Wednesday, April 26, 2023

"I Feel Like a Spencer"

 Yesterday's show: Other than Tracy ragging on Carly it was WAY ...meh. 

Let's hope today's show keeps me awake. 

Millow are still on the couch. Carly got dressed. Then Joss comes in. Maxie knocks on the door "there's a major problem" The make up person can't make it. So, Sasha is coming over with Deception products. They get her all made up. Bobbie comes in with Donna. They give her something old, new and blue. She feels like a "Spencer" 

Nina calls Martin. She lies to Sonny and tells him it's to "set up a trust" for Amelia and Wylie. Ava brings over Avery so she can go with Sonny and be the flower girl. She wants to give Wills a wedding gift but Ava talks her out of it. "too much". Sonny leaves. They drink martinis. Nina says she's going to 'balance the scale" with Carly. 

Holly explains 'plans' that Ethan heard to Anna. The only people safe when he executes his plan, are the people closest to him. They wonder why they took Liesl. They figure out that it's a biological agent. 

Victor is in the underground bunker in Greenland. I really wish they'd make things look a bit more 'realistic' in these schemes. At least do the lighting. He bought everyone new coats LOL. He gets out a frozen vat thing.  Dr O has to say it's viable and so is the antidote. She says it is not. He calls her bluff and tells her he'll release it then. Now Obrect says she has to test it on humans, both the virus and the antidote. 


Anna wants Robert to call the WSB

Obrect says she'll help Victor

Nina says Carly is going to pay

OMG I don't even think the wedding is happening TOMORROW!! GESSSSSSSZUs. I'm going to be out Friday so, there's that. 


Carly's ready for a tropical night party

Joss is going to a 1978 prom

Maxie has on black velvet for a Christmas funeral

Bobbie is in 80s office gear 

Brook looks ok

Sasha: Teacher going to a faculty meeting


  1. Totally agree on wardrobe! Poor Maxie

  2. Maura is stunning in that color..........I mean come on....
    ---can anyone clarify that the Ice Princess DID in fact take Victor there whereever it is? HOW without Mrs. Wu's diamond......I don't recall Victor actually finding the exact points......this whole storyline is ridiculous and beneath GH...
    ----WHY wouldn't the WSB help now?
    -----I really wish Nicholas Chavez was in the younger category - cause I want him and Jon Lindstrom to win - I gotta go Kevin/Ryan.........and I love Sonya Eddy but who submitted her reel and what was it???????????? course outstanding actors are the same-o, same-o

    1. HAD to be GH submitted it and it had to be her wanting to be a physician?

  3. Disgusted with the way they are writing Nina. Clearly, they want the Sonny/Carly reunion. But to have her do this around the wedding is just overboard and continues the Carly is forgiven (but Nina isn't saga). You have to wonder if they are writing Nina off all together. Lots of fans would be happy.

    Maura is perfect. Wish she submitted her nomination. Rooting for Anna, Sonny, Spencer or Ryan/Kevin. Chad Duell's (Michael)nomination is puzzling to me. I don't find him better than mediocre at best.

    1. oh gosh I completely blocked out monotone Michael's nomination!! HOW did that happen??

    2. agree too Linda - I don't like Nina but it's the way they are writing her so she has nowhere to go but downward!

  4. plus the place hasn't been touched for years and not speck of dust

    1. Is that the same set from back then?!

    2. No cause I think they are in a totally different set now - nothing looks familiar PLUS in the 80's there wasn't much technology!

    3. The set looks similar to the one in the 80's but not the same. I find it so funny that he wants Liesl to work with old dusty equipment and a little box of "the pathogen"? What????????

    4. I did notice the big old PC monitor. That thing was huge, lol! I remember those days...

  5. The compound: When Victor showed up it looked like he was turned on seeing the bunker. He was giving a lot of love to the bunker door. ROFL!

    Victor, his men, Sprina, and Dr. O: Spencer wins the line of the day.

    Spencer: What is this dump?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one Spencer. :) Oh oh nice try trying to trick Victor, Dr. O! He is wayyyyy to smart for that.

