Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The Button and The Balloon

One heart "Transplant"
One pulled plug
One illegal immigrant...

There you go-go! That was GH  this week!! 

Maybe we should nosh on some camp scrambled eggs and then play red rover? 

Serious Silas wears Eyeglasses. 
I was really really happy with Monday's show. Rafe appeared like a crazed zombie and it was all in Nina's head. Bravo. Monica was on and we find out she's working at GH again and even has an office!! Nina and Franco were pretty intriguing.  He can help her with the cray!!  Can you imagine what she'd paint? He could do a fronkey and she could put some Sam like clothes/bra on it and then do a blood splash. 

Britt and her "plan" to 'catch' Nikolas. Kinda like an old-timer Carly and her stupid plans. Anyway-- this plan involved Lila's kids, water balloons and trying to pretend she actually enjoyed being around children. My Joss was there-- helping Spencer (yay!).  Liz got in on the action. DODGE BALL! 

Other developments: Tracy sorta blackmailed Alice into shutting up and Alice went along with it.  Stupid-o Michael is clueless. On the Morgan Kiki front tho, he is noticing their constant need to be shirtless in front of each other.  Morgan better find another girlie soon because I can't deal with another MiKi MoKi tale again. 

Illegal Dinkledorkerhimer is obviously orchestrating this whole thing. He probably knew it would happen when he went on is 'protest'. Plus, the INS doesn't give anyone "time" to get stuff together. If you are deported, you are DE-PORTED. No passing Go.  Anyway, clueless Maxie is just: UGH.  Geezzzzzze. She used to be the scammer--not the scammed!!  Maybe she and Michael could get together and share a cup of dumb sometime. 

Ok, so MOST inappropriate thing to happen? Um... Britt just stripping own to her BRA at camp. And Nik, struttin' all over eyeballing her. Look at those guys back there just oolin' the scene. SMDH. LOL 

Patrick's mad...Silas is mad...Sam believes Patrick and Nina just wants to go around and be Silas' lap doggie. So whatever he says, she's going to be all "yepper" "yep". EVERYONE Is mad at Dr. O. Who doesn't GAF 'bout nothing! 

Oh, Mr. Diamond...why do I think your days are numbered? (Alice..hint hint) 

THE LAST WORD:  Rafe. Ah..Rafe. Great last scenes. I can't for the life of me however, understand why they decided not to play out Rafe's bonding with Silas/Kiki and subsequent decent into heroin. Could have been a great Skins type story if done right. However, we just didn't see enough of him to really get the impact that his death should have had. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: "Does this look like reflex,  bitch"?? Oh Rafe, just when you get all interesting, they pull your plug. Damn it. :soclose: 

ACTOR OF THE WEEK: I rarely do this but have every once and awhile when someone blows me away with their emotions. This week is Haley Pullos. Wow..I really felt every beat of her Rafe angst. Nice work, girlie!  

PROP OF THE WEEK:   I went with the "Power On/OFF" machine.  Josslyn's balloon was a close second but this represents a lot more. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Nina sees Rafe...awaken! 

Yes, short blog, but I felt this week was a bit short...and not just because of the interruption of the airplane.  

IT'S MY ANNIVERSARY TODAY! Wanna guess how many years? Well, next year will be a giant one. I mean, seriously--who would think anyone would put up with me that long? (no one did, I think they even took bets at the ceremony lol).  Ah, my Wubby Hubby. It's that British Stiff upper lip, Rugby drinker and scotch lover in him that works. 
Where did I get married? Maine
What were my favors? Lobster Suckers 
:) WOOT!! 


  1. Happy happy anniversary, Karen and Wubby Hubby. I am thinking you are celebrating numero 19, but it could also be 24. And, think about it: you had to learn to live with HIS strange ways, too. That's what it's all about. Happy happy day, and many many more.
    Celebratory grins all 'round.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I'm guessing 24 years.

    GH is still choppy (kinda like a lobsta salad) and my main gripe is that I'm already bored with Lila's Kids and the MiKi/MoKi stuff which I assume will last through the summer.

    Thanks for the Surgery!

  3. Congrats, Karen.

    BTW- INS is pre-9/11. Now it's ICE as it merged w Customs. And, you do get an appeal b4 deported, so that is realistic. I live in Tejas, and i in 4 folk that I work with are or know an illegal.

  4. Good one Karen! :) I'm still trying to hang in there with GH but it's so choppy and so many things happen off screen. It drives me crazy! Like Monica appearing with a hospital job and an office and Rafe suddenly having a heroin addiction?? C'mon! The writers didn't care to write for Rafe so I didn't care about the emotional goodbye they tried to give him. Another wasted character that had so much potential. I'm so sick of the lazy writing.

