Sunday, April 30, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Bundle UP!

A wedding and an adventure to ... Greenland!! Interesting if uneven week, I'd say!! I'm so busy this weekend so this shall be short and sweet. 

I don't think we ever got to eat Olivia's food, so DIVE right in! 

CHOPPED LIVER OF THE WEEK: Heh... When Holly's in the room? Diane just fades away.  BLOOP!

NICE KNOWING YOU OF THE WEEK:  I don't know, but I would have liked to have had NuEthan on for more than 2 shows? I mean, why bother? I guess it was to get Tracy back but I don't know. Had a flatness to it for me. Anyway, the kid seemed ok and I'm hoping we might see him in Greenland? 

WEDDING OF THE WEEK: Week? AHAHAHA, it's taken months people. SO MANY DAYS. Then, the wedding was an entire episode sprinkled with a few Ava/Nina scenes. We had a Carly-Willow talk. Willow felt like she was a "Spencer"... yada yada. Everyone showed up and Wills and Michael exchanged vows. That's all I have to say on that. 

BEST PART OF THE WEDDING OF THE WEEK:  This girl. Right here. Stay forever!! 

NED DIDN'T SING AGAIN OF THE WEEK: Ned didn't sing at the Nurses Ball and they had him all coming down the aisle to sing at the wedding and...we cut to Nina and Ava. Perhaps they have to pay him more if he sings?? LOL, I don't even know! 

DREW CREW OF THE WEEK: Lord have mercy on me but I am hoping Drew falls into the ice-glades in Greenland. Or he hears about the whole SEC thing and decides to stay. Why take him and not Robert? Robert was there in the 80s!! I am glad Valentin decided to go last minute. AND the FORMER SPY BOY had his CELL PHONE ON? AHAHAHAA.  PS: You forgot YA GLOVES! 

GERM NATION OF THE WEEK:  So, everyone figured out where Victor has gone to unleash his evil plant to kill off most of the population and have his family take over. Do you think Victor realizes he has only TWO Cassadines on that island besides himself? ONE being male and the other--a baby? LOL I mean, why didn't you at least take Sam and Kristina? It makes little sense. Anyway--there are enough guard-goons around to start a fresh army. Dr. O had to tell Victor the truth about the pathogen; that it was alive or he would have released it. The lab was ok...had an "old timey" feel but.. I don't know. It's not kicking in with me yet. So chopped up and it's been so many years that this is been fleshed out. Anna's in the hospital..Robert's not there and Felicia is MIA. Still waiting on the Mac scenes where he finds out. Still.. I'm grateful for the nostalgia feel and the chance to relive my soapy youth. 

SURPRISE OF THE WEEK: MADDOX!! Everyone seems to love Andre and I'm always happy when he pops up. It also seems to be something that's never spoiled!! 

SEC VIOLATION OF THE WEEK:  OH!! NINA!! BLOOP! Was it you who turned in Carly and Drew? The talk with Ava was interesting but was it too easy to think she turned them in? BTW, SEC was mentioned 56,999 times. 

THAT POTATO SHIPMENT OF THE WEEK: So, supposedly the Pinkerton shipment is coming in, and...? Do we still care? Didn't Victor set this up? It would be nice to know what's happening even a little bit. I mean, I GET Dex is betraying Sonny but... ?? And was that camera big enough he planted?! 

FACE OF THE WEEK:   Oh MY ....GAWD! AHAHAHAHHA. This just killed me. 

GLARING HOLES OF THE WEEK: No one mentions the other kids. I get that it was maybe an 'adult' family Not even Leo? And the MONICA SITUATION is just.. unforgivable. The phone call to Elizabeth was touching but did a temp recast in the past, I just think they have to have Monica move in retirement or.. you know. It's just so weird when they mention "Monica's House" and never MONICA HERSELF! I was expecting at least a "oh she's at a medical convention" excuse but she wasn't even thought of. Speaking of NOT Mentioning... um, Taggert?? I'm getting sick of him popping in and out, especially since they established how important Trina is to him! Or that they still consider each other father/daughter. PS: Maxie's BLACK velvet dress was atrocious. 

I just needed to put this here because she looked STUNNING. 

KRISTINA DAVIS OF THE WEEK: Loved how she asked Joss to come to the photo and Joss was all "I'm FINE"... and Krissy was like: "SUIT YOURSELF"! And then had a bit of a snark to her look when Joss walked down the aisle. I WOULD LOVE for this to be explored. They'd make awesome enemies. Plus, the DEX factor win. Kristina is bi by the way, so Dex CAN be in her radar. 


Huge jolt of Cassadine History in Friday's show... watch it!! 

Maddox came to help the team figure out what's happening in Greenland

Victor pulls out the pathogen that is still alive viable according to Dr. O

Trina and Spencer will be test subjects for the pathogen

Drew, Curtis, Laura and Valentin land in Greenland

Dex hides a camera in the warehouse while the shipment comes in. 

Sonny arrives to get the shipment going. 

The wedding happens 

Nina tells Ava she had Martin call the SEC 

The SEC picks up Carly, questions her and lets her go

Michael accuses Ned of turning his mother in to the SEC 

Holly arrives in PC and Robert literally drops Diane to hug her

Greenland is cold. 

NEWS AND NOTES OF THE WEEK: Please see nominations HERE ON THE BLOG for The Daytime Emmys. There was a bit of a kerfluffle about Eden's nom on twitter. I didn't really read every thread but she ended up defending her being in the younger category. (she was 18 at the time of submission). So.. there's that going on. 

That's all I have for you all. See you next week... I think it's going to be a lot of Greenland stuff. BUNDLE UP!! 


  1. Everyone should have had those dresses on for the wedding. Not just Joss and Avery and Donna. Love that pic. Eden must be good with those little girls. You can see they adore Eden from the picture

  2. I have to say my interest in "GH" has been waning lately. There are too many plot holes and the characters I really like (Ava, Austin, Laura, Liz, Scott) aren't given enough to do.

    However, I would definitely be interested in a Kristina/Joss rivalry. The actress who plays Kristina is *always* so good.

    I have never seen Cameron Mathison on another soap, but I find him alternately boring and annoying on "GH."

    1. Kevin, I see are my people! LOL! Totally agree :)

  3. I was thrilled when Andre showed up and you're right, it's never spoiled! Snickered about that big honking camera. Sheesh!
    I really enjoyed it finally happened wedding and I'm another fan who would love a Kristina/Joss kerfuffle! They would both bring it!
    I also thought Val dropping the SAT phone was silly. Very out of character.
    Thanks for the SS!

  4. Thanks for the "short and sweet" SS!
    Not too much makes any sense any more. And when it does it eventually doesn't.
    Love Andre. And the fact that when they do bring him in they don't create some stupid sub story to do it. Tracy/Holly.
    Yes, Tracy forever please.
    I do believe that they cut out scenes now and then. Like Ned singing. I think I read on his FB page that he was going to sing.
    All that kitchen chatter with lots of cooking but no food. Poor Olivia.

    1. Ned never sang. He played his guitar and that was that. Huge disappointment. Liv did cook tons of food they showed when Tracy was making fun of it. LOL!

  5. Great SS! Yeah, we needed that WIllow and Carly love fest but not Ned’s singing. Michael is such a sourpuss. Maybe it is more Chad than Michael. Wish Andre would drop in more and I hope Tracy can stay awhile. Drew can stay in Greenland - waste of space.

  6. They must not have Bradford Anserson very often. I like seeing Maddox once in awhile. I loved the scene from awhile back of him and Anna dancing.

    1. Jane Elliot won't stay too long. She brings great comedy.

    2. My tv guide for wednesday says that Tracy and Brooklyn band together. Can't wait to see what they're going to be up to. It'll be nice to see Brooklyn doing something other than mooning over Chase and with such a great actress in the scenes with her.

  7. I won't say everything that Charles S and JPS said last night on Zoom - but it was the best zoom cause they are hysterical!!! JPS even cautioned Charles to be careful what he said cause 'these people will spread the word'......but this wasn't a huge secret - he's done filming - Victor is gone and his last scene was with Michael E Knight/Marty as flashback of Victor's will......and he made me feel better cause he said he realized when Victor shot Anna, there wasn't any way to redeem Victor! He was very honest about his character - it was great
    --------so for sure Dex will have the evidence but Michael won't do anything (YEAH) cause his father is saving Leisel/Willow by Drew's fake itinerary.
    -----Jane Elliott I hope stays and has scenes with Genie Francis......
    -------I made a list when I was bored and I came up with 14 storylines dropped since February sweeps................which is why we don't care about things ---- or they drag it out for years......Millow..........
    -------still think Luke is alive ----- I HOPE HOPE that Victor doesn't say somehting cryptic before he dies - Luke died after Helena right? So Helena's video we never saw wouldn't have his current whereabouts?
    ----Let's go May sweeps!

  8. Karen - when you wrote " . . . Victor has gone to unleash his evil plant to kill off most of the population . . ." I couldn't help but think of that Flonase commercial with the giant plant terrorizing the city Thanks for the chuckle !


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