Friday, July 2, 2010

Fireworks Friday!

Hi Kids!

Laura (Gedstern) here- filling in for the vacationing Karen aka WubQueen.  I hope that by now she's off the busy roads and settled somewhere with a cold drink and a good book!

Just had fun Tweeting GH live with WubsNet followers.  It was fun!  I don't know how Karen does it day in and day out though- so much to keep up with.

GH today- went by fast. Probably because I was busy Tweeting.  Hubby is here and he fell asleep almost instantly.

Lots of people on today, but not a heck of a lot of plot moving- Patrick/Lisa about to do the nasty while drunk as skunks.  a bad God/Surgeons joke made by Lisa.  Big family dinner at Alexis' house goes awry. Michael said her cooking smelled delicious.  I thought she didn't cook? Or is that NLG? Or both?  Krissy lied about SAT's and snuck off to Johnnie's.

Dramaz when Maxie gets 5 dozen roses, and thinks they are from Spin or Matt.  Uh-oh Spaghettios, it's Franco with the 6th dozen in hand. And Maxie with crutches...sitting in a darkened office.

Some blah blah with Nik and Liz waiting for Shirley to wake up.  Spin/Jason/Dante trying to find Franco.
Dante/Jason going and finding Franco's mother, who denies she has a son.

Big Fireworks Finale : Click Boom ala Lily- as Sonny is calling Kristina and the car blows up before his freaked out eyes.

So- sorry- I don't watch AMC or OLTL, but feel free to post below and chat amongst yourselves.

I do have some scooplets- tweeted a few. Not sure if you guys want me to post them here or if I should try to update the regular scoops page.  Are folks here more spoiler free?
Ta-ta and Cheerio for now!


  1. As far as I remember Alexis could not cook, which is why she always had Popcorn in the house.

  2. Now that makes sense! I remember that- back when she and Jax were married!
    Laura for Wubsnet

  3. OLTL was really great today. David/Dorian were as entertaining as always, there was enough plot progression to keep my attention, and the fade out was a real shocker (even for someone like me who reads all the spoilers)

    I don't watch AMC so I can't give anyone updates on that.

    Have a safe July 4th :D

  4. why can't they let Robin not be HIV positive and she could cheat just like Patrick chose to do. I hate Patrick and hope Lisa has HIV and does give it to him. Wouldn't that be funny.

  5. Sorry. HIV isn't funny, no matter what. Patrick cheated/ is going to cheat. That makes him a dog, not someone that should have a deadly disease installed in him. What I don't like is how he read the riot act to Sonny not too long ago, about what a horrible man he is to women and now GH has Patrick do the same thing Sonny does. Why does every man and woman on soaps have to cheat. Can't we have one decent one? I'm sure there can be other storylines for them that will keep us interested...

  6. Before I comment let me just say I am a HUGE scrubs fan. Having said that, Robin pushed Patrick pretty far away. The writers were so stupid to have her pining for Stone. Stupid. To show her making his memory a priority is again, stupid. She has a family now and the character we know would not have done that. But cheating is part of soaps, period. It keeps the emotions in check and remind us how much we care about our favorite couples. I hate that he hurt robin, but it will make for some good storylines. I still think it would have been better with Robins rival, Carly. Can't wait for Brenda to come to PC and soothe her bestie Robin!


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