    I'm trying to think of something positive I liked about the show this past week......



  5. Cosmo, I know it's ICE But I just can't get used to it! LOL
    I was in a raid once in a "British" PUB here and they took the people out and put them on planes! Seriously!!

    It's 24 people. ;) 24. Whoa

  6. I've got nothing good to say about I won't say anything at all. Just wanted to wish you all the best on your anniversary! :)

  7. Happy anniversary.
    Week 15 of Maxie is a moron - at least 10 weeks too many. Another fake marriage so soon after Matt is just lazy, lazy writing.
    They report on illegal immigrant raids here where they round people up and stick them in a detention place in Batavia pending a hearing. So I agree the ICE guy guy would have hauled the cretin off immediately. Maybe ot depemds on the area of the country?

    Does anyone else get creeped out by the amount of make-up Mickey is wearing ? Ugh

    A week with lots of Spencer and Levi is a week of fast-forwarding for me. Really find the kiddie love triangle rather repulsive. I'm probably on the minority but the less I see the children the better I like it.

  8. Happy anniversary, Karen..

    Thought maybe the ICE guy was a fake since Levi made the call... but he wouldn't have called an 800 number to hire and actor... So marriage to Maxie must be his angle... for the jewels, as most of us think...

    If they ever get the story moving it may be interesting to see him fight to steal them...

  9. Karen, Happy Anniversary!! I am joining the majority here, and guessing your 24th. We just had our 25th, along with my sister and her hubby, and family. My sister is on her third marriage, and this time her anniversary date is close to ours, so we can celebrate together!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the camp and the kiddies. C'mon, folks, they are adorable, and I think they're all fine actors. Emma is going to be a star, and I can't get enough of Spencer! He is soooooo cute!! Maybe because I've been in love with Sonny forever, and he is Sonny junior, but I think he is the cutest kid ever!

  10. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a bang-up celebration.

    Here's a crazy story that happened to me yesterday...

    I finally, after 10 years, got a TV and cable service. (I've just been watching online on my laptop.) The tech came out to hook everything up and was teaching me how to use things and program things. Of course, the first thing I did was set the DVR to record GH in HD every day. The tech goes, "You watch GH?" and I said "Yeah," thinking he was gonna say his wife watches, or something like that. Then he says, "I just had Maurice over to my Fourth of July party." WTcompleteF????? Turns out his nephew, who lives with him, is going out with MB's daughter. I knew MB lived about 30 miles north of me, but he's in my own frikkin little town all the time when the families get together. Anyway, cable tech guy says MB is the nicest guy and super friendly and generous. I told him, "Make sure you let him know that some lady who hasn't even had a TV for 10 years programmed GH on her DVR as soon as it was hooked up." LOL.

    Sidenote: Nathan looks MEGA sexy in HD on a 46" screen. :) I did not realize his eyes were so blue. Wowzers.

  11. ahhhhhhhhhhh
    Carrie!! !EESH!! How cool! LOL

  12. Red rover, red rover, send Karen right over! HA! :) Happy anniversary Karen and Mr Wubber. :)Next year will be a giant year? Hmmm been married 29 yrs? :)

    "Karen says He probably knew it would happen when he went on is 'protest'."

    Maybe the reason why he went on a protest, is because he knew he would get in trouble with ICE and be threatened with deportation, so he could quickly marry Maxie!

    "Ok, so MOST inappropriate thing to happen? Um... Britt just stripping own to her BRA at camp."

    Looked like a sports bra to me. :) But yeah they both were so inappropriate! I couldn't believe they did that!

  13. Oh, Carey, a Sonny story, you know he is my fave!! I can't believe that guy had him over, how amazing!! (I have mentioned here several times that I met Maurice in person, he was very ill-at-ease, probably because I am a fan, and your tech has a social, even family, connection.)

  14. Happy Anniversary.....our 41st was last month..hard to believe:) I'm so over Levi and Maxie hasn't even made the stupid offer to marry him

  15. "nance24 said...Maxie hasn't even made the stupid offer to marry him"

    Oh I'm sure she will. Levi will probably manipulate her into saying it, and he will make her think it is her idea! Oh and happy anniversary!

  16. thanks Sonya.....Maxie should be so much smarter than that...I keep expecting to see Levi twirling his mustache lol

  17. Funny you should say that about Levi and the mustache,nance24. The other day when Sonny was threatening Ava he was wringing his hands just like an old silent movie villain.

  18. Happy Anniversary Karen!!


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