Monday, April 24, 2023

Flying on a Plane


WHAT A DAY!! DON LEMON AND TUCKER? What the WHAT!! Just a stellar news day LOL 

Ethan, Holly and Felicia and Tracy on the plane. Ethan and Holly are so happy. Tracy's crabby that Holly bid so much and drove her price up. Tracy wants to catch Luke's killer. She's been figuring things out for the last 14 months on her own. 

Ethan wants to go back to Australia because he has charity work and some gambling debts. Holly wants him to go back to PC. He asks her what's there for her. (she thinks of Robert). Ethan tells Holly what he knows about the "victor plan" (he heard the guards) but tells her off camera. The plane starts to land. Ethan says goodbye to Holly. 

I guess the wedding will start in ...3, 4 days? I don't know. Carly, Michael, Ned and Brook are at the Qs talking about wedding day. Olivia is there too. They fill the flower baskets with rose petals. 

Ned talks about not having Valentin the head of ELQ anymore. Looks at Michael. Ned and Val finally talk on the phone about his disappearance. Ned wants Valentin to put a statement out. Ned is afraid for the stock. Valentin says nope. Then Ned says he worried about the employees and wants Val to step down. Valentin says NOPE and hangs up. 

Molly tells TJ and Alexis about her probable endometriosis. She says the treatment is hormonal and she won't be able to get pregnant. Alexis and Molly talk alone. Molly cries. Alexis says not to panic and don't google !! 

Laura, Robert, Drew and Curtis try to figure out the map that Drew found. Robert calls around. He found it in a cove in Greenland. There's an old research station there. WSB can't help. Something about red tape, yada yada. Laura says too bad, she's going to get the people out of harm's way. She orders a plane and they are leaving. ALL but Robert who is going to be back up in Port Charles (Grrrrrrrrrr..leave DREW HOME!) 

Drew tells the Q family he's leaving to go find Liesl to bring her home. 

Robert sees Diane in his office. She has the dry cleaning bill for him. 

Portia goes in to visit Anna and wants answers about Victor from Valentin. She cries and asks Anna if Vic could hurt Trina. (Ya THINK?) 


Holly walks into Robert's office and Diane is like WTF 

Valentin decides to go too! 

Tracy is  home and yells about too many daffodils being in the yard LOL I love Tracy. 


  1. Friday show obviously.....
    i'm glad I didn't invest in Ethan since he is already gone!
    -----getting towards Sonny walking Willow down the aisle and Krissy being a surrogate
    -----I think it's silly that Drew, Curtis and Laura are gonna save everyone when WSB can't BUT I love Genie Francis and now JPS with them so I can forgive - LOVE Laura and Valentin working together.
    ------guess Eileen had a funeral and we never saw it?????????//
    ------Greenland coming outta nowhere when it's been Venezuela -----
    -----let's crank up May sweeps with wrapping up Willow cancer, Victor leaving, and move on to Ava and Austin......and finding Luke alive of course......
    --------it's now officially pitiful that Taggart is not mentioned if IF two days after Nurses Ball

  2. "WHAT A DAY!! DON LEMON AND TUCKER? What the WHAT!! Just a stellar news day LOL"

    Hahaha. Karma!!!! :D Anyway today had a lot of funny one liners!

    The plane:

    Holly and Recast Ethan: So Recast Ethan knows all about Victor's plan huh? We didn't get to hear him tell his mama! I'm surprised!

    Felicia and Tracy: Tracy and Felicia both had to say that Ethan is Luke's son! UGH! *double facepalm*

    Tracy: Have you met my family?


    The hospital:

    Tolly and Alexis: Awwww. :( Will Molly need someone to carry the baby for Tolly? Like maybe Krissy? Cus Krissy and Molly did have that conversation before about it.

    Molly and Alexis: Alexis is right Molly! Don't google!!!!!

    Portia and Anna: Poor Portia. :( Yes it would have been nice to have Anna go and help find Victor and the haunted star..

    V.C. on the phone with Ned:

    Ned: Valentin! You really are alive! I was starting to wonder.


    V.C.: Ned knock it off.


    Vanna: Yes! Anna knows exactly where V.C. should be! :)

    Purtis: Awwww look! Portia is sleeeeeeping. Shhhhh! Yes Curtis that's good you are writing her a note.. I hope she has good dreams. Where is Taggart?

    Robert, Laura, Curtis, and Drew: Frisco can help on the WSB part!!! COME ON! Tell him! Invite him! :) Invite Taggart too! Someone call him!

    Laura, Curtis, Drew, and V.C.: Great scene with V.C. stopping the elevator door to close! :) He looks sexy! Now let the adventure begin!!!! If only Frisco and Taggart would join them! Also invite the Tribbles, the green beans, and Badger Bob!

    Robert's office:

    Riane: GAH! They are so adorable!!! I think Robert wants to kiss her again. :)

    Robert: Ooooo my day is about to look up!

    ROFL! Robert did you forget that you were going to pay for her dry cleaning bill? :)

    Riane and Holly: The look on Riane's faces!!! ROFL!

    Q home:

    Q gang:

    Olivia: Why aren't you dressed?


    Olivia: Yeah but I'm cooking!


    Crew: A goodbye kiss! Don't worry Carly he won't die.

    Q gang + Tracy: Tracy wins the line of the day.

    Tracy: Planting daffodils all over the driveway. It looks like the Easter Bunny threw up out there.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Welcome home Tracy! :)

  3. GH promo!!! Boy Willow looks wonderful for someone who is dying and on her death bed.

  4. I thought someone might comment on this but maybe I was the only one who thought it funny OR it was a subtle hint about something? Felicia is reading A Tale of Two Cities????? whose plane? but she loves danger and that is the book she is holding? Thoughts????

    1. I thought it was an odd choice but Felicia is wonderfully quirky.

    2. ohhh Never thought of that but considering that the story is structured around a central conflict between Charles Darnay's desire to break free of his family legacy, and Madame Defarge's desire to hold him accountable for the violent actions of his father and uncle.... I can definetly see why it grabs your eye. Hope Spence doesn't sacrifice himself.

  5. Drew being the hero would be so much better with Billy Miller in the role for me anyway.

    1. I actually never liked the character when BM played him. He talked like he had a mouth full of marbles and i couldn't make out half of what he said.

  6. "It looks like the Easter Bunny threw up on the driveway." LOL I love Tracy, too.

  7. Tracy was so refreshing yesterday, she kills me, in a good way! Loved her conversation with Felicia, too!
    Really? Ethan is gone already? Glad I didn't get invested either, sheesh!
    Valentin is being stoopid about ELQ, I know he's distracted, but Ned was right! Time for Val to get off the pot!
    I love Holly and I love Diane. But not mess with Riane!!


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