Friday, April 28, 2023



THIS IS HOW she should have arrived at the Qs!! COMET! Dang... LOL yes, I thought of that!! 

So, I'm out today. They are planting a tree in my hometown at the library for my mother. (Happy Arbor Day btw). It's a wonderful thing as she was a library trustee and teacher for many years. I'll miss the POST-WEDDING disasters so you'll have to keep me updated. This weekend is busy as well because I'm hosting my aunt's 88th birthday party. I'm hoping to pull together a skeleton Sunday Surgery but that's about it! We shall see!! 

Let's be positive? What was your fave part of the wedding? I'm always answering TRACEY for everything right now LOL ..she was a pip. Also--the Kristina/Joss exchange was perfect. Love that. The kids looked cute. It took forever but it's OVER!! 

I think Nina is fk'd. 


  1. I liked Avery and Donna and Amelia. Best dressed goes to the 3 little girls!

    1. PS. That is a beautiful thing they are doing for your mother. They did something similar for my friends mother in her town. Be well Karen

    2. Carly’s dress didn’t fit well and Joss looked like she was going to a dance in Nixon Falls. The kids were so cute! Michael is just as unlikable as his mother. She just thinks that she can do no wrong.

    3. I loved Molly's dress. I liked Willow's bridal gown, too. I like that the costume people did a theme for the dresses for the little girls and Joss. I loved Tracy being home. Look at photos from decades ago. Jane Elliot had and HAS great hair. Her up do was a style she has rocked years and years ago.

  2. What a lovey tribute to your mother. :)
    The little girls were so cute and the grin Amelia gave Carly was just adorable! I enjoyed the picture taking, and was pleasantly surprised by the sonnet Joss read, it was lovely.

  3. What a wonderful sentiment for your mom Karen.

    I loved the little girls also and Willow looked so lovely. Loved the comment about arriving on Comet!

  4. Enjoy the lovely tribute to your mom, Karen

  5. That is SO lovely about your mom!!!!
    ---Tracy was kinda the only redeeming factor!
    ---in thinking ahead, I think Tracy turned in Drew and Carly but Nina will confess to Sonny---he will dump her - and then as Tracy is leaving PC again, we will find out SHE did it!!
    as long as it breaks up Sonny and Nina I don't care....
    ----in Mays sweeps spoilers we STILL have Victor the 2nd week in MAY???? UGH....tomorrow is a zoom event with CS and JPS but I doubt he says when his last air date is....
    -----they never did explain who is behind Pikeman - #anotherstorylinedropped

  6. Mufasa, I just commented to Sonya about people saying that it was Tracy who turned in Drew and Carly. I LOVE this idea! And now your additional comments about you-know-who confessing! Pooh hitting the fan all over the place! HAHAHAHAHAH!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day and weekend for you Karen. Enjoy!
    Best two things about wedding: it's over and Molly's dress.
    Lots of fans are annoyed about the Willowkemia story and how it totally misrepresents the horrors of cancer. For this they get a writing Emmy nom. SMH.
    I read an article that said someone tweeted that from the way things have been going in PC maybe Victor's plan is not such a bad idea.

    1. They could have at least made mention of having to add extensions to her hair or something, She looked so pretty

  8. Greenland:

    Laura, V.C., Drew, and Curtis: They are trying to find a way in! Curtis warns that they need to focus on getting Trina, baby Ace, Spencer, and Dr. O out and not focus on any vendettas. Curtis was looking right at V.C.! :) The bad guys are around, and Drew grabs V.C.! Hahahahahahahaha! The way Drew grabbed him hahahhahaha. The bad guys were leaving, until they hear a noise. The noise is V.C.'s phone ringing!!! YIKES!

    Laura and Curtis: Talking about Helena! Laura wins the line of the day.

    Laura: She liked her curses.

    BAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA! She sure does. :) Or did.

    Q home:

    Ned and Michael: RA RO. Michael is accusing Ned of calling the SEC on him. It really does sound like he is saying the FCC. No no Michael! I think Tracy called them.

    Mildew: Willowkemia changed into her clothes and she can't wait to go home to be with Wiley, Ohsaka Walnut, and Michael. Where is the wheelchair? Did it become invisible again?

    Brooky and Ned: Ned is really upset that Michael thinks he called the SEC. Brooky doesn't blame Michael. Then she walks away. Gee I guess Brooky is on Michael's side.

    Police station:

    Dante, Joss, Carly, Diane, and the 2 feds: Carly has Diane as her lawyer. The FCC or SEC is there. The FCC-SEC think Drew is going to Maui!! Hahahaha.

    Carly, Joss, and Sonny: Ooooo Sonny is the one who made the FCC-SEC guys think Drew is going to Maui. Wow they are so dumb! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Scotty and Portia: Portia almost slipped to Scotty where Dr. O, Spencer, Baby Ace, and Trina are. Scotty knows that Dr. O is very tough so she will be okay. Portia says that when she gets Trina home, she will not let Trina anywhere near Spencer. Yeah good luck with that.

    Anna's room:

    Anna, Jordan, Holly, and MADDOX: HEY MADDOX! :) They are figuring out what Victor is up to, and they did. Too bad its not because of the weather change. So disappointing.

    Jordan and Anna: While they are talking, Scotty ovehears them! DUN DUN DUNNNN!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to March 30th, 1983* Monica lost a patient so she is taking it out on Alan.

    1. Ooops forgot 1 thing.

      Pikeman meeting: HI BRICK! :) Oh my Dex and the secret camera that he hid. :) And the Pikeman people show up. I wonder what will happen at the meeting.

  9. Comet! Hahahaha yes!!! :) And that is so wonderful about your mom awwwww. :) She deserves it. :)

  10. will we ever see the Pikeman boss? Cause not seeing equals even more not caring----I thought about Mrs. Wu or Cyrus ----they drop storylines and because we haven't seen Ava/Austin/Mason in forever, I don't think it's Olivia Jerome???
    ------I'm in the minority but I LOVE that Sonny helped out Carly......
    ------I read that even the 2nd week of May Victor is STILL around and hasn't been caught - HOW long can this last (rhetorical question)
    -----what is Scotty gonna do to screw things up?
    -----very excited that tomorrow night is ZOOM with CS and JPS!


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