Monday, July 14, 2014


Monica is IN A LAB COAT!! Yep..and said "my office" --must be back on staff. Silas agrees to the ol' heart transplant.  BUT there's something wrong..Dr. O says Vait a Minute..Rafe was a heroin user, and ergo, his heart can't be used. 

OMG!! OH MYyyyyyyyyyyyy, RAFE!! Tears out his tube and says "Does this look like Reflex, BITCH"!! GOOD Gravy really great scenes. I LOVED it. I was kinda hoping Rafe was the undead but unfortunately Nina's just craymation all over. Franco walks in and Rafe is back to dead.  Nina tells Franco she heard him talk. LMAO 
Maybe he'll have her paint.  He does tell her that he used to see stuff, too. Maybe SHE has a tumor! LOL 

Maxie and Nathan.... I didn't even pay attention because of the Rafe stuff. Maxie thinks Mac called INS. I Still think Levi did. 

Dr. O and Todd were priceless. Liked their scenes. He's so happy to be working at the hospital. Just giddy. 

CORN ON THE COB today-- Was Josslyn at Floating Jakes?? 

Carly and Sonny had a drink. Talked about stuff. He wants Franco gone. She's like no..yada yada. Then she tells Sonny that Franco almost spilled to Michael. GEESH, Carly--does that help you in ANY WAY ?? WHY U SAY THAT? 



  1. Carly's home:

    Sonny: Good thing we're not together.

    Silent pause.

    Carly: Yeah good thing.

    Anvil alert anvil alert!!! Anvil is falling! Ouch it hit my head! My head hurts. I have a headache. Does anybody have aspirin?

    The hospital:

    Dr O and BobTodd: Dr O just WUVS her BobTodd! :)

    Outside Alice's room: Michael notices Morgan and Starki and so does Tracy! :) Another anvil!

    Rafe's room:


    BobTodd: HEY! You alright?

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! That wins scene of the day! Poor wittle Nina is feeling so guilty that she is seeing things! :) Hmmm. Can Nina and BobTodd have a fling? Well, I'm sure they will once BobTodd catches Carly and Sonny in bed together. :)

    Office: I'm glad Monica and McSilas are teaming up! :) Dr O wins the line of the day! She beat out Rafe who called his aunt Nina a bitch, (which doesn't sound like him at all ROFL! and BobTodd who called the Q's rude when they didn't want to talk to get things out)

    Dr O: I'm always thrilled when we can recycle body parts.

    ROFL! Oh but crap they can't use Rafe's heart because he not only used cocaine, but HEROIN?!!?!?!?! :0 Holy crapwheel Batman!!! Wow been really busy huh Rafe? I guess nobody wants Alice to get a hankerin for heroin.

    Maxie's home:

    Levi: If you didn't spill the beans, who did?!

    Me: You did Levi! You sly fox you! :)

    The floating rib: Rocco in a bar! ROFL! Can he get a baby beer? :) Rocco looks so much like Lulu! Maxie confronting Mac and Dante! HAHAHAHA!

  2. To me the line of the day went to Ghost Rafe: "Mean Aunt Nina, I think you'd better sit down."
    Also loved when he pulled his breathing tube out, and made the appropriate gagging noises. Who'd a thunk they would have gotten a medical detail right????

  3. "ishouldreadmore said...Also loved when he pulled his breathing tube out, and made the appropriate gagging noises. Who'd a thunk they would have gotten a medical detail right????"

    I know! Amazing that they got that detail right! :)

  4. Being an undead bitch calling little ass wipe was prob the best scene Rafe ever had.

  5. When Silas said I need to tell you something about Rafe I sooo wanted him to say he's part vampire :)

  6. nance24, when Silas said that, the sentence should have gone, "I want to tell you something about Rafe, but I don't know anything about him."
    If he IS a vampire, please please please let him bite Nina's neck first. Hee hee hee.

  7. biting Nina was my second request :)



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