Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy July 4th!~

SPOILERS BELOW-- Don't scroll down if you don't wanna know!

Franco:  Put these pieces together how ever you will.  It's a hodge podge of info.

Sam is all about romance and love with  Jason.  Yet who appears instead? Franco.  He lets her know that if she trys to detain him,  Jason will be back in Pentonville in two shakes of a lambs tail.  Will she let the business end of her gun, already pointed at him, speak louder than his threats?

Maxie tries to get Franco to spill his story about the crime photo he sent her.  Later, she makes sure Dante and Jason know that the Evil Artist paid her a visit.

Karen keeps up her charade about not having a son.  Next thing you know, her boys come home to visit.  He tells her all about his motives and why it's all for the love of art.  Does she believe him, or does she know her sons a whack-job?

Carly is next on Franco's visit list along with a serving of taunting about Michael.  Jax and Josslyn also rate a visit from the Artist Known only as Franco.

Franco is set up at the Lockland Mansion on County Rd 66 (hence the 66 roses he gave Maxie, a clue). His art dealer Wilheim arrives to discuss plans for the latest masterpiece.

Even fair Lulu rates a social call from Franco.  He'd like to kill her right there to torture Dante.

While GH may seem like it's going to be all about Franco, there are still lots of things going on.  "Sunday Surgery" roundup...

Kristina rushed to GH after Johnny saves her from the car bomb.
Ethan ends up at GH after an accident- he needs stitches and shares an eye opening conversation with Maya.
Robin's back at GH and Lisa is continually dropping hints about her and Patrick.
Dr Steve is not happy.  Dr Patrick is a guilt ridden mess.  Lisa is just sociopathic.

Liz is going to go into labor!
Helena is showing up here and there.
Lots of Kristina angst, Michael angst, Sonny denial.
Liz' baby with a unusual set of ID tag #'s vanishes.

Spixie is done and over.
I hear Livvy and Johnny have one last tryst and then they are done too. (really? Bummer!)

Liz sees Maxie and Lucky kissing and calls Maxie out on it.  Lucky makes it clear to Liz, again, that they are done for.

Is there a couple left that Guza hasn't "Deconstructed".  His word, not mine.  Are we going to end up with, ugh, Sonny and Claire?  That's a little to matchy-matchy- rhymie- rhymie. All I could think of was Sonny and Cher.

There's more out there for scoops, but I've had enough indoor time for today! Heading back out to absorb some Vitamin D for healthy bones!

Y'know what- with Brenda on the cusp of blowing back into town, my best guess is everything, and I do mean everything, is about to change!

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