Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wubs Exclusive: Interview with NEW GH Star!

Giving a helping seat to undercover agent Jordan 
Everyone's buzzing about him on Twitter... he's been featured numerous times this's 
THE PARK BENCH!! Here's an exclusive:
Undercover action 
WQ:  Mind if I sit?
Bench: No, please go ahead, that's what I'm here for!
WQ: So, how has it been to work on GH this summer?
Bench: Awesome! I've had the nicest tushies rest on my seat. I can't tell you how great that feels!! Everyone's been so nice. No jumping on me!! 
WQ: You've been featured in a major story line this summer. How do you prep for your scenes?
Bench: I usually do some deep breathing and chant some James Woods words of wisdom.
WQ: Oh, you're soft!
Bench: It's the oil they use. Soft as a baby's bottom!

WQ: Where do you hail from?
Bench: Parts are from the North East and the rest are from the woods of Colorado. I guess you could say, I'm from all over. I do have a distant cousin that's a chair in Kelly's and I think my Aunt is working in Floating Jake's this summer. 

WQ: Any funny stories to share?
Bench: Well, that little scamp Nicolas Bechtel  (Spencer) likes to play practical jokes and put his gum on me. Jason Thompson (Patrick) sat on it the other day and freaked out! We had to stop the scene while someone cleaned his pants. 

What's on your Pants, Paddy?! 
All in all, great day with the BENCH! You can see him in the fall, at the Geffin Playhouse, in "Bus Stop".  In the meantime, watch for more 'top secret' scenes with Finola on General Hospital, M-F 2pm/est. 


  1. OMG Karen, Dead.

    First thing I clicked onto opening laptop.

    LMAO. You could have asked what it likes to do on its days off. Oh, wait, what days off? And what about its friend grass? LOL

    Wish YOU were writing GH.

    Looking forward to more WQ exclusives!


  2. Sure, everybody praises the flashy show-offs, like the jar that held Franco's tumor, or the cake Kate/Connie destroyed. Good of you to notice the hidden talent right in front of us. Park Bench is a true character actor, providing steady support in every scene.

    He's the Philip Baker Hall of park benches.

  3. How DID you manage to get an interview with the biggest newbie on GH? I for one completely discount the criticism that his performances are a tad wooden.

  4. WQ: Oh, you're soft!

    Bench: It's the oil they use. Soft as a baby's bottom!

    ROFL! Great interview!!! :)

  5. "skeebob said...or the cake Kate/Connie destroyed."

    Oh did you really have to bring up the murder of cake?! That was so devastating! I cried for weeks! The poor cake!!! :'( Icing everywhere!! :(

  6. High-larious! Very cleverly written interview with a guy who, if he doesn't get an Emmy, should be considered robbed ;)

    One small request: if you could squeeze in an interview with Nina's wheelchair, I would greatly appreciate it :)

  7. WOW! Awesome interview. Park bench is sooooo hawt. I'd love to sit my a$$ down on his wood! :P

  8. Hehehe to the interview AND the comments . . .

  9. "RedSoxFaninVA said..One small request: if you could squeeze in an interview with Nina's wheelchair, I would greatly appreciate it :)"

    Oh I can just imagine what wheelchair would say! Probably is hurt with all the kicking of the wheelchair Nina does! I hope wheelchair gets hazard pay! :)

  10. Kris, I am trying to get Nina's wheelchair to talk....but she's being bribed by Nina to keep quiet.
    I have to come up with some money!!

  11. Keep working on her, Karen. You'll wear her down eventually, once we figure out how to get her into the Wheelchair Protection Program. In the meantime, Sonny's glassware sure has a lot to say ;)



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