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Spencer leaps up and puts a knife to Liesl's neck to get Victor to let them go.. lol the goonie guy has a gun. Victor is like "DO whatever you want, I don't care." "If you kill Dr Obrect you seal your brother's fate" ... More goonies run in, Spencer lets her go. Victor ties up Spencer. He's disappointed. Spencer says he can't kill him because he's the last Cassadine heir.. Victor says he'll raise Ace himself and give him all the Cassadine knowledge. 

Laura tries to justify her plan with Anna and Valetin to Jordan. Jordan is like "well, THAT WENT WELL' 

Curtis says he'll find OUR daughter to Portia. He leaves.  He finds Laura and tells her he's going to help find the HS.

Trina makes noise on the wall. Goonies wonder what it is. They don't catch her (Shocker) She finds a satellite phone. She calls her mother. Portia runs out and get Laura and Jordan and Curtis to listen in. Laura asks her if she's in the communications room. She says yes. Laura knows it well, it was her wedding gift after all. Laura talks her through it and they get coordinates and then Trina leaves but takes a walkie talkie. Says she loves her mother. 

Brook calls someone to come help her. OH Maxie with Brown hair. Brook mentions it. She asks her to plan Willow and Michael's wedding. It's "TOMORROW" says BROOK. Keep that in mind and let's count how long it's going to take. Maxie orders flowers. Olivia is cooking and baking the cake. 

Chase Greg and Finn are at the gym. Talking about Brook Lyn. :eyeroll: They say he should forgive her and then they tell Greg to forgive Alexis. Then Chase says his PCPD meeting is coming up. 

Alexis is trying to find the Haunted Star with her connections. Sam walks in fresh from court. She doesn't think that Cody took it. Then they talk about Greg being mad at Alexis. Alexis doesn't think she'll ever see him again.


Bald Goon finds walkie talkie gone. 

Victor says Spencer is going to be punished with NO FOOD

Greg goes to visit Alexis

Brook runs into the PCPD meeting to help Chase. 


  1. Alexis, the lawyer, was one of my favorite characters. Alexis, the editor, is not. They have pushed the GH annoying character button. Plus the repeated flashbacks of a very stupid non story. I still love NLG.
    Maxie looks nice. Her dark hair is different.

  2. Yes Zazu I agree! Such a shame.

  3. Destroyed Alexis character I agree!!!!!!!!!!!
    --------I SO want Ace to NOT be a Cassadine #stillnopaternitytest
    ---------Hope Trina IS the heroine in this storyline!!!!
    --------still confused that Blaze is out at GH - I thought we would have a murder mystery and Brook Lynn nor Chase or Dante has even mentioned Linc.......
    --------Wedding Feb 14 of Portia and Curtis/Nurses Ball April 1-----so technically it's the next day right???????? but the spoilers say Millow wedding is April 26.....SOOOO CONFUSED>>.
    ----I love Genie F.....

    1. "Mufasa says, still confused that Blaze is out at GH"

      Yeah I don't know why Blaze is out!!! It should be Linc who is out!!

  4. I like Maxie better as a blond. I want Trina to be heroine too. Love Genie Francis. I bet this is dragged out until May. I love NLG and Alexis, but I too like her better as a lawyer scrapping with Diane.

    1. Looks like Holly coming Monday and Tracy coming Tuesday. Hope that is true

    2. "lindie says, I like Maxie better as a blond."

      Yeah me too, but that's because that's all we have ever seen her in! Blond hair! :) We will get used to it. :)

  5. The hospital:

    Purtis: No you were right the first time Curtis! YOUR daughter!!! You can help as much as you want to!!!!

    Jordan and Laura: I'm glad they are working together!! :)

    Jordan, Laura, and Curtis: YES!!! Curtis can help! Like Laura said. ALL HANDS ON DECK! Laura get the Tribbles, Badger Bob, and the green beans to help too! Hey where is Taggart?

