Thursday, July 1, 2010

MIss Me? Gedstern will get your Back!!!


Because I loves it. I think while I am on break, I shall devote much time to some Franco inspired art. Maybe a nice monkey collage. HEH.

TODAY'S GH: The best part? Johnny's lap full of pasta. LOL. At least Sonny didn't throw barware at his head. It seems Johnny would be too small-time for Sonny to bother with. If Sonny would just IGNORE them....she'd have a bigger fit. And that's what Livvy said...women so know better.
I think I'll have to do a WUB about poor Brenda finding Sonny's brood of kids, all SORA'd. LOL
Loved Spinelli's sideways glances at Dante!! LOL
Here's my idea: Morgan walks into Jason's place wearing a MONKEY Mask and says: "Look what I got in the mail"!! How brilliant is that? Dang, if I were writing I'd be sticking monkeys all over the place. Cause it's FUUUuuuun. I think I'm going to look for a Monkey Mask!

SEE, like that one!!! Heh... Perfect Wub accessory. We could all get them and wear them for July 22nd, his last day! LOL.  Order here: SILLY JOKES

Love the family dinner idea!! Poor Morgan, now that he's all with Jax, he can't come?? What the heck!! Oh well, at least most of the characters are together.
MADDDDDD WORLLLLLLLLD. Just had to sing that.

Lisa and Patrick do nothing for me. I keep trying to see something. After all, if a character is having an affair it would be nice to have SOME spark.
Alexis is cooking dinner?? Shouldn't Sonny be cooking dinner? Alexis can't cook. Maybe she ordered out.
I don't like this bomb story AT ALL. Glad I won't see what happens.
Have a great one!! WUBS!

A FEW new spoilers and photos up on the WUBSNET . It's still pretty locked down with the Franco stuff but there were some media nets out and I do have my Brender info coming in.


  1. Have a wonderful vacation!!! I miss you already :P

  2. can't stand patrick and lisa....

  3. Welcome Gedstern. Can't speak for everyone but I wubs me some spoilers any place I can get some.

    I'll be checking in on the boards and observations while Franco is contaminating Port Charles. Found this character as disgusting and unwatchable as Claudia.

  4. this is very wonderful article. thanks for sharing.


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