Monday, July 21, 2014

Spencer APP

Nathan had his clothes in a garbage bag...and Maxie has her HEAD in one.  Dante and Nathan figure out Levi got to his phone. In the meantime, Levi is telling Maxie he can't go back to Aussie land due to a warrant for his arrest. He supposedly let animals go at some lab.
Maxie is figuring out she can marry him. Oh good lord. Yep, she goes and tells Flea and Nathan and Mac they are marrying. 

Morgan checks into a hotel, I guess as part of the PLAN.  He says his name is Ron Moss. heh. Soap Joke.

And so... Britt makes Liz take all the kids ahahaa (So she can be alone with Nik). 
Nik tells Britt he has an app to find Spencer on his phone! She's! 

Lucy is upset over Rafe...and Serena. SERENA mention. WE've been teased with a Serena cast forever. long ago was Lucy on? 3 months? I don't even remember. 

PRESS CONFERENCE: Awkward! Patrick looked weird..and pissed. 

BOBBIE opened the door on Lucy...wearing Scotty's robe!! HOLLAH! Nice!! 


  1. I don't know about immigration. But I do know that you cannot change locks on a paying tenant. Totally illegal. Why don't Nathan or Dante or Mac know that??
    Honestly, everyone on this show is so stupid now that I am fast forwarding thru most of the show most of the time. Phooey.
    And recycling old story lines (Maxi marrying someone to protect him from legal consequences, Bobbie trying to make someone think she is sleeping with Scott) just shows how little creativity is present with the writers these days.

  2. OK, so not only is Levi in this country illegally, he has an arrest warrant out for him in Australia. Yep, he is a keeper! Go ahead marry him Mexie, because your first sham marriage worked out so well. This is where Maxie needs Spinelli, HE would have done a back round check on Levi.

    Find Spencer app! LOL I just use the Find my iPone app to locate my kids.

    The Britch is back! I just do not find Spencer amusing at all. He needs to be sent to Morgan's military school.

    Lucy was off for so long that I just completely forgot about her and the Scotty thing. Does Bobbie live in PC now? Did she move from Seattle?

  3. I don't see how Britt can send Liz to look after the kids when she doesn't even work at the camp. She just said she'd help a bit that day. Britt's responsible for them. I know I couldn't walk into a day cam and take a bunch of campers home, and either could anyone else. At least not in my country.

    And somebody should do a background check on Levi as he's obviously lying to Maxie. If there's an arrest warrant out for him I'm sure it not for letting lab animals go. The feds wouldn't be waiting at the plane for him for doing that.

    I think Spencer needs to find himself in some real trouble to help control that raging ego of his. I agree about the military school but he needs a wake up call now! Maybe getting roughed up by an older bunch of kids, stripped of all his possessions, and thrown into a garbage bin, might do the trick. ( And I said roughed up, not beat up. Pushed around and scared a bit would do the trick.)

    I'm also FFing through most of the show these days too. Stupidity is reigning supreme.

  4. I do not find Spencer amusing or funny, just a spoiled brat that actually could be a spawn of Britts, not Nic's.

  5. I, too, a sick of all the stupidity. I used to complain about the summer teen stories. Now I would gladly watch them rather than bratty Spencer. I am fast forwarding so much that it's hardly worth recording at this point.

  6. Maxie's home: Levi has a warrant for his arrest if he steps foot in Australia!?!?! Oh he is SO lying!!!! He doesn't want to go to Australia because he can't steal Felicia's aztec jewels if he is in Australia!

    The floating rib: Mac and Felicia scene.. Wow Felicia is blinded by Levi too!!! When that woman walked in crying, I'm thinking, Lucy? And then I'm thinking why is she crying?! Oh she is crying about Rafe!!! Where have you been Lucy?! Love the Lucy and Felicia scene! Serena is brought up! YAY! Awww she is angry at her mom. :( Oh well look what we have here! Maxie telling everyone she and Levi are getting married! BAM THERE IT IS! :)

    The hospital: At first I was thinking there is going to be only two men for the press conference? Oh but wait there are more guys good. :) But wait a press conference in the hospital? Why not out side? It used to be outside. It's warm enough. Nina talking to on of the men hahaha. Rosalie wins the line of the day again.

    Rosalie: I'm going to start charging you extra for putting up with insults.


    Scotty's home: When Lucy showed up, I'm thinking I bet the has a woman in his room! :) And he did but it's BOBBIE!!!!!! My jaw dropped!!! GO BOBBIE! :)

    The park: Oh where oh where is Spencer? ROFL! I love it! Britch finds an excuse to get rid of Liz! I love how Spencer kept texting Britch hahaha. Wow a Spencer APP LOVE THAT! :)

    Metrocourt hotel: Hahahaha this is fun! :) Spencer is having a ball! And he had a sugar crash on the bed! ROFL!

  7. "Andrea said..Lucy was off for so long that I just completely forgot about her and the Scotty thing."

    She was gone for so long I was wondering why she was crying! Ohhhh crying about Rafe. OOPS!

  8. Morgan checks into a hotel, I guess as part of the PLAN. He says his name is Ron Moss. heh. Soap Joke.


    You mean Spencer. All these kids w surnames as first names.

  9. I have enjoyed the Spencer-Britch storyline. While it can be a bit silly, I totally love Spencer! He is playing a spoiled rich kid and he is pulling it off like a pro!

    You can't help but laugh at some of the tricks he pulls. It falls right in line with the thinking of a 9 year old and what they believe the outcomes will be.

  10. So glad someone else is on board with the Spencer love! C'mon, he is soooo cute, I can't get enough of him. He is soooo tiny, is he really 9?

  11. The actor who plays Spencer is incredible but the character is terrible. That, however, seems to be the norm for GH lately - great actors/terrible characters - Nina, Franco, Dr. O, Brad, Ava. Guess that means casting is doing a great job but the writers, well...

  12. Morgan..Spencer LMAO whoops

    This summer just seems dull. IT's FUN some times (ie: Roxy) and the camp but other than that? Weird.

  13. AS bad as the show is now, I for one am glad not to have to see newbie kids all summer. With the exception of the original four musketeers that has never worked. I actually miss seeing Ava now that we are being deluged with Nina. Any day with Felicia, Mac, Lucy and Bobbie is a good day. By the way, where are Maxie and Levi getting income from since neither works?

  14. LSV422 said... By the way, where are Maxie and Levi getting income from since neither works?

    Must be the same money tree that Kiki and Morgan get theirs from.

    And I guess we can add Lucas to that list too now since they say he's not a doctor on vacation.

  15. Maxie continues to make a good case for why she should NOT get custody of Georgie.



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