Thursday, July 31, 2014

Skyped Fluke is on

So... Josslyn took up 2 bowls of cereal to her room.  Spencer talks to Brit. SHE HAD CORN POPS!
and her entire room is CORN colors!! Yellow and Green.
OMG I'm dying. ahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaa

Oh nos...Spencer showed Joss a photo of...COURTNEY?  She better stay dead. 

Carly scolds Franco for not being home when she got there. Flashback to yesterday with he and Ava. Franco tries to get her to tell him if she has the file of the recording somewhere. 

Ummmmm, Tracy pesters Liz to find out if Mickey Diamond matches Alice's blood type. He is of course, B+ and now they just have to find out if he's an organ donor. 

Julian Skyped Fluke..while shirtless. Fluke has a nice tropical flower behind him to remind us he's IN HIDING. On a TROPICAL ISLAND!  They banter. Fluke calls him a "wormy slab of maggot food" and Julian tells him he's running things now and "Peace out, Bitch"!! Just like Breaking BAD. Awwww 
Ava sees LUKE talking to Julian--oh wow.. 


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  2. Terrible episode today. It was a HUGE let down from the great shows on Mon., Tues., and Wed.

  3. Karen said about Courtney, "she better stay dead " Amen.

  4. Ava's home: Gee Ava's baby bump is smaller. I'm distracted by Julian with no shirt on, and Ava's shrinking fake baby bump. Prop of the day, is Julian's laptop! Calling contact: 13-107!!!! HA! :) Oh dear Fluke is not blinking!!!!! Fluke blink will you?!?! Okay he is now whew. :) Oh oh Ava sees Fluke!!!

    Wyndemere: OH THERE IS NIK!! YAY! Poor Nik! Don't worry Nik I'm sure Tyler Christopher's son Graysun can help! Just ask them! :) I bet Graysun and Spencer would become best of friends! :) Brad and Britch scene awesome! No Britch don't tell Nik the truth! You are so close! Just go and get Spencer, and then bring him home! And then Nik will be so happy! :)

    Carly's home: Joss with her two cereals. I was thinking she is eating two of them?! WHAT?! Why is Carly not asking her why she is eating two bowels? Oh the other one is with Spencer!!!! Oh he is staying there! Well still. Why didn't Carly ask why Joss has to bowls. I wonder what her answer to her mother would be. Spencer has a picture of his mommy! Awwww! :( And when he tries to talk to his dad about his mommy Nik is sad about it. Awww. Wait why are they showing a picture of Courtney?!!?! Is she alive?! I hope not! She isn't coming back to Port Chuckles is she?! I hope not!!!! Spencer and Joss talking about their middle names hahahahahha! And then the Bobtodd and Carly scene. BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: I don't know what we would talk about. I don't know anything about corn.

    ROFL! And then Carly's face hahahha! Oh oh is BobTodd going to do what Ava wants?! NO DON'T DO IT!

    The hospital: Wow Liz talking about HEPPA! :) Tracy takes the folder hahahaha. Great scene. :) Especially with Brad. :) Mickey Diamond not an organ donor. :(

    Mickey Diamond's room: So all the evidence will go directly to Anna. :) Cool. And poor Nik! He says he doesn't want to lose Spencer. That he is all he has! Awwww! :'(

  5. Isn't it funny how the mere mention of Courtney strikes fear in our hearts!

  6. "dar said...Isn't it funny how the mere mention of Courtney strikes fear in our hearts!"

    ROFL! And also a picture. She better not be coming back!

  7. I don't know what everyone hates about Courtney; I really liked her. Was I the only Jason/Courtney fan?


    Has anyone seen the tap dancing friends on America's Got Talent? The one guy looks a lot like Chad Duel, imho. It is really distracting.

  8. I liked Courtney, she was fine, I really don't know why people don't like her.

    I thought the episode was good, lots going on, I don't know why people didn't like it either.

  9. I am among the puzzled as to why Courtney is so hated. The actress wasn't a good actress, but if that is enough to spark such hatred, there are a lot of others who should be right up there with her, and they are not.
    Not to panic over showing her pic, though. OLTL viewers might remember when Vicki showed someone old pics of Clint, and they were of the original Clint. And her line? "Oh, he was a different person in those days." Seems Ron likes to play with the past. (Of course, the original Clint could not show up; the actor has passed away. So just showing old photos doesn't mean they are coming back. Just that Ron C. likes to honor history.)

  10. I couldn't stand Courtney either - the actress was horrible, always pushing her hair off her forehead and snooze-worthy with Jason. She and Emily (NL) were the worst. Tony G. looked good yesterday but sounded really weak. I think what Britt is doing with Spencer is unforgivable and cruel. She is the adult and to put a father through this is unspeakable, just because she wants him back. He should kick her to the curb again.

  11. "Elizabeth Gunther said...I don't know what everyone hates about Courtney;"

    "ishouldreadmore said...I am among the puzzled as to why Courtney is so hated."

    Hmmmm.. Shall I make a list? :) The short version is, she was a stupid annoying, kung foo barbie hypocrite. She was one of the worst characters ever brought on.

  12. Haha the Courtney stuff is cracking me up. I hated her too. Only time I liked her or Nik (I started with Colton and didn't like Tyler) was when they were together. I do like Tyler now but no with Liz.

  13. "Carrie said...Haha the Courtney stuff is cracking me up. I hated her too."

    ROFL! :)

    "Only time I liked her or Nik was when they were together."

    I did too! They had a lot of chemistry!!! They were so hot together! :)


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