Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Perhaps

I know, I know... Broken Record... over and over and over...

This week isn't much different. 
**NOTE: ratings are UP for GH--which is great...happy for the show. REALLY happy. Not too happy for me because it means the overall direction I'd like to see isn't that popular. Oh well. 

So, get out your leftovers from Saturday night (hope you had a good dinner!) and sit back with some Rum Punch. I decided that's my go-to today. 

This week was....unremarkable. We thought we might find out who Fluke really is...but it turns out that Julian doesn't really know. We thought that maybe Franco would catch Sonny...but he crawled out the window (note how they didn't show that footage lol). We thought that Sam might find something on Rafe's phone but...the numbers are blocked. We thought we'd maybe see a continuation of the MaxiLu kidnapping...but it stalled. 

Geesh, I think I forgot to open Kelly's for 2 weeks!

I don't know folks. I just...don't know. Shawn and Jordan realize it's been 14 days since the boogied at the art gallery, and spend 2 more days in bed. If only Jordan would tell Shawn her mission and he could either help or tell us he's been working as undercover to get Sonny all this time, it may be interesting. 
Anna.  What. IS WITH THIS!!?? I guess Duke is just gone? When she found out that Jordan 'heard Luke' why didn't we see her digging more? Talking with people to find out if he's been acting weird? 
Maybe if I just stare into the rain long enough..I'll FIND THEM! 

The kidnapping. Could anything BE more drawn out than that wedding and "search" (standing on the docks) or them trekking to the cabin? I took it that Lulu/Maxie et all were presumed dead in the boat sinking, at least that's what Dante would think, right? So we go days without seeing anything about it? 

Ned and Alexis have a good talk..but I have little hope that Ned is going to be around consistently. Hell, the regulars aren't even on in a smooth fashion. 

Fluke is Skyping and telling Ava to kill Michael. I just. Whateverrrrrrrrrr. You know she's not going to do it. HEY--what happened to the Brownstone renno?  Why has it taken Sam FOREVER to get her hands on Rafe's phone? What PI doesn't know how to trace calls? :hittinghead: 

Sonny and Carly. MOST OVERDONE THING IN SOAPS IN FOREVER. And I watched a hell of a lot of soaps. He's borderline pushing her to sex (locking the door and barring her exit??) Because of....his hatred of Franco. Hey, but mob boss..why don't you just KILL him? I mean, he had your son raped in prison, right? He stalked your BFF Jason forever and did things to Sam that were naughty. But the only thing you can think of is sleeping with Carly? Um....ok.  And not for anything but Olivia seems to have meant squat to him. I liked their pairing until it became bland and boring. 
PS. Josslyn isn't on enough. She so should have secretly caught Sonny that night!

 Kiki and mommy bond for her birthday. Kiki feels her sibling kick.  All in time for Fluke to tell Ava to kill Michael. NOW I get why Kiki nnd she had a nice bonding scene together! 

Thank you for having Bobbie talk to Carly for a bit. Small joys.  Two mama and daughter scenes in the same week...:) yeah!! (now I do wish Joss was there but, I won't be picky)

TRAPPED. The only good thing in this was Franco finding out Nina could walk.  You know these two make me smile.  Nina's decent into a little madness with Rosalie was glorious too. She is SO crazy. Fun to watch-- her mind was just twisting in the wind. Talking babies and Ava. LOVED It. 

Tracy is just too stupid for words and it's so pissing me off.  I don't even want to talk about it again. 

Was Monica ever on in the 'conclusion' of the Alice story? 

Rosalie finally remembers he saw Morgan once, in the park-- weeks ago. Sigh.  Epitome of how these build ups go. MOLASSES.  I'm glad theyI had a brief scene in the hospital. More please. I also suspect her father is a mobbie man--  

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Ned shocking us all when he surprised the hell out of Tracy and Fluke!  

PROP OF THE WEEK: Candle of evidence of Carly's tryst with Sonny. And Franco puts it out with his fingers.  


Good news is that if the ratings are up now--they'll probably go up even higher when NuJason's back and the Cassadines become unzombified. Ava's baby drama, Fluke coming out--  yada yada. Perhaps my time is up.  Perhaps I need to adjust myself. 


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  1. Show is on autopilot.

    Only good thing is the likelihood Fluke is tied to Vic C, and therefore we have TG playing out as Victor's decades' long revenge against Luke for Mikkos's death,

  2. I honestly can't understand how it's possible the ratings are up for GH especially when I know so many people who have either turned it off or don't watch on a regular basis.

    All I know for certain is, it's not the show for me anymore.

  3. Love your blog and check in regularly but haven't actually watched the show but for a few Fridays this summer due to the Fluke and Levi stories. Tell me when Luke takes the mask off and it's Jerry Jacks. Geary holds the whole show hostage.

    Ava and Nina are worth watching. Really - watch a Friday every now and then and you don't miss much.

    Hoping NuJason brings some fun back into the show. Hoping he forgets Sam and every one except Monica.

  4. Monica, please come back!! Sonny and Carly, please go away!! (Sonny can stay, just NO MORE S & C PLEASE!)

    Something I've said before (I know I'm a broken record on this). Nina, Helena, Ava, Dr. O, et al., are NOT crazy, not technically, e.g., they are not psychotic. I don't think even Heather Webber is. They are all sociopaths, which is now call anti-social personality disorder. That is, they are EVIL. Evil is not technically a mental illness, which is one reason that personality disorders are not covered by health insurance. Maybe some of the villains in the past actually were psychotic, but I can't think of any off hand.

  5. If even Ant Joan , the biggest Sonny fan ever, doesn't want to see another round of him and Carly, who does? WHY do we have to do this again? Nothing ever ends anymore on this show - no break-up is permanent, nobody's ever really dead, stories drag on and on. AIEEEEE!

  6. I have felt for some time that GH is lacking..uhm... depth of story, character--something. Many years ago when Gloria Monty was in charge, there was lots of action, yet I got so involved in characters for who they were, and how the stories affected them. I felt I knew them, really knew them. I don't feel that about anybody now, not even the vets who involved me long ago and are back.

    Even the character actors had moments of revelation so you felt for them--like Slick Jones, the cabbie who befriended Luke and was his buddy in many plots. Or Emma, the tootsie who stole the IP and didn't quite know it and had such trouble with her Charlie, or Burt the witty cop (thank heavens I was no longer watching when he got turned into Mr Big!), and so many others. Instead of having too many major characters, they had good character actors who the majors used to bounce off ideas, plot lines, good repartee. Luke's exchanges with Slick were often inspired ad libs. We understood Slick's thinking and Slick's reaction to the hairbrained escapades of Luke were often shared by the viewer. Remember when Luke hid out in the mission when the Cs were after him? From the kindly (and tall!) Reverent, to Slick's shudder at Luke serving up mission soup (picking out hairs), to Luke using the ancient mimograph, hilarious and yet suspenseful; you knew he'd be discovered any moment.

    Rosalie is the closest to that kind of character actor that we have, but we know too little about her to get in her head and understand her reactions to Nina.
    Is it only about money? Doesn't she have a moral code of her own? There is a note of sincerity in her jabs at Silas--perhaps she has a cheater in her own past?

    Having too many actors on the show, too many characters, takes time away from those intimate and character-revealing moments that give color and substance. You used to be able to look at Tony Geary's face and understand how to feel about every character in the scene because it was all there. There is no time for that kind of examination anymore.

  7. I’m mostly enjoying GH right now but also sort of loath a few things about it too. I think we may share some of the same fears that the show won’t go in the direction that we want or that they are writing it for an audience that does not include our tastes. I hope that is not the case.


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