who they wore

  8. My favorite things about Monday's episode were Maxie and Lucy, Ava and Austin, and the llama. Other than that, not much else. Hopefully, things kick into higher gear soon.


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