    Portia and Trina: Ooooo YAY! Glad Trina found a phone to call her mother! :)

    Portia, Trina, Jordan, Curtis, Laura: GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D This would have been a great time for a flashback of the haunted star with a young Laura, young Luke, and young Robert. :)

    The hospital gym:

    Gregory, Finchy, and Chase: Well, Gregory Finchy asks a good question! When are you going to give Alexis another chance!!!! :) 3 sexy men at a gym YUM! :)

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Sam: Ohhhhh! I was wondering why Sam was wearing something so conservative. Because she was at a court house okay.. Sam wins the line of the day.

    Sam: Have you been hit on the head?


    Mildew home:

    Brooky and Maxie: WHOA! MAXIE'S HAIR COLOR!!!! Yikes! It's a little jarring. I really need to get used to it. All I have ever seen is Maxie in blonde hair. Is that the actress's natural hair color?

    The haunted star:

    Trina and the communications room: Trina is so smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Although taking that walkie talkie isn't a very good idea! Now she has to go find some clothes. :)

    The bad guys: Wow! They are very smart bad guys and not blind. :) Yes a walkie talkie IS missing. :)

    Spencer, Dr. O, Victor and the bad guys: Nice try Spencer! You can't bluff Victor. :) I hope Dr. O isn't too mad at Spencer.

    Victor and Spencer: Oh oh! No food for you! What about water?

    *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1993* This is when Ned and Lois first meet!!! YAY! :D There is a years worth of story for them. 208 parts to it.

    1. Kirsten Storms had blond hair on Days of our lives as a young teenager.

    2. During the early pandemic, when nobody could get ANYTHING done, Maxie grew some serious roots of about that color. Her hair looked really lush today, a condition that is difficult to maintain with repeated bleaching. I don't mind it, just want K.S. to be happy, she's been through a LOT in the last few years.

    3. "Judith says, During the early pandemic, when nobody could get ANYTHING done, Maxie grew some serious roots of about that color."

      Yeah I remember that!! :)

  6. where is Taggart and I still think HE is gonna be Trina's father.

  7. I really like Maxie as a brunette. She always had such dark roots. Alexis looks like she had a face lift. Wish these actresses felt comfortable aging gracefully.

  8. I remember some discussion here about Tina's pink dress, she really needs to borrow one of Spencer's T-shirts, and I read an article on that may explain it. The article talks about the similarities between Luke and Laura in the first ice princess caper and Spencer and Trina this time. The article showed a photo from where Laura and Robert are holding a gun on the bad guys and Laura is wearing a pink dress. Don't know if that was the reason for the pink but if it wasn't it should have been.

    1. I haven't read the article but I was thinking along those lines. I loved the short flash back clip of Laura sneaking around the ship. I love the generational tie-in that it is Laura's grandson, with the name of Spencer, with his strong, smart gf thwarting the evil Cassadine character. The 60th anniversary celebration has been spread with the look backs and the shout outs to the legacy characters at the NB and the Ice Princess story line. Felecia and Laura and the others in the OLD Guard working together, with a shared knowledge of their past, and a WINK AND A NOD to all of us who have watched for years has been great.

  9. It sure is taking a long time to get the Coast Guard (and maybe Robert and Dante) to get out on the waterways and try to track down the Haunted Star.

    Also, Alexis, Sam, Kristina, Molly and Charlotte are all Cassadines. Why isn't Victor concerned about them? (And if it's because they are females and not considered "true" heirs, at least acknowledge the elephant in the room.)

    I am enjoying Spencer and Trina's adventure, but that is not enough for an entire show. They need to quickly wrap up: 1) Sasha's guardianship and Gladys' shady behavior, or at least get Selina involved more directly, 2) Willow's sickness, and 3) Chase and Brook Lynn being apart. Those storylines just drone on and on.

    Let's see more of Robert and Diane, Ava and Austin, Kristina, and Felix and Brad.

    1. I always thought that the fact that Alexis was illegitimate was the fact that Victor looked down his nose at Alexis and her daughters. As for Charlotte, I assumed that Victor washed his hands of her once Valentin turned against him. Victor strikes me as the type to hate the kids if he hates the parent.

      Agree, more Robert/Diane, Ava/Austin, Kristina, Felix and Brad. And quit dragging the other storylines out. I've lost interest in most of them.

  10. alexis and anna were ruined years ago. wouldn't care if they were killed off. love liesel.

    1. Oh no! Please don't listen writers. Sorry Witch.


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