Thursday, July 10, 2014

Face Thursday

Silas' face when Patrick walked out of the OR

Silas' face after sex with Sam..
Silas' face when he found out Rafe is brain dead 

Ut Oh. Rafe? Blood vessel burst..he's brain dead now.  Whoops Did Patrick do it on purpose? Will we ever know?

Alice is laying there :Hey! What's up"?  Monica: "Oh, nothing, you just need a new heart"
Tracy totally is into getting Rafe's heart LMAO 

Morgan Kiki, setting it up--again. oy vey can it BE any more obvious?? 

Carly's house: Felix (slept on the couch) and Lucas are walking around in their undies. Lucas lives with Carly; where's Bobbie?  Joss? 
And....Brad shows up with coffee. Okay, then!  And..he lip locks Lucas

Dante and Nathan look fine together. They could have had that convo while showering, btw.

Lulu and Maxie have a nice cup of coffee. Lulu seems to be pushing for Nathan. The INS comes for Levi.


  1. I rarely comment on actors and try to keep my comments to the characters they play BUT why is Michael Easton so popular? I use to think it was that he had a dull character to play but honestly I think the guy is just a bad actor. It is all the more apparent when he shares a scene with a powerhouse like Jason Thompson.

    Patrick-Sam-Silas-Nina. Been saying for weeks this would happen. Im all for a Patrick and Sam pairing. Let Nina and Silas go bye bye, and save Liz (who I previously wanted paired with Patrick) for Ric. Keep Jason dead...won't happen I know.

    I still think as a donor is a red herring. Will find out he is not a match, things will get tense for Alice, Sean will kill Fluke's henchman and viola....

  2. So Rafe is brain dead? At least half the characters behave as if they are brain dead. As I said before, it's just stupid to have Maxie in another sham marriage. The Matt debacle is too recent. Why recycle this particular story so soon?

  3. lol Loved those pictures. That's the main reason I don't like Silas. I hadn't seen ME in any other show and I just couldn't see what all the fuss was about when he came to GH.

    Today was "half naked men" day, obviously.

    And I'm with you about the sham marriage, dar. I'd be worried he'd kill Maxie after, or arrange an accident, so that he gets her inheritance. The guy is obviously a con artist who doesn't work.

    A sham marriage is too boring and predictable, so it will probably happen. I'd rather Maxie just wakes up and dumps him. Maybe her friend Dante will check phone records and find out that Dunkleweed made the phone call to the judge. It would be more exciting to watch Maxie confront him on that.

  4. Maxie's home: So wait! Levi takes a shower first and then goes to sleep?! HUH?! Okayyyyy. Nathan wins the line of the day!

    Nathan: Seems like Mr. Crunchy granola gotten over his eversion to long showers.

    ROFL! Good one Nathan! :) Then Maxie and Lulu scene love it! Yeah Maxie Nathan is a hottie! And doth protest too much! :) Oh oh immigration!!!!

    The hospital: Woah! Rafe is brain dead! My first thought was oh no. :( Cus poor McSilas! But for me, bye bye Rafe! Hmmm Shadow Patrick is gone!

    Rafe's room: McSilas in Rafe's room talking to him, is making me cry!!! Rafe's eyes were fluttering! So I thought at the end of the show, Rafe would wake up! Whew. :)

    Alice's room: Awww poor Alice is scared. :( Don't worry Alice! You will get a heart! Rafe's! :) But then you might get a hankering for cocaine.. OH she is alone with Michael! Yes Alice tell him what you have wanted to tell him!

    Morgan and Starki: Woah! After that hug they had a moment! A oh I want to kiss you moment! :) Oh oh I know where this is going! I can just imagine what she will tell Michael.

    Starki: Oh Michael. I do have feelings for Morgan after all! I'm sorry. We are getting back together.

    Few months later....

    Starki: Oh Morgan I still have feelings for Michael. We are getting back together. I'm so sorry.

    And back and forth and back and forth.

    Carly's home: Woah Lucas coming out of the room, HELLO SEXY! :) Lucas and Felix watched golden girls! ROFL! I'm glad they didn't have sex! I like them as friends only. Great Brad and Lucas scene! Come on Lucas forgive him! :(

    Police station locker room: Dante and Nathan scene started out boring at first. Cus Dante had to tell Dante what has been going on. They should have had Nathan say he heard about what has been going on. But I did like the conversation they had about Maxie and the handcuffs hahaha. When Dante came back to look for a key, and he told Nathan not to worry about Levi, did Dante call the immigration department? Hmmmm.

    Karen those pictures of McSilas, He was crying today! It was a really good scene! You gotta give him that! :)

  5. ME as Caleb the vampire on PC was great. As McBain he was passable.
    As Tanner on Days (yep I remember him on there) - he barely registered.
    As Silas, he is just uncomfortable. The character is not a good fit for him.


  6. Ok, truth be told I do like ME.. I like his brooding style. But today? I looked at the screen caps and just DIED because they were
    ALL THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. ME was my favorite on OLTL--very sexy guy, stoic and yet caring. But he was shackled to Nat the knat. I was glad he came to GH and could leave Nat behind--only then he had to have a new character and name and that spoiled it. On OLTL he made a good rebel cop who did things his way, always heroic. But as a sullen doc, well, he is still sexy, but maybe a shade less interesting. But I do like him with Sam and I shudder to think what I must watch Nina do to him.
    I've always hated characters like Nina who pretend to be so nicey and are so evil. I knew someone like that once--who did so much harm.

    I do hope Alice is able to sputter out the truth about Tracy to Michael--hate it when secrets get interrupted and this would make the third time on this secret!

    And Molly will surely remember the secret Rafe told her and that still won't reveal the one who ordered Rafe to do the 'accident'. It will likely get everyone thinking beyond Rafe...

  8. "soaplover said...ME was my favorite on OLTL--very sexy guy, stoic and yet caring. But he was shackled to Nat the knat. I was glad he came to GH and could leave Nat behind-"

    Oh yes!!! I hated him with Nat! UGH! So glad he came to GH and left her behind too!



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