Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Bobbie/Lucy Fiasco

Ok, I'm starting off to say that I am HAPPY AS HELL these ladies are gracing our screens again. SO, let's get that outta the way. 
I am however, going to take umbrage with the 'story lines' they've been 'featured' in over the past year. (I learned the word "umbrage" from Spencer, btw)

Ok, so Bobbie came back, lived with Carly (along with Lucas) and...and... I remember when she was around for a day or 2 when Lucas got shot, then. Nothing.
Lucy? Had some fun stuff at the Nurses Ball and of course, went from Doc to Doc to Scott over a year's time, with many gaps in between. SO many gaps, that I really don't care about that side of the 'story'. And I'm someone that watched these 2 in their hey-day. 

Lucy shows up crying about Rafe, but couldn't be there because the 'canvas was too full' instead we watch TJ for days holding Molly's hand. Welp. There was also a note on twitter from the head writer that said  these actors are not on contract and ergo, can't be on that much. 

Let's go with that. SO...they aren't on contract. So, why don't you open up Lucy's Spa (where did that go? Did it leave with Laura?) and have her on now and again in the Spa, interacting with a bunch of people doing Lucy type stuff.  Bobbie could be at Carly's now and again, interacting with Josslyn and Franco. Scotty has a great 'in' with his DA job and MAYBE getting to know Franco a bit. Why put them in the same tired  triangle hi-jinks? Did Bobbie and Lucy really need to have another cat fight? 

Look, Kevin and Lucy have a kid and Scott and Lucy have a kid. You obviously want newbies and there have been rumors out for a long time that they are coming. Welp? Let's go! Get a house for Lucy to have a home base from. Kevin and Scotty can come and go, along with her daughters. The two of them might just have an interesting dynamic, no? 

Bobbie? She can be around Carly's now and again to be with Joss and Lucas.  Monica and she can have lunch. Lucy, Felicia and Bobbie can go out to Floating Jake's every once and awhile. But not like 4 months apart.  It has to be more consistent.  GH Is way to crowded -- and yes, I know we need newbies but some of the newbies are just NOT NECESSARY.  

So, there  you have it. I had to get that out. And in it's own special little post. I can't wait until Sunday!! 


  1. I was unimpressed with the whole grade school stuff. I agree with everything you said. I loved them back in the heyday but if it's gonna be like this....I'd rather not see them.

  2. I have to say that I totally agree with you 100 % .. After reading some comments on twitter about how so many people love the show.. I was starting to think I was crazy... Im glad Im not the only one feeling this way about this show!

  3. I think it's because Ron only allows positive posts on twitter. Look what happened before when people tried to give some critiques of the show.

  4. Earlier, all I got was a picture of psychedelic flowers. Glad I tried again. As I said yesterday I find this whole thing insulting to long-time fans. Bring back old favorites but don't give them a story. And show them for a few days but only every 3 months or so. Does anyone want to watch people in their 60's in a catfight? (I guess Lynn is a little younger but still). This is such lazy writing. Maxie in a sham marriage ? How original. Who's the daddy? We haven't seen that for at least 3 months. And then there are all the triangles featuring people that I don't give a damn about..
    When these people took over, the show got so much better. It seems as though when they lost Todd etc. the writers just lost interest I am so disappointed

  5. Photo caption: Shocking Lesbian Love on GH!



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