    Port Chuckles:

    Hospital/Anna's room:

    Robert, Anna, and Holly: I will always have a special place in my heart for RnA and RnH! Anyway come on! Isn't Frisco the head of the WSB now?! I don't get it. Unless he isn't anymore?

    Sonny's home:

    Nison: Nina don't be lying to Sonny! Once he finds out all the truth, he will dump you so fast your head will spin and bobble.

    Avery, Ava, Sonny and Nina: Awwww Avery is beautiful! :)

    Nina and Ava: Ava is right about the bracelet. Great scene! Ava is a good friend! :)

    Mildew home:

    Carly, Joss, Mildew, Maxie, and Dante: I love how Maxie was in the front and the guys were in the back of her hahaha. Joss's dress, she looks like she is going to a hootenanny! Hahaha! All she needs is a cowgirl hat. :) Love seeing Bobbie!!! :)

    Carly, Joss, Willow, Maxie, and Sasha, Booky, and Donna: Wow! Willow looks great for someone who is dying. No breathing tube, no hair loss, no wig, just nothing. Someone yesterday on twitter called Willow, Willowkemia! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! When Willow called that little girl Donna, I thought that was Avery! ROFL!

    1. HAHAHAHAH! You said hootenanny! I use that phrase a lot, some people think I made it up and say what the heck is that?? :)
      Yeah, wardrobe for the ladies was weird and not very flattering. Karen nailed it! I did think Willow looked gorgeous. But Willowkemia? HAHAHAHHAAH!
      I thought Frisco was still head of the WSB, too. That whole part of the story makes no sense. And as always, Dr. O is the saving grace.
      I've been watching Bones reruns, and Dr. O was on an episode from 2006 and last night there was Harmony from 2017. It's kind of freaking me out, lol!

    2. "Julie H says, HAHAHAHAH! You said hootenanny! I use that phrase a lot, some people think I made it up and say what the heck is that?? :)"

      Hahahaha. Hootenanny is a real word!!! :) They can look it up!

      "Yeah, wardrobe for the ladies was weird and not very flattering. Karen nailed it! I did think Willow looked gorgeous."

      I love Krissy's dress and Molly's dress!!!

      "But Willowkemia? HAHAHAHHAAH!"

      BAHAHAHAHA! I can't get the credit. Someone on twitter said it and it was so unexpected. :)

      "I thought Frisco was still head of the WSB, too."

      Maybe he isn't anymore..

      "Dr. O is the saving grace."


      "I've been watching Bones reruns, and Dr. O was on an episode from 2006 and last night there was Harmony from 2017. It's kind of freaking me out, lol!"


  6. You are right about the ladies wardrobes to the tee. YIKES

  7. It is kind of funny with Robert, Holly and Anna. Robert was married to both of them. Anna and Holly are being so nice to each other; not like in the 80's for sure. I liked Robert and Holly at first and hated Anna. Then I really loved Robert with Anna. Only liked Anna with Duke a little, mostly didn't like Anna and Duke

    1. I remember being so torn about the couples back then. Loved Robert/Holly, hated Anna. Loved Robert/Anna, couldn't stand Duke. THEN loved Anna/Duke. I was a mess! Frisco/Felicia were it for me, but I totally fell for the Felicia/Colton Shore romance and was all messed up when Frisco came back. It was a testament to the writers and actors that I was so fickle! :)

    2. And I forgot to mention Robert/Katherine Delafield. Loved them, too!

  8. Love the wardrobe summary! Was that Maxie or Morticia?
    I had to fast forward through Nina. She has had that same conversation with anyone who'll listen way too many times. Enough already.
    Victor no longer looks like a suave gentleman.
    Somewhere I read that the wedding is next week. Still 2 days after the NB. LOL

    1. I'm not here on Friday so I kind of hope it's not then!

  9. They're supposed to be deep underground in a bunker in Greenland so they're all bundled up in big coats and gloves, and poor Victor is sweating like he just finished running a marathon.

    And yes, fashionista Maxie would never wear black to a wedding. The wedding dress code must have been "get dressed in the dark and come as you are".

  10. GH gets an Emmy nom for costume design. Who's idea was it that Maxie dress in black for a dying woman's wedding? Really bad.


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