Tuesday, July 1, 2014

USA ??!! Blog it Yourself Today!

Game is at FOUR!! What will happen? I'll be in Buffalo today..so, you have the blog duty! It looked like Shawn would be on..and stupid Ginger Kato is going to be sitting and yelling about the Brownstone. 

It's gonna be a HOT one here...91 and humid as hell-o. I'd better get my sunglasses ready and a nice sun dress. 

Have a good day!!


  1. It went something like this:
    (in no particular order)
    Lulu can carry the baby (raise your hand if you care);
    Alice overheard Tracy plotting with Fluke, and was dumb enough to tell Tracy what she heard;
    Ava got Delia to agree to find the recording for her -- because Delia says she brought Ava in, and isn't gonna let Sonny take her out;
    Everyone (Silas, Sam, Patrick, and Kiki) put their heads together and figured out that Rafe was driving Silas's car when the accident happened. And in spite of the fact that there were about a kajillion folks walking past Rafe eavesdropping around the corner, no one knew he was there, and heard the whole thing.
    Sonny played the recording for Shaun, thereby showing US where the recording was hidden. (Office safe, for those who didn't watch.)
    AND THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: GINGER KATO GOT CUFFED AND DRAGGED AWAY BY THE COPS. Of course, Maxi, whose last brain cell is somewhere with Tracy's, was totally ticked off, and ended up cuffed to NATHAN.
    I probably missed something, but since I paused the recording about 15 minutes in to get the mail, I wasn't totally invested in it.
    It's not as good as Sonya's, but there it is. Thanks.

  2. Once again I hear "If I Only Had a Brain" playing. Way too many dumb folks for one show. The good news: Ned is back tomorrow with Alexis.

  3. Sonny's home: Wow!!! Ava is so terrified of Sonny offing her! She is desperate! She needs her mama's help! She wants her mama to find the tape that Sonny has of her! Great scene! Delia wins the lines of the day!

    Delia: You slept with two generations of Corinthoseses? One after the other? Don't delve, but don't end up like Jimmy Hoffa either.


    The hospital: Oh boy! Sam and the gang now wonder about Rafe and the car!!! While he is skulking around making Oh crap they found me out and I just peed my pants looks. Give it up Rafe! Fess up! Meanwhile Lante can have a baby. Lulu can carry a baby to term! Great! Now sue your old Dr! Dr V!!!

    Sonny's office: Sonny catching Shaun up on what has been happening. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Sonny even let him hear the tape. I'm glad they didn't have us hear the tape again.

    Q office: Tracy is on the phone with Fluke! Hmmm her phone is so quiet hahahaha. I don't hear him! Oh oh Alice caught Tracy scheming!! Hmmmm Alice isn't feeling well? Oh oh. :( Whats wrong Alice? Oh boy she is calling Michael to tell him what Tracy is up to!!!

    Brownstone: I love saying Brownstone haha. Gee why don't Levi and Maxie just chant hell no we won't go? :) Damn Levi is so controlling of Maxie!! Wake up Maxie!!!! That scene with the cops taking Levi away was strange. Levi trying to fight them just so they can work for it, very very odd. I didn't like that scene. The directer should have told them to do the scene again. Nathan and Maxie hahaha. He is putting the cuffs on her, and then she put the other part of the cuffs on him! ROFL! Oh sure now that Starki left, NOW Morgan puts a shirt on!

  4. "ishouldreadmore said... It's not as good as Sonya's, but there it is."

    Oh don't be silly! You did fine! :) Ginger Kato hahaha. Thanks Karen for that. :)

  5. That whole sit-in was so ridiculous. They can't work because two people are sitting in the middle of the floor? Ignore them and go scrape somewhere else. lol

    And Nathan should have reminded Maxie that an arrest on her record wouldn't help her with the judge at her next appointment. Ginger Kato is just helping her put a nail in her coffin.

  6. Sonya, Karen came up with the "Kato" name, I came up with the "Ginger" part.

  7. AntJoan said...Sonya, Karen came up with the "Kato" name, I came up with the "Ginger" part.

    Oh that's right haha. Perfect name. :)

  8. Kato was from Christine Baldwin on Twitter! )
    Thanks for the RECAP!!! XXXOO


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