Thursday, April 20, 2023

Throw them over


Ava is talking to Portia about Trina. Portia is mad she followed Spencer on the yacht. It's Spencer's fault! SHE doesn't WANT HER TO SEE SPENCER! Ava says that Trina calling her proves she loves her mother. 

Nina and Carly. Nina says she'll stay with Avery until Ava gets back, Carly says no way. They argue about the wedding. SIGH. It's just maddening. 

Curtis and Drew talk about tracking the Haunted Star. So if you missed the last 3 days you can catch up. Drew must have had the coordinates in his head. 

Victor "welcomes Trina" to the Haunted Star.  Dr O isn't sure she wants to develop the vaccine. Victor tells Spencer he has to join him . Spencer says no, goonies go to throw Trina overboard. Spencer says yes so Victor stops. BUT! Victor doesn't believe Spencer so the goonies are supposed to throw them both overboard. Dr O stops him and says she can use them. Probably to trial the vaccine. Yes, they can be test subjects. 

Ned talks to Brook about the ELQ stock drop. Valentin faking his death is making investors jumpy. They have to get Val to put out a statement.  Then he wants to vote them out. 

It was the MOST BORING SHOW--and I can't believe that Tracy and NuEthan are on and WE HAVEN'T SEEN THEM IN 2 DAYS!! WTF! tomorrow is all filler too-- we even get Sasha/Drew and Gladys!


  1. Today was the worst Carly/Nina day ever...............Nina blaming Carly, though, for Liesel not being tested is ridiculous---------------WHY didn't the medical people at GH ask EVERYONE to be tested within all families?
    ------Liesel was brilliant today
    ------So when Nina has Carly arrested at the wedding ----- does she NOT realize how Willow will react - the dying woman??????????? and Sonny ain't gonna forgive her..
    ------Love Ava/Portia convo
    ------DAY AFTER NURSE'S BALL and Ned comments that Valentin should be focused on ELQ and not his family/Anna???? Brook Lynn was smart today-----
    -----Curtis thinking Drew could SUDDENLY remember is what now????????

  2. Can you believe it's still the DAY AFTER THE NB?
    Looking forward to Nina walking in on Sonny/Carly having fun someday.
    Ned was really mean today.

  3. Not sure why they are portraying Ned this way. He has a heart. He is a good actor use him writers! I don't think any of us want to see Carly or Nina and esp not together fighting.

    1. "Linda says, I don't think any of us want to see Carly or Nina and esp not together fighting."

      I don't want to see them arguing, unless they do a huge brawl! With throwing food at each other and other things.. Otherwise forget it.

  4. Some funny one liners today.

    The hospital:

    Drew and Curtis: Awwww they are bonding and Curtis wants to pick Drew's brain! How romantic. :)

    Ava and Portia: Yeah Portia you won't be able to tell Trina to stay away from Spencer. They bonded a LOT now.

    Q home:

    Ned and Brooky: Oh oh. V.C. will not be happy getting kicked out of ELQ!


    Carly and Nina: Come on!!!! Let's have an all out brawl! :) I want to see Cujo! :) Man Carly is really controlling Cujo well.

    Nina's car: Where is Nina's car parked? In a garage?

    Nina: Sanctimonious bitch!

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. Oh oh Nina is gonna put Carly in jail!!! Oh this is gonna be so good. :) *Evil smile*

    Ava and Carly:

    Carly: If you ever feel compelled to give me advice, don't.


    The haunted star:

    The bad guys, Sprina, Victor, and Dr. O: Time for overboardness. :) Love how Spencer hugs Trina!!! He has his hand over her head! Awwwww. :) Sweet! Oh Dr. O wins the line of the day.

    Dr. O: You must feed and water them like any lab rat.


    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to Late March/Early April 1979* This is after the Lassa fever. Jeff tells Rick that Steve Hardy is his bio father. Rick and Leslie sleep in separate bedrooms.

    1. Gotta love Dr. O. Great way to make sure he feeds them properly and looks after them.

    2. Yup you can tell Dr O is playing Victor

    3. Dr. O saved the episode for me, she's the best!

    4. "Di says, Gotta love Dr. O. Great way to make sure he feeds them properly and looks after them."

      YUP!!!! :D Dr. O is so smart! :)

  5. You guys were right. Just read that Sofia Mattsson is expecting again.

  6. After what must have been at least a year of teasing, Victor Cassadine's Grand Master Plan is to Thanos snap half the world's population to save the Earth? I guess ABC is allowed to re-use an Avengers plotline since they own Marvel. How lazy and disappointing. It makes the idea of freezing the world look like a stroke of brilliance.

    1. OMG Your name --love. And I don't watch Avengers so I had no clue

    2. Just heard that said on a podcast. Too Funny.


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