Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Tilt A Whirl

Well it looks like "Bobby" Guza is tilting couples again-- Jax/Carly using Skye & Steve although they are both in on it too.  A fun twist might be Skye & Steve as a result!
Spin/Maxie, Matt/Maxie, Lucky/Maxie chem tests with kisses for the later 2 sets. Pain for Spin.

Robin/Patrick/Lisa/Steve.  Steve's on to Lisa now.  Will she be the third wheel or out of the game? Or just tilted and unbalanced?

Possible Spoiler/Rumor/ Conjecture heard around:

Brenda has been here, done this, bought the t-shirt feelings about Sonny and Jax, and somehow even Jason.
Think: Claire, Skye for Sonny & Jax - reminders of Lily and Jax being married to Skye last time around.
Jason- well she was sorta married to him, right?

I didn't have time to Tweet today, but consider this forum open for comments!
Bet you guys can't wait for Karen AKA Wubqueen to Resume Control!
Oh- my next novel should be published very, very soon!  Will keep you posted!  It's a fun one!


  1. I'm totally lost on the spoiler/rumor thing..can someone give me the simple version of it.

  2. I'm glad that they're testing Maxie with other guys on the show. I liked Spixie in the beginning, but haven't liked them for a long time. Speaking of testing couples, I think there's potential for several possible pairings to develop over the summer if the writers just keep allowing characters to interact through their stories and see what happens and which pairings fans like. I'm not saying they'll do that, but with the additions of Maya, Claire, Ethan, and Brook and the split up of Lucky/Liz/Nik there are a lot of possibilities for the 20/30 something characters.

    I'm also glad they're bringing back Brenda and that they brought back Skye. I hope VM sticks around for awhile too.

    I like the idea of a CarJax reunion with the help of Skye and Steve since that could be fun to watch and would give Skye something to do. They really need to give or start her story since she's been back for months with almost nothing to do.

    Sonny's been on the show for the better part of 17 years and hasn't paid for anything, ever. It's about time he's held accountable for something, anything. And please, please, please don't let him sleep with Claire. It's so been there, done that, and, unfortunately, typical of GH storytellling.

  3. Please, please, please let the return of Brenda mean the return of the Sonny character I used to know and love. To those of you who didn't watch back then, Sonny really was a great character. I know that's hard to believe!

    Loved that Steven called Lisa out today. I would like to see a Steve/Carly hook up. I know that was visited the last time Steve was in town, but I'd like to see Laura and Scott give it a try.

  4. I totally agree with Aubrey. Sonny was a wonderful character to watch back in the day. I also think the last time Brenda was on she made him tolerable again.

  5. I'm not so sure it will be all that easy to redeem Sonny, even for Brenda. He's been very hateful lately. He's not on good terms with Luke, he's lied to Alexis, Olivia, Carly, and I can't remember who else. His "tough love" with Kristina today was just awful. Without consulting her mother he has set up a curfew which mom will have to enforce, cancelled her credit cards, (did Sonny pay for them) and ordered her to have dinner with him every Tuesday and tell him all about her life! This is going to make her love him? When the father is Sonny, this is nothing but child abuse! My stomach is still upset just from watching, I can't imagine have to actually eat with this creature across the table from you.

  6. Sonny's character makes me sick! He lies to everyone, swears on his son's life, makes Michael lie AGAIN. I love Maurice but Sonny is unwatchable lately.

  7. Hey GH fans... Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) is in a new national commerical for Orbitz gum. I just saw it tonight and a number of other GH fans on Twitter have also seen it over the past few days. Keep your eyes peeled for our favorite GH Nurse!

  8. I been loving Skye and Jax this week! I hope Robin Christopher stays on either General hospital or goes back to All my children i love her on my soap she just a great actress! if she stay on General hospital I would love for her and Jax to get back together and have them put Brenda with Sonny and Carly with Steve.I also would love to see more Quartermaine! and Lila Rae!

  9. I like the pairing of Carly and Steve, they would make a good couple. I also liked the fact that Steve called Lisa out on the carpet. I feel bad for Robin - Patrick and Robin were the one stable couple on the show. And I think Maxie and Lucky would make a good pair too.
    OLTL was awesome Thursday. That show rocks. Tea dying, Danille finally finding out and Blair supporting Tea any way she can. Kelly and Jessica's friendship. Crazy Hannah and even crazier Elijah. But, Todd calling Nate Skippy yesterday was just the best. I will watch that show over GH anytime.

  10. I completely agree with Shirleydee about Kristina/Sonny yesterday. No teenager in that spot would have ever given in like that. She just should have said "Really? What are you going to do about it if I don't?" and walked out. That would have been much more believable. Such a joke.

  11. We've already been there with Lucky & Maxie, and it didn't work. Their history is too twisted. JMO..

    I am a big carjax fan but Laura Wright has chemistry with anyone.

    I love Skye but why not put that money into Laura's return, Felicia, or Bring talkative ghost Alan back or even Ned (I know he's on another soap but still the brooklynn tie in would be nice) Any tie into to family memeber ont his show is a plus. Oh and shouldn't Michael be n trouble for not being at Dante's allt hat time?

    I am so bored with Danlu. Never thought I would be but I am. Spixie can hit the road, too.

    I am however waiting for L&L 2!!!!!!

  12. I have a question, what is the 'old lockland mansion' yes, I get the 66 roses is the clue to Franco's new digs. But who lived there before?

  13. Surprised I didn't hear it here first about Susan Lucci leaving AMC. Stunning news!

    I'm not surprised however, to read that Sam has a chance to turn Franco in and she chooses not to so Jason doesn't have to go back to prison. Does she ever do anything for anyone else or does she only make decisions on her own needs? So anything that happens after that scene is on her shoulders although I'm sure Kemo lovin Guza will never blame the character of Sam for anything. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Kemo herself, and I love her scenes with her sisters & mother. But I also am a longtime viewer that knows the character of Jason Morgan quite well. And like others I know he would never go back to her after what she did with Jake. Kemo would be great with Steve, IMO.

    Can't wait for the baby drama to come to head with Liz & Lucky. Although it most likely won't be until November sweeps due to Becky's leave. I want these two together to make the magic they used to make. Maxie & Lucky have a good friendship but I don't see the chemistry with her & JJ. Make she had it with GV more. Or maybe their history is just too "wrong" as far as the fake pregnancy, the drug pushing, etc. maxie with Matt or even Steve would be a positive move.

  14. just read further on the susan lucci vaca. my bad!

  15. No posts since Thursday? What's going on?


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