Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Going to the Doctor Today so...

only a tiny time with GH. JUST A CHECK up...ugh. I hate going though. 

A NEW DAY ON GH!! People changed clothes!! WHAT!? 

OMG that park bench again....with Anna and Jordan.  I think Jordan was jogging ALL night?!! 

Alexis and Julian..she's a mess. She did a PERFECT Mama breakdown!! 

Blueberry Muffins and Rosie!  Nina is so crazy..

Levi might be deported---why do I have this weird feeling Maxie will have to marry him to keep him in the USA? 

What the hell in the operating room? Patrick "Sees" Patrick? Ummmm. WEIRD. 

OK GOTTA FLY!! let me know what happens!!


  1. It was a perfect day for you to miss. I ff thru much of the show. It is so predictable. If Patrick didn't kill Rafe, Nina and her evil nurse will. Julian and Alexis are boring -- a monumental task for NLG, a fine actress. (Although her character is STOOPID now, but so are half the other cast members.) Maxi and Nathan and Kato -- yawn. So, hope all went well at the docs; just read Sonya's recap. It will be more interesting than the actual show.
    One more quick question: why is it that folks can skulk around at GH and no one ever catches them, or asks them, "Can I help you?"

  2. I actually said this under the baby Ariel picture but I don't think anyone checked back in there.

    "I really hope they're going to get rid of Levi soon and have Maxie and Nathan as a couple. They're at least entertaining. Levi wanted to get arrested. Maybe he wants to be threatened with deportation so that he can either talk Maxie into joining him, or marrying him. *yuck* "

    I hope they don't go there. It's actually illegal to marry someone just so they can stay in the country and it would be so obvious that that is why she's doing it. (If she does)

    I found the scene where Patrick was having some kind of psychotic break was just too weird for me too. I FF'd through it. It was just a major time filler.

    I don't think they'll have Rafe die. It's too obvious.

    Alexis was great. She always is. And it really looked like Julian was having pangs of conscience when he heard about Rafe.

    Good luck at the doctor.

  3. Di,
    Unfortunately everything they do lately is so obvious.

  4. Oh come on you know a Maxie wedding is coming. "I've got to save Levi" as soon as she made Nathen promise not to tell I knew that ship had sailed. Levi will be on the phone next time he's alone with that American accent and ICE will be at the door lickety split. Marriage was where this was headed all along. These stories are really getting trite. They had something going for a while but the minute we got a recycled and condensed multiples story for Connie I knew we were in for trouble.

  5. Remember, Maxi has a history of marrying a guy to keep him out of trouble. What was his name, Matthew. Funny coincidence: in the Bible, Levi's name was changed to Matthew. (The laugh will be on me if his name WASN'T Matthew.)

  6. McSilas's home: Wow Nina's fake concern is so sweet! Touching my heart. ROFL! Oh yes Nina you and McSilas had a moment during the fireworks alright. Why don't you just say you got horny watching the fireworks! :) And McSilas was very uncomfortable!

    The hospital:

    Lante: Oh geez! Dante rehashing with Lulu! Telling her what is going on Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh more of Nina's fake concern ROFL!

    Molly's room: Poor Alexis so worried about Molly. :( Oh no Julian stop rubbing Alexis and tell her the truth!!! Oh come on Alexis wake up!!! Julian is lying to you! Figure it out!!!!!

    Rafe's surgery room: Wow Fake Patrick! :) On another board they said that Closed Captioning is calling Patrick's Vision, Shadow Patrick. I didn't see the closed captioning this time. So anyway, this shadow Patrick, with his beard, and that hospital hat, and the lighting, looks like Patrick's brother Matt! :) Patrick no! You are a doctor don't listen to shadow Patrick! Remember your hippocratic oath!!! Shadow Patrick wins the line of the day!

    Shadow Patrick Accident my ass!!


    Maxie's home: Oh come on! They fell asleep on the couch?!!?! Really?!!?! They were comfortable sleeping wearing the handcuffs? Not believable!!!! It's not believable either that they couldn't find the handcuff key and Levi found it! Give me a break. Oh Levi was almost deported ROFL! Well, that was funny. :)

    The park: More of Jordan and Anna pretending not to talk scene. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Really? You don't think someone would come upon you two and not think you two were talking together? *roll eyes* Oh Mr. Diamond!!!! :) He isn't dumb! Hmmmm dinner? Is this guy up to something? :)

  7. "ishouldreadmore said...just read Sonya's recap. It will be more interesting than the actual show."

    Awwww! Thanks! :) I bet during the fireworks, horny Nina noticed that McSilas was uncomfortable! ROFL!

  8. Dr's was ok... pain in the ass though. I take stuff for my fibro when it flares up and now because of the drug addicts I have to sign 900 papers, promise not to sell any and visit them every time I need a refill. I think the pain might be worth not going there anymore.
    Stupid druggies are like the stupid terrorists. ;/ boo

  9. "kdmask said...I have to sign 900 papers, promise not to sell any"

    Wow! So, was one of the papers you had to sign was a promise that you wouldn't sell any?

  10. yes! OR "give them to others" and I had to say that I understood I could be denied medication without notice at anytime. LOL "Don't open your medication over the sink area because we will not replace any lost/damaged dosages".
    God. I think I'm going to either up my drinking or go buy some of those illegal drugs everyone seems to be getting their hands on. UGH. talk about feeling like a criminal. Maybe medical pot will be available soon. :)

  11. I flunked the drug test at my Drs office because I didn't have the fibro pain killer in my system. Now I have to drug up before I go to the drs office even if I don't need it that day

  12. So I'm predicting Fluke's new henchman guy tries to force himself on Jordan during their dinner, Sean sees it, shots him, Alice gets his heart, and Jordan thanks Sean the only way current writers think a woman knows how to thank a man.

  13. firsco,
    so obvious that you must be right

  14. "Karen says Maybe medical pot will be available soon. :)"

    Well Governor Cuomo did sign that bill! :)

    "Buelabella Lou said...I flunked the drug test at my Drs office because I didn't have the fibro pain killer in my system. Now I have to drug up before I go to the drs office even if I don't need it that day"

    What?! That is horrible! :(


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