Sunday, April 9, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Enter, Stage Right


Well, in a week interrupted we had the Ball start and the Victor story finally coming to the climax. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting but Friday helped the situation. 

This weekend is all holiday-ish for me so this will be short and sweet. Just like Spinelli.

I feel this week was very stilted when it should have been flowing from red carpet to showcasing the cast to the acts and the evil empire rearing his ugly head. Instead it was pretty choppy, had so many holes and disappointments, The acts were really really spaced far apart.   Did Ned sing? Olivia and he were shown for a second... I think? Robert came in day 3...Laura wasn't at the ball but did see a knocked out Esme. Spinelli was there but only to smile when Georgie was singing. People popped in and out of the audience like ping pong balls. Maybe it's on again Monday because of the interruption but I don't think so. It could have been so much more for the 60th anniversary. 


Red Carpet; plenty of glittery dresses and.... glittery dresses. 

And... More....

Opening Act.. with a song used frequently in a commercial 

Another Epiphany Tribute 

Joss and Trina sang.

Llama eats some bagels 

Brook outted Linc ...and it sure was surprisingly easy! 

People clapped. 

Georgie's Georgie made Dr O disappear! 

A Guest-Singer 

More Glitter 

And...a Bobbie retrospect 

SIDE EYE OFF THE WEEK: Trina wasn't too happy about Spencer being mean to Dex. So they argued and he left for Victor's yacht. Did she stow-away? We shall see! 

SIDE STORY OF THE WEEK: Gladys had a bracelet. Gladys set up Cody to have "stolen" it. Cody is arrested by Mac Daddy. 


PERSON SHOT OF THE WEEK:  Anna's Down! Victor shot her after he got the necklace. Lucy escaped to eventually come out of her own photo at the Nurses' Ball. 

LAMPS SHOT OF THE WEEK:   Esme--down and out. Taken by all of the many many goons that were hanging around. Ace? On the Haunted Star with the rest of his Cassadine Clan. 

YOU RUINED EVERYTHING OF THE WEEK:  Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!! Could you have BEEN more annoying? That's a NOPE. 


The Nurses Ball took place

Liesl disappeared and put into a trunk

Lucy escaped and crashed the Nurses Ball 

Gladys framed Cody for stealing her bracelet 

Brook Lynn told the world Linc is a sexual offender

Victor shoots Anna; VAnna declare their love 

Victor takes Baby Ace 

Spencer joins Victor on the Haunted Star 

Anna's being operated on

Haunted Star goes out to sea....

Best part of the Ball? : Bobbie Flashbacks 

So, I feel like for the 60th anniversary, this was a bit lacking in production values along with way too much chopping up of everything to be really entertaining. I miss the days when the Ball was staged like a Broadway production and was just act after act and a BIT of banter in the audience. I am hoping they address the Monica situation when Tracey comes home because it's just SO glaring that she's absent for everything. What was with Laura not being there? Where's Kevin? It's also hilarious that Drew was shown the first day then... POOF!  Also, it used to be almost the whole cast would pitch in for most of the acts. It's getting fewer and far between. 

Also, were you expecting a bit more guest star "surprises" at this Ball? I sure was. Maybe even John Stamos or Rena Sofer? Ok, I'll stop. Let's just say I wanted so much more than it was. 

LOOK!! It was his little girl that made a cameo!! Also seen: Kate Grahn (Nancy's daughter)  playing the guitar. Interesting that Derek stayed from Epiphany's memorial but William Lipton had to leave quickly? Wouldn't a "last Cam singing Cameo" have been nice? I mean his send off was good but...the timing? Weird. 



  1. Sad Ball this year IMO (:

    Georgie looks just like the actress who played Georgie.

    How long can Willow wait for her transplant. Geese.

    So I guess Victor has the real Ice princess necklace. They wouldn't be so stupid

    Thank you Karen for all your hard work


    "Red Carpet; plenty of glittery dresses and.... glittery dresses. And... More...."

    I don't care if 60 anniversary means glitter. They didn't have to do that. Whomever made it 60 anniversary = glitter, should change it! It should be something else.

    "Llama eats some bagels"

    ROFL! When does he go on stage? :)

    "BONE MARROW SAGA OF THE WEEK: Oh POOR POOR Willow...ONE day to GO and.. Guess what? Her DONOR IS IN THE TRUNK OF A CAR!!"


    "LOOK!! It was his little girl that made a cameo!!"

    I didn't know it was his little girl awwwwwww. :) Too bad she didn't have any lines. ROFL!

  3. Happy Easter! Great SS & pics! This NB was quite the dud. I loved Bobbie flashbacks, I thought Blaze was really good and I loved Danielle Ponder who I am familiar with from Sirius. Should have been more returns other than Milo for the anniversary. I really feel bad that Ace was taken — hate to see stuff like that regardless of Esme being the mother. Spencer is a true Cassadine. Cody needs to spill on Gladys. Her makeup was grotesque. And Sasha definitely looks pregnant again. Ned should have performed as he did every year, as well as one last Cam number before he left.

    1. Agreed. Why no Ned and Cam? They should have had forethought and pre recorded william Lipton. Hard to tell who was singing and who wasn't.

    2. PS. They must have either reused those glittery dresses from the past OR found them at Goodwill. Yuck.

  4. Thanks for another great SS!
    Happy Easter!
    I agree with you all. Choppy is the GH mantra. NB with way too many side stories going on at the same time. Weird to have the Victor story climax during the festivities. If they just stuck to the program and had the NB run it's course. Such a huge cast and so many absent from this celebration.
    IMO: would have been nice to see a compilation of Epiphany's performances at the Ball rather than an entire funereal episode.
    Dead Lucy comes crashing through the screen. Dead Jason came crashing through the ceiling. So creative these writers. lol

  5. WORST Nurses Ball ever---Ned didn't even sing like ya'll said?????
    -----and I get that it is different days but no Ava/Austin most days and during Bobbi's tribute LIZ wasn't there? 1/2 the cast was missing.....
    ------I don't care if we ever see Lucy or not - it was beyond annoying.....WHERE is Martin?
    ------Guess Trina follows Spence and gets on the boat -----
    ------I still think CS (Victor) can't stay much longer with shooting Anna and kidnapping Ace, Spence and Liesel.......according to the timeline Wednesday Victor FINALLY explains his stupid plan......
    -------disappointing in the 60th celebration to be honest -------------inserting Gladys and Cody and Brook Lynn and Linc and Chase in the 60th celebration was out of I wrong????
    ------------don't know how much longer I can take the Millow drama.......

  6. also---------------the wedding was Valentine's Day so beyond stupid that Trina still hasn't rconciled with Portia ------------and I want Portia to serve divorce papers to Curtis since he can't make up his mind..........April 7 and nothing has changed (I kinda thought Marsall would be at the Nurses Ball........)
    -------still think Blaze is gonna kill Linc but Brook Lynn or Chase will be arrested

  7. There are many strange things. Why didn't Emma interact with Spencer and Cam when she was there? Is Nicholas going to be on life support forever? Does Mason work for Helena?

  8. I wonder (and I hope) they are keeping Nik away so they can recast with TC. Wishful thinking here!

  9. 100% agree with SS. Thanks Karen!
    Loved Felicia's dress. Loved the Bobbi flashbacks.
    Why no Alexis, Diane, Terry at the the ball? (Yuri was there and I was happy to see him in the Magic Wands) And as all have said why were there no performances from Ned, Cam, and Marshall?? Why no taped speeches honoring the NB from past cast members? So many whys. And if I was Cody I'd be throwing Gladys under the bus, stat!

  10. Charles S posted on Twitter that he IS leaving GH and they are giving him a great send-off

  11. Miscellaneous Nurses Ball notes for me
    - Didn't care for the Magic Wands. Granted, I am not the target audience, LOL. I had more fun seeing the reaction of the Men in the Audience. Mac's face was frozen as a statue. One random Male Extra was smiling wide during the performance.
    - Kirsten Storms gets the award for underrated acting MVP for her comedy talent. I loved how she randomly barged backstage during a scene, and started scolding everyone. Her face on Friday, when she saw Lucy crash the ball, looked like she was ready to murder Lucy.
    -The Bobbie Tribute surprised me. It's hard to believe, but it is a complete 180 from 15 years ago. During the Guza/Phelps days, they treated like Bobble/JZ didn't even exist on GH.
    -Lucy didn't irrate me that much. I thought LH was hilarious, which made up for the dry Nurses Ball. Her trashing Bobbie back during Lucy's "tribute" was funny.
    -I was surprised by the fast pace Linc drama AND ANNA GETTING SHOT! Had this been filmed in 2010, we would of known of a month before, that Anna would be shot.
    -I thought Joss and Trina were being ridiculous during the Dex/Spencer spat. To be fair, Dex really should be doing his faux Sonny "Job". (I still think Willow will kick Michael to curb, after he learns about Michael hiring Dex).

  12. I was looking forward to more flashbacks of stories from over the years. Montages of characters and such. It was disappointing for a 60th special


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