Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Ten Days And Counting: General Hospital...She's Back!!

Oh, yes... 10 days to go...nine if you count the hooplah happening on the 10th. Soap-interuptus. Will the Brenda gamble pay off?? How many people will tune back in and STAY tuned back in?? Time will tell, GHers. I'm personally hoping for GOOD WRITING (shock!!!) that integrates all the cast together (ha). Stop laughing. I think we can all start to take stock on who/what stories are doomed to be forgotten or pushed back because of this.

There are plenty of spoilers up. Brenda will be seen with her movie star date but dreaming about Sonny...and Sonny will be seen with Claire dreaming about Brenda. awwwww. Brenda will be the FACE OF FASHION, involved with a Children's Charity. It seems the whole baby idea was changed-- as we know the baby will be found by Lucky at Franco's Mama's house. (whether or not that's REALLY Aiden, we might never know until Franco decides if/when to come back).  No, we're going to be treated to the Russian MOB...only I am so hoping we never hear the name Karpov again. @@

Will you watch the marathon on August 10th?? I probably will just because I'm usually here sitting on my butt twittering or blogging anyway. LOL. Although I do like Ms.  Marcil-- I was certainly SO OVER the Jax/Sonny fights about her. I'm glad we got the light-hearted Brenda/Jason wedding when we did.

Other GH news: Today is the Standing Sun Wine event on Staten Island with Laura Wright and Brandford Anderson. I know a few wubbers that are going. Hopefully, we will get some pics to share!!

A GIANT thank you to my Wubbers out there that take the time to visit the sponsors on the blog and on the site. I'm sending $75 to this summer's charity,  The Port Charles Wishing Well. It's a virtual baby shower for Becky Herbst, Jonathan Jackson, Derk Cheetwood and Dominic Zamprogna. Donations will be directed to Project Cuddle, a fave charity of the GH stars. More will be donated Sept 1st when ad revenue comes in! I'm hoping that we can hit $150 total.

Have a great Sunday!
UPDATE: VANESSA will be on The View August 5th


  1. Karen, how was the movie last night?
    I am thrilled about VM's return. Watching Jax the way he was written years ago last week with Skye as the charming, sexy business man reminded me how much I loved him. Hope we see that when Brenda comes back and also hope Carly shakes in her boots at the sight of her! I doubt they will have any tension b/w Sam & Brenda but it may shoot a little life into boring Jasam IMO.
    I do not want to like Liz & Nik but they are acting like a couple. I don't want to be torn from my sweet L&L2.
    I assume Becky didn't have her baby yet?
    Side note: Man is Scott Reeves ORANGE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jennie_Cartier@hotmail.comAugust 1, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    I'm not going to watch General hospital anymore I'm very upset the way they treat Robin Christopher I will only watch if she come back. Thought I'm hope she goes to All my children I know they will write for her. Jennie Cartier

  3. More Russian mafia? Guess that means more Sonny. Very disappointing. It won't take long to shove all the other story lines out of the way so Sonny and Brenda can recapture their youth. Sonny tried it with Kate but the Zacchara psychos put an end to that. Did Sonny ever find out that Poppa Z is the one who shot Kate at the altar? Didn't the Russians have to take the blame for that too? IIRC, Sonny actually did his own dirty work, killing Karpov, thinking Big K shot Kate.
    Why couldn't Lisa take a shine to Sonny and go crazy on his ass? Certainly a better story line than what we are going to get in the near future.

  4. Am I the only one that thinks this huge Brenda promo is going to come back to bite Guza in the ass? All that many Brenda episodes is going to do is remind everyone of how good the show used to be and highlight how truly bad it has my opinion, it is only going to make the crap we are now exposed to daily look even worse (if that is possible)...

  5. Thought the it was KeMo in the pic! Seriously.

  6. I would have loved the baby story. It would have been more interesting than the Russian mob. If there is anything mob related you know the writing is going to suck. I'm just glad the viewers get a few weeks where Brenda is still in Italy and physically away from Sonny. Love how Guza just forgets history. Brenda chose Jax over Sonny-- hello, the warehouse fire?!

  7. If Brenda is the face of fashion, the I hope she knows Kate. I also hope Maxi will try to book her for a cover shoot.

    Mrs. Goose

  8. I wonder if when Liz comes back, will the boys be aged?

  9. Maybe Brenda will take over Crimson now that Kate spends all of her time out of the office and generally out of the country. Surely Kate and Brenda are acquaintances. Wonder if they realize what ties them together besides fashion?

  10. Andrea, those boys better not be aged - they are so adorable! And Karen, was Mad Men not fabulous last night?

  11. I agree about how bad GH has gotten over time; bringing Brenda back is not the answer; so now it will be the Sonny, Carly, Jason & Brenda show? I was a GH fan for 30+ years; I hardly watch it now and bringing Brenda back only cements it. They've destroy the Qs and hospital; I'd rather have the WSB stuff back again and believe me, I was pretty sick of that line too, but I'm so sick of the mob stuff/actors; we need more romance and action, not mob stuff.

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