Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm Back!

Don't think I missed much while I was gone. Levi still gonna marry Maxie, Sam and Silas still pouting, Paddy is mad...Robin's blabbering with Victor. 

I liked Sam's hippie shirt.  Sam, tell Patrick!! Then he'll know that Robin wasn't there on her own.  Patrick comes over.  Patrick can't put 2 and 2 together.  He wants Sam to investigate ! 

Lulu is going to get a baby I hear. Not that she already has a giant one to take care of already. 

Felicia looked so good in her purple! And Lulu matched in her iris dress. Why didn't Maxie call/Skype Spinelli?  God I HATE LEVI!!!!! I think everyone does.  UGH get this story OVER WITH!!!!!  Nathan comes in and finds the necklace in Levi's room. Great hiding place--in your PANTS. LOL geesh  Levi pulls a gun on Nathan. Tomorrow they'll tussle for it. 

Robin and Victor. Hell, just have her make a poison in a syringe or some drug that would kill him. Jab his leg and run. Leave. Kill him off. Period Done-zo.  Then take the EGGS to WSB to open them and continue the research.
She says she has the "research".  She wants to give it to Hells or Stavvy first.  Victor says no dice. Inject St. Jaysus first. Then he takes the needle to do it himself. 

I see Sonny paid a lady to play Mickey's sister to get Alice's heart.  I hear she went into surgery on Sunday. 


  1. I had so hoped that the Levi story was ending but someone said he is revealed to be somebody's son. I hate this character - he is in Courtney hate land for me. So this being dragged out forever is not good news. Just make him go away.

  2. First step? get his WIG off.
    That will help a bit.

  3. The clinic: Woah! Robin and Emma are skyping?!!?! Is this the first time they are doing this?!!?!! Victor wins the line of the day!

    Victor: Dr Scorpio Drake. I so admire the way your trying to manipulate me. It's adorable.


    Sam's home: It's a little boring with Sam and McSilas. I am glad Patrick showed up and Sam told him what is happening. And then she holds him awwww!

    Patrick's home: Poor Emma! :( Love the Patrick and Emma scene! I just want to hug her!

    The haunted Star:

    Levi and Felicia: Levi with the aztec necklace all smiley and drooly. And boy he is sucking up to her and she has no clue!!! Wake up Felicia!

    Maxie and Mac: Its a bit too much with the Nathan talk, but I love when Maxie and Mac are in scenes together.

    Dante and Levi: The hate is mutual! ROFL!

    Nathan and Levi: LEVI HAS A GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Tasty delicious!

    "Karen says Don't think I missed much while I was gone."

    Oh yes you did!!!!!! Sonny got someone he knows to pretend she is Mickey Diamond's sister so that Alice can get the heart! :) Victor was the one who ran Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma off the road!!!


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