Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Pushed To The Limit!!


Today is full on from 8am to 7pm! HOW WILL I MAKE IT?? Lord help me-- I usually have a nap around 3 after GH !! LOL 

Sorry I'm out but you can comment about today's show to your heart's content. I'm a little wary of the whole "Haunted Star" caper and I'm afraid they will be on there forever then transferred to some bunker somewhere. It's not caught my attention yet. Tracy will be on soon so that may help. We shall see!

HAVE A GOOD ONE! it's going to be 75 here!! WHOA 


  1. Amanda Setton as Brookie is so good in sensitive scenes. Hard to believe they are wasting her not giving her more screen time. There is so much more she could be doing.

    I don't mind the kidnapped on the HS story. Just do it right. It brings a lot of characters together and highlights Sprina which I am 100% on board for. I am happy to root for a couple again! Back in the day they would have been on that ship a month or more. For me it's better than the same scenes every day with the same dialogue beating themselves to a pulp.

    I like seeing Felicia and Laura on our screens so much more lately. Now we need more Riane. (Robert/Diane)

  2. Why isn't there a full on search for the Haunted Star? Are they waiting for him to reach his destination?
    Not ready for the summer temps here in CT. At least it's temporary for now.

  3. Loved the mini-flashback of young Laura on the Titan/HS :-)

  4. Yeah it's so warm Karen! I love it!!! :)

    The police station:

    Jordan, Dante, and Gladys: Gladys wants to tell her statement, but Jordan and Dante are blowing her off hahahahaha. Jordan got some lady cop to get her statement.

    Cowboy Cody and Dante: Dante wins the line of the day.

    Dante: Do you ever plan on ever growing up?

    BAHAHAHAHA! Dante! Cowboy Cody is innocent!!! You have to believe him. He didn't take Gladys's bracelet!!! Oh hi Sam.. A Sante lovey dovey moment.

    Cowboy Cody and Sam: Cowboy Cody is saying he is innocent which he is, but Sam doesn't know if she can trust him!!!!

    Joss and Carly: Joss told Carly all about Dex and the shootout at the warehouse. Carly is upset that Joss didn't tell her sooner! That she needs to know these things. Uh Carly? Joss is an adult now and not a child!! She is your mini you. :)

    Joss, Carly, and Dante: They are figuring out where Trina could be. Joss tried to text her, but it didn't go through and Joss didn't realize.

    The hospital:

    V.C. and Portia: V.C. is freaking out about Anna and wants an update! Portia says she is not my patient. Curtis shows up!

    V.C., Portia and Curtis: Curtis don't like how V.C. is talking to Portia and is defending her! He even calls her his wife. V.C. apologies to Portia when she got an update. She accepted his apology.

    Felicia and Laura: They are figuring out where Victor could have gone! There was a Laura flashback of when Laura was on the boat when it was called the Titan!!!! :) YAY!

    Purtis: Portia tried to text Trina, but it didn't go through. Damn what happened? Can nobody text Trina because she is on the boat and there is no reception? Hmmmmm. But they can leave her a voicemail. How odd.

    Purtis, Jordan, and Dante: Portia sees Jordan and Dante walk up and immediately realizes they are here because of Trina.

    V.C. and Anna: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! V.C. is making me all emotional! He is crying. This scene is killing me!!!! OH ANNA WAKES UP! :) I would love to see the bloopers on this, and then see Finola Hughes wake up and laugh. Haha.

    Mildew home:

    Willow, Baby Ohsaka Walnut, Brooky, and Sasha: That baby is adorable and cranky haha. Sophia Mattsson really looks like she is pregnant. The baby is gone and Willow talks about how she wants to marry Michael and doesn't want to wait.

    The haunted star:

    Sprina: I love the hug! I love how they have a plan! :)

    Victor and Spencer: Wow! Spencer is in just a towel! He is so BUFF!!!!!!! They talk and Sprina is under the bed!! She should grab Victor's shoe laces and tie them up! ROFL! His feet are right there!!! :) Oh oh her purse is on the floor near the bed! She is trying to get it! No Trina don't!!! Spencer wants to see his brother and go in the dining room. Victor said for lunch.

    Victor and bad guy: Victor has noticed that the latch on the door is unlocked, so he threatened the bad guy to not do it again! Poor bad guy. It wasn't him! It was Trina.

    Sprina: Looks like Spencer has a plan to distract Victor!!!! :D

    1. I think they're too far out at sea now, sonya. She'd need a satellite phone to call home.

      VC crying had me all emotional too.

      I hope Sam talks to Sasha and that sasha gets suspicious of Gladys and checks her bank account. I want this stortline line resolved sooner rather than later.

    2. "Di says, I think they're too far out at sea now, sonya. She'd need a satellite phone to call home."

      Yeah good point. :) But but wait! It's 2023!!! That shouldn't happen anymore!!! ROFL!

      "VC crying had me all emotional too."


      "I hope Sam talks to Sasha and that sasha gets suspicious of Gladys and checks her bank account. I want this stortline line resolved sooner rather than later."

      Yeah this storyline should be resolved soon!!!

    3. Old enough to be his mama, but um, Spencer in a towel....! (fanning myself)
      Ok good one, tying Victor's shoelaces together. The mental picture made me spew my coffee, thanks Sonya! :)
      The flashback of Laura was everything! I love her and Felicia plotting and figuring things out. I'd really like it if those 2 brought down Uncle Victor!
      Seriously Trina, lose the damn purse and change your clothes. I can't take it anymore!!

  5. screaming out loud - THERE IS NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO ARREST CODY! Come on PCPD!!!! Read the room!

  6. I am enjoying the Spencer/Trina adventure, but one good storyline (yet again) is not enough to carry a five-day-a-week show.

  7. Really good show yesterday and a Laura flashback to boot! JPS was great in the ICU with Anna. My my, Spencer in a towel and Cody is looking good now, too! Why haven't they gone to look for the Haunted Star and track it